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Drop Shipping with Doba and Shopster

Updated on June 28, 2013

Drop shipping is fairly easy once you learn the basics. It's making a good income from it that can be hard.

I will write about my experiences with Doba and Shopster here as those are the only 2 companies I've ever tried.

Shopster and Doba will both charge you a monthly fee and that fee can be pretty high if you are not making enough money. There will be some drop shipping fees you need to watch out for as well, per every product shipped. Also the shipping fees can be ridiculously high and you need to watch out for that. The monthly fees, in my opinion, are way too high, especially when your just starting out. But, they both offer a free trial, but it's usually only for 7 days, and how much are you going to learn in 7 days? Not too much.. Both of these companies have plenty of products for you to chose from making it quite exciting to join up and try it out.

The downside of joining Doba or Shopster is, well, a lot of other people are selling the exact same products as you are, at around the same prices. So the competition is going to be fierce, especially if your choosing to sell on Ebay!

Making a profit selling on Ebay can be very, very hard. Unless you can find something your selling very well, at a good price, that doesn't have a lot of competition. I wasn't lucky enough to do this myself, but know there are plenty of people out there able to achieve this.

I really do not like drop shipping on Ebay. Their fees are ridiculous these days. Making any kind of profit was very hard for me. So I tried starting up a free online store with Ecrater and felt much more comfortable with that. There were no monthly fees so I was "safe".

Of course the downside to starting your own online store is promoting it and getting customers, and I was never really great at that. The only time I sold something from my Ecrater store was around Christmas time, and still I only sold a few products.

I am hoping someday to be able to do this and be more successful at it. You really just need to keep a very close eye on all the fees and make sure your going to make a profit on all the products you plan to drop ship.

I do like Doba and Shopster, but I prefer Shopster. They've always had the option of making your own online store there, which is included in the monthly fee you pay to be a member. And they always had products I preferred to sell, or at least try to sell, rather than Doba. However, on the other side, Doba has always been more easy to list on Ebay. So if your great at selling on Ebay, Doba is great for that.

Fees, fees, fees, too many fees for me doing it this way! But, there are people out there who are able to make enough profit to live on even after paying all these fees.

Does drop shipping work for you?

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My experience

I do love to sell, so this is something I enjoy. I just haven't had any luck with it! I suppose if the monthly fees to Doba and Shopster were less I'd have more luck. But I can't seem to make enough profit, especially on Ebay with all the competition.

You should really attempt to start your own store and get that up and running for you. I have always used Ecrater.

If I was to attempt to start drop shipping again, I would probably find a company that does not charge a monthly fee, and that sells unique and original products that are not plastered all over Ebay. I have a problem with finding my "Niche" but I'm sure that if I ever was to find it, I'd have much more luck!

I would like to stress that these are my opinions only. I am not here to tell you to join or never join these companies. I would say do their free trials and see for yourself! It's the only way!

Worldwide Brands

Before ending this article I would like to mention Worldwide Brands. They have a huge list of drop shippers/wholesalers but the process of joining up with one of them is a lot more difficult sometimes. You will sometimes need to already have an established business up and running before they will drop ship for you. But if your lucky, you just need to fill out a simple form and that's it! There are so many companies to chose from, you should be able to find something your interested in and there will be no monthly fees.


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