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How To Use Twitter: Twitter For Business Marketing

Updated on September 6, 2011

People go to Twitter to share information and at the same time get some. If you are running an online business and currently are not using Twitter for business then you are missing out a huge amount of business. Knowing how to use Twitter is the key to your Twitter success.

What is Twitter? This question is asked by those who have never heard of it or have yet to give it a shot. Twitter is a social bookmarking site that uses micro-blogging. It allows its users to post statuses or updates using 147 characters or less. The secret to Twitter success is knowing how to get your point across in 147 characters. That is what I want to would like to talk about with this hub. How to grow your business with Twitter.

Using Twitter takes patience and a bit of trial and error. There are plenty of fake or Faux Followers as they are called in the industry. Lets start out by getting Twitter followers. Here is a great way to get started. Start following others in your business. This practice will give you a starting point in obtaining a loyal following. After you join a guru or 2 in your field then see who follows them. Add 10 followers. If they follow you back, keep them. If not then delete them and choose another 10. Before you know it you will have 100 or more twitter followers in your field.

Now lets start tweeting. Using keyword optimized tweets with shortened urls is the key. Remember you can only use 147 characters here. You want to make sure if you are selling toasters then your posts should look like something along these lines. "Name Brand Toasters Discount Prices Buy Here shortened.url". It gets the point across and at the same time you have your url for the customer to click.

Never just post links to your items. You want to give information that is useful for your followers to use. Telling them the perfect setting for toasting Italian bread or how long to toast bagels for. This way they will find your tweets interesting and informative. Most people who follow you will unfollow if they feel your a spammer.

There are Twitter members who can get 100 hits on a page with a single tweet. This is by following the right people and making sure that your followers are real. I personally have way too many faux followers. Im working on solving this problem now.

In order to succeed on Twitter you need real followers and informative tweets. The best practice that I have found is to tweet an update to my blog. Then include a link to the whole post. This way you can drive the traffic and at the same time try to get loyal readers to your blog. Never post tweets directly to products. Always post to reviews of different services or products.

Twitter is an invaluable tool if used properly. If you have a practice that you have on Twitter then please leave it in a comment. I will give it a shot and we can all learn together. Remember that as each day passes there are more methods invented and perfected. Lets show each other how to use twitter for business success.


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    • gvannorman150 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Newark, New York

      Twitter has been a great source of traffic. The magic is knowing who to follow and who to unfollow. The more real followers you have the more quality your traffic is going to become.

    • wheelinallover profile image

      Dennis Thorgesen 

      7 years ago from Beatrice, Nebraska U.S.

      I just started a twitter account a few days ago, it's a great tool for business. I actually came to hub pages tonight to post the link in my hub pages profile.

      Since many of my hubs are autobiographical and people have been telling me if they knew who I was they would be more likely to follow me I have put my hub pages link on twitter.

    • seomarketing30day profile image


      7 years ago

      You can connect Twitter with your blog. Beauty of Twitter with blogging is the automation. Every time you post a blogpost it will automatically be tweeted.


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