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How to Become Rich and Successful Fast

Updated on October 7, 2015

Get Rich Quick

Think like the Rich and Become Like the Rich

If you live in America you have a chance of overcoming anything. Yes, if you reside in one of the more conservative states, your chances of success are even greater, but, the American dream is still not quite dead in the rest of the U.S., it will just require more planning and more clever tactics than it once did. If you were born poor and are determined to become rich, you can still achieve wealth of the highest level, if that is truly what you want. This writer has lived in Cuba and experienced a country where there is absolutely no opportunity and no way to escape a stifling poverty; and with that life experience I can tell you that my mindset is different from many people who are American born. For one thing, I truly appreciate the freedom and opportunity that America provides. If one wishes to rise above the typical life of a poor or working class citizen, one absolutely must learn to look and see the opportunities in order to take advantage of them. Many Americans, being born with all this freedom surrounding them actually can't see it because they cannot compare it to a situation of zero freedom as I can. Also, there is a major trend, that is political, mainly guided by the democratic party, to keep people thinking small, so that they will feel helpless and continue to vote for government handouts that, upon reading the fine print, are actually high taxes that benefit the big wigs of the liberal party at the expense of the poor. I am beginning this article on this subject because if you want to become rich you need to have a solid foundation. If you were going to build a house you would not begin without a foundation, and when it comes to your success you must think absolutely meticulously about how to get from point A to point B. This is the hardest part for most working class people because they automatically believe and fall into the media,and the democrats propaganda. Once you start to think like a successful person, you are on your way to achieving that success, and if you no longer hang out with your liberal friends, who can only see the negative side of things, you will very likely be criticized by these friends for not thinking in the same box as they do, but, true friends will always be therefore you no matter what.

Let me tell you of an experience that I recently had on facebook. Someone had posted a photo that showed a photo of communism and made a negative remark about it, and I supported the remark along with many other people; then a person came in with diatribe about how good communism is because it "helps people." The man who made the anti communism facebook post had lived in a third world country for several years and began pointing out what the realities are, and I said something about how in this country (provided you are not handicapped) you have the choice of being rich or poor by your actions. The pro communism guy came back with, "oh sure, people in poor neighborhoods have the choice of being a McDonald's employee or a drug dealer." I did not fire back, but his ignorant comment showed me a lot about who he is. I would guess that he was born the the U.S. and therefore thinks that people who live in low income areas of America are poor and have no opportunities, just as in communist countries, and has fantasized that communism is a lovable and sweet system that "helps people". I, someone who has experienced communism, see these "poor people" in the land of opportunity and sadly, they are dwelling on the little things. The little things being that their parents did not know enough about what to do with their freedom to get themselves out of the hole and onto the road of prosperity.
If you live in America the choice is still yours. Do you want to be rich or do you want to be poor?

Just believe that you are an able bodied American who is poor, but, you absolutely do not have to be there, you can get out of it provided you stop thinking like a poor person. Stop believing that you have no opportunity and take advantage of the ones that are right in front of your face. I have worked in McDonald's before as have many people who don't have much education and need a trickle of income to pay the bills. What was important when I went to work for in a silly fast food joint was that I did not think this job would make me rich. Almost no job can make a person rich. I knew that McDonald's was just helping me maintain a status quo while I figured out what to do. I did not blame McDonald's, as many liberal minded Americans are encouraged to do, I used my brain to figure out what to do.

I thought about taking out a loan and going to nursing school, and then I applied everywhere to get a good office job, but my accent was insufficient and I had trouble understanding people. It was easy to become discouraged and start feeling like a victim, but I knew that I had freedom that was not available in a socialist country and I just needed to know what to do with it. Then it dawned on me, I had it all right here. I was working for one of the most successful businesses of all time, and I was getting paid to learn the secret to building a highly successful food business. I read books about business, and eventually opened a restaurant using what I had learned from the best restaurant company in the world. It was a burger business in California that branched into three restaurants. I have dabbled in the restaurant business in many ways since then, mostly investing in Italian restaurants. I could have been down in the dumps and felt sorry for myself because I was a "different person" working in a low life fast food joint, but I turned that negative into something very positive and made more money than my friends who went to college, got into dept from their loans, and then got jobs that they hated.

So, please have an open mind, and be willing to see the opportunity. Don't be like that socialist on facebook who, with all the land of opportunity lying before him, says, "oh sure, I can work minimum wage all my life or become a drug dealer." That is a pathetic, closed minded view that is setting himself up to feel sorry for himself.

I cannot stress to you enough that you must change your way of thinking, and you cannot find ways of victimizing yourself remaining a product of poverty. If you find excuses for why you are poor such as, "I was born this way" and "rich people were born that way, they are just lucky" then you have defeated yourself.

Rule 1- Don't ever say that you don't have a chance, because if you live in the U.S. you can do it, regardless of your sex or skin color. No excuses.

Think Rich, and Act Rich

I said think rich act rich, and now, that doesn't mean buy a fancy car and be a snob. The rich, contrary to the stereotype that you are accustomed to, are generally very disciplined and organized people, who live a more structured and responsible life than poor people. It is vital that you organize your finances and keep track of every penny that you have. If you cannot handle your small amount of money now, then you will certainly be way out of control with large sums of money. John D Rockefeller taught his children to balance a check book, and to account for every penny that they had. Now that you have decided to be rich, you need to be open minded and throw away all the things that people who have doomed themselves to be poor forever say. "Money is the root of all evil", "John D Rockefeller was bad because he was rich", ect. An open minded person will look at successful people and model themselves after what they see, similar to what I did with McDonalds. Did I become as successful as McDonalds? No, but, I was more than satisfied with what I had done. While striving for billions, and you only achieve millions, you are still a lot better off then most of your friends.

If you come home from work and park yourself in front of the television set and drink beer until its time to go to bed, and all your friends do the same thing, then your environment is one that will keep you mediocre forever. You will need to have the guts to look at your life and the people around you. Birds of a feather flock together, and if your friends are lazy, excuse making victims, then all of your new found efforts may easily fall because your environment will bring you down. If you don't know anyone successful, or entrepreneurial, then go to Meetup, or just Google, entrepreneurial seminar in your area. this way you can start spinning ideas with like minded people.

Donald Trump wanted to be more successful than his father was and develop property in areas that his dad, Fred Trump, never came near. Fred Trump was successful in low income housing and Donald wanted a slice of Manhattan and more particularly, 5th avenue. You have to remember that Donald Trump was not famous when he was in his 20s, and he was battling to make a name for himself and gain respect. Donald found ways of joining clubs where the rich men who had their fingers on Manhattan real estate attended. He placed himself around successful people who were doing what he wanted to do. These days, this strategy is a lot easier to do because of the internet meetups going on all over the country for business people to form support groups.

Spend time with people who want to get ahead and are motivated to making positive changes.

Years ago I happened to see Donald Trump on the David Letterman show, not that I make a habit out of watching talk shows, but for some reason I was watching late night TV. David Letterman asked Donald Trump what he would do right now if he were suddenly poor. Trump had an answer right away. He said "I would go to work for the best marketing company I could find and learn as much as I possible could on the subject." The crowd booed and hissed. They were upset because what they wanted to hear was, " I would be lost", and "I would be distraught." the public generally only knows about a magical formula like winning the lottery, so, they simply missed the opportunity of hearing a hugely successful man, like Donald Trump, give free advice on getting rich. There is big money in marketing, and although Trump has made his money in real estate, he has used marketing techniques to make huge amounts of money, that simple real estate investing could not do. Trump is a flashy character and because it sells, he doesn't care what the press say about him, he keeps making billions.The answer to how one becomes rich can be right under your nose, but, you must be open minded enough to see it.

The reason people booed Trumps honest answer to Letterman's question is because that is how little people think. They can relate to becoming rich by being lucky and winning money, or being born rich, and they can also only relate to being depressed when they lose money, but they could not relate to Donald Trump stating that he would work for someone, and learn from that experience. The general public were raised with untruths about rich people being lazy snobs and Trump just insulted their beliefs.

The truth is that rich people often work a lot harder than poor people. Most of them, Trump included, are workaholics. Yes, The Donald was not a party animal in his early 20s as most handsome men are. He put hard work and business first.

As I stated, if people had been open minded instead of thinking like poor little people, they could have learned something of value. Every time Donald Trump talks, he is revealing to those who are truly smart and willing to learn, how he thinks and how he comes up with multiple streams of income. Trump's career is based around real estate, yet he said something about marketing first. He does everything he can to gain publicity, any kind of publicity. With his name in the spotlight all the time, new interest is always surrounding this man. He can then write books and do shows such as Letterman that bring about passive income. Even if Trump did lose everything overnight, he would use that celebrity status to regain his wealth. Poor people will then say that he went bankrupt on a few deals and use this to point out that the is dumb. Truth of the matter is everyone, no matter how brilliant or successful, will fail a few times. Trump brushed of his bad deals and became twice as wealthy as he was before he made the bad deal. That is evidence of someone who knows what he is doing. Weather you like him as a person is not the issue here. He is a successful business man who knows how to make money. Pay attention to successful people. Tune out the noise from angry poor people and watch what the rich do. I guarantee that you will learn valuable information.

The Wisdom of John D Rockefeller

How to Become Rich

This is a tricky issue because chances are you think that you need a good job. I don't want to tell you to stay home and collect unemployment, but a job is as bad as getting a government dole out. You are given a paycheck for a certain amount of money and the next week you will get the same one, and so on. You will not get a check for $2,000 this week and then get one for $45,000 the next week, and you have no hope of that ever happening. The job will keep you too busy to make any real money and the money you get from your job will keep you from becoming hungry enough to go out and take risk.

You need to have your own business in order to become rich. In that case you need to know what you can do, and develop a business model.

Read books about business profiles, investing and success to keep your mind in the right place, and inspire your creative juices.


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    • Sharp Points profile image

      Sharp Points 

      3 years ago from Big Bear Lake, California

      "Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.".

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I would like to thank you..your words are great...I read your are from Cuba as I from Africa... I'm looking how I can be rich in good time but I forgot about something's ...your remmbered me.

    • KenWu profile image


      5 years ago from Malaysia


      This is truly inspiring. As you said, most people victimized themselves which they don't even realize it. That's again serve as a warning to me. God bless!

    • Linda Compton profile image

      Linda Compton 

      5 years ago from The Land of Enchantment

      Hi Glenda,

      Great hub. Thank you for your candor and your passion! Once we "wake up" and realize how much our mindset determines our journey, it is remarkable. I celebrate your perspective! All the Best, Linda


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