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How to Build a Successful Money Making Website - 11 Commandments

Updated on September 14, 2019

Welcome to another in-depth, ultra-comprehensive Internet based educational module which thoroughly covers the fine art of website engineering and essential elements of building a successful business. The definitive guide as branded by my closest high profile acquaintances which was meticulously researched, diligently drafted, and published here for the exclusive benefit of all eager students both inexperienced and seasoned pros, who are interested in learning the inescapable facts while I expose the lingering fallacies and myths about how to increase your odds of gaining maximum publicity and measurably positive returns from time, energy, effort, and resources expended in a valiant attempt to build a reputable, credible, compensation worthy online presence. "Executing the grand opening of a website is easy, but making it work efficiently can be as elusive as political harmony and as painfully torturous as serving a sentence to watch yet another cheaply produced reality rehash".

For those of you who are not acquainted with my extensive, highly acclaimed, information packed body of diversely eclectic work which includes online literary passages and dynamic artistic and photographic contributions, an extremely lengthy lineage that encompasses a wide range of subjects covering several sub-topics in which I've achieved expert status as a direct result of hands on experience, please allow me to extend a brief introduction or preamble so to speak in a concerted effort to lay a solid foundation of credentials upon which to demonstrate my authoritative perspective on the many diverse aspects of website building including the dreaded SEO, an often misunderstood, typically abused and misused mysteriously shrouded subject. An expert perspective centered on proactive maintenance which is briefly outlined and summarized below in partial release. Contained herein, you will find actionable intel derived from powerfully illuminating insight pertaining to vitally important yet often neglected principles that if studied and thereafter adopted, should help guide you step by step through an inevitably frustrating novice learning curve, or even assist you as the consummate professional online shop proprietor to correctly fine tune, gently massage and modulate, or even completely re-work your entire business plan or model to enable you to extract maximum self gratification and even potential financial reward if this is a primary or secondary goal of website ownership.

I am proud and extremely humbled by the fact that my lengthy list of achievements related to this inconsistently interpreted field of study is far greater than the negligible space allotted here to disclose my findings in a single page entry, but I have nevertheless expended the time and energy necessary to trim, consolidate, and carefully condense the exclusive narrative and highlight a select repertoire containing some of my more noteworthy accomplishments and instructional wisdom. A passage delivered here in brief summary form for the very first time. Every website I'd ever contributed to, or domain operator I'd ever offered an expert evaluation to either as pro bono or fee based constructive input, which culminated in the rendering of an educated opinion, was operated by a grateful client who had inevitably accepted my advice after careful consideration. A calculated decision to unconditionally adopt my explicitly stringent content creation standards which empowered them to properly execute the consistent production of premium "Quality Focused" contributions worthy of premium compensation to the euphoric delight of the owner/operator.

My consultations, and suggestive overtures injected fresh, new, dynamic, and in some instances basic common sense knowledge which enabled him/her to subsequently move eagerly forward to achieve stellar results in all aspects shortly thereafter. I continue to contribute to several high profile endeavors both virtual and tangible, all of which I am extremely proud to report have gone on to either establish a trustworthy entity from the very beginning, or have rehabilitated, improved, revived, and subsequently recovered from an abysmal adventure of submerging hopelessly into a dark pit of grinding out atrociously grotesque sub-standard content. A timely intervention that righted a wrong track which would have inevitably led to the traumatic realization and reluctant acceptance of systematic eroding or even a complete evaporation of website visitation. Contributions which have helped each domain owner to bank incrementally positive results in all measurable categories including audience growth, loyalty of readership, monetary opportunities etc. To my great satisfaction, none to my knowledge have failed.

On a more personal note, a select list of confidential, high profile clientele and valued acquaintances have sought out and graciously accepted my mentor-ship, advice, artistic tips, and subsequently adopted my exclusively developed guide pertaining to general principles and practices of creating premium artistic works and general rules of operating an online domain. A sound, powerfully innovative, painfully honest stealthy training program out of which pearls of critically important wisdom and guidance had been extracted and used to forge a fundamentally solid foundation upon which successful projects were conceived, developed, and launched. The result of my helpful advice is a seething volcanic discharge of white hot motivation, creativity, innovation, and quality driven intent by those who have studied, learned, and applied my insight.

Tutorial Goals

  • In-depth exploration of the formula containing actual technicalities of arranging the physical components from the ground up such as formatting, delicately wiring, and thereafter understanding how to structure and operate the fundamental electronic elements of a website will be covered in future editions, but today we'll laser focus on and thoroughly discuss the principles or "Guiding Values" of the embedded content contained within the website that should be included in text, visual, and pictorial form. I will offer rigorously tested and proven insight which if followed, will not only pave the dust spattered undeveloped dirt road leading inevitably toward the achievement of a quality driven, legally and ethically sound venture, but should also yield monetary rewards and global social recognition to follow as an incidental benefit within a reasonable length of time thereafter. Within the following tutorial, you will find the short term goals that should be aspired to by all determined individuals, goals which will be easily achieved as a result of reading, studying, applying, and routinely practicing the specific instructions within the context of this entry. Notwithstanding extraordinary talent, ability, and skill levels required to succeed in this business which cannot be understated nor diminished in importance.

  1. "Your Believable Self" (What you should write about)
  2. Attracting Loyal Viewers
  3. Keeping it "Fair & Ethical"
  4. Keeping it Legal
  5. SEO - Primary Facts & Myths

<> Although I've been compensated generously in the past for providing tailored, enterprise specific advice, some of which is included within the following module, today's powerfully revealing and demonstrably effective tutorial is free of charge as a courtesy and "Thank You" to regular loyal visitors, cherished acquaintances, and of course new online arrivals who wish to engage and enrich themselves by extracting dollops or even enormous globs of expertly tested insight and practical advice <>

Learn How to Build a Successful, Ethically Compliant, Legally Sound, & Profitable Enterprise -

- Take the first G A R G A N T U A N steps toward creating a M O N S T E R O U S website success by incorporating my "11 Commandments" -
- Take the first G A R G A N T U A N steps toward creating a M O N S T E R O U S website success by incorporating my "11 Commandments" -
<> <> 11 C O M M A N D M E N T S <> <>
- Thou Shalt BUILD a Website Based Upon the Following Principles -

C1. Just "CHIL" ~ Credibility ~ Honesty ~ Integrity ~ Legality

Regardless of education level, academic background, or endearing social networking savvy the average person who simply logs onto the Internet and adopts a random idea derived via abstract brainstorming session or recommendation from a third party, and subsequently purchases a domain or sub-lets space from an established online entity in overly exuberant anticipation of unleashing the next crusher app or "Can't Live Without" website unto the awaiting universe, truly doesn't understand the irrefutable fact that despite being the fortunate recipient of prior misleading sales pitches or pre-conceived beliefs, or any combination thereof, this is not the unregulated wild west where anything goes including the unilateral revocation and purging of morals, ethics, and legal considerations.

Applicable laws, rules, implied rules of conduct, and strict regulations which are designed and legislated to guide participants in the right direction while protecting consumers by enforcing these codes with realistic threat of legal action, still apply in cyber-land as they do in the tangible, touchable universe. Just because you may feel like you're untouchable, unreachable, and possibly even superhuman because it appears as if there is an impenetrable invisible wall or considerable distance between you and anyone else who might decide to test the legality of your actions, minor infractions, or blatant full blown violations, and it feels like a court of jurisdictional justice is light years away from your physical reach in this surreal virtual venue domiciled conveniently within a quasi-fictional fantasy land, it does not mean you can simply reject the law and conveniently adopt a new set of rules or loosely fashioned ethical standards by which to operate online with delusional impunity.

Additionally, Intellectual Property, Copyright Protection Laws etc. must be respected, protected, and complied with by third parties regardless of where the showcase venue is domiciled or despite the infringer's intent or even ignorance, and the realistic possibility does indeed exist that you will be forcibly compelled to defend your position in a court of law if your infringement as a result of poor judgement or even mistake is discovered by the rightful copyright owner. An unfortunate and potentially costly event which could have been avoided unless the genuine intent was malicious to begin with. Forget high risk adventures such as hijacking or "borrowing" existing work which was painstakingly created by someone else and instead be creative, be inventive, and then use your imagination to exact a truly unique idea from private solo mind exercising excursions, group scrimmage efforts, or simply by cultivating and growing suggestions derived from trusted family and friends.

In regard to the online "Social Psychosis" phenomena, even though you may think you are within your rights to do so, my advice is to avoid the temptation to intentionally copy, shadow, emulate, or mimic deeply rooted and established online goliaths such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other successful information dissemination entity which had previously made a demonstrably colossal splash in the virtual sharing industry by offering something truly original and debatably useful. Hijacking an entire idea in totality or even partial plagiarism or intellectual encroachment may be considered a legal infraction by the jury of jurisdiction or at the very least destroy your fledgling reputation as a fresh, new, exciting business plan with original content to offer the world. Always remember, if you copy Facebook's "Feed Template" or Pinterest's "Art Gallery" style image focused allure, or any other highly desirable feature currently on display in either the tangible celestial universe or pseudo-invisible cyber-world, be prepared thereafter to accept the obligation and responsibility of potentially dealing with the inherent negative consequences which could indeed accompany your questionable decisions.

C2. Transcend Platform

"Never rely upon community members or followers for traffic and comments - If you're receiving the bulk of views and comments to your website from "Friendlies" within the limited visibility confines of your domain and very few if any are captured from the outside universe, you are doing something wrong". Preaching to, and intentionally soliciting a cozy online relationship with a friendly partisan choir or small group of peers who will inevitably cheer and praise your work as exemplary regardless of quality or lack there of? If your website includes the flexible function of hosting multiple writers, contributors, photographers, bloggers, or general participants who converge upon a common area daily to interact, are you as individual member trying to cut business building corners by enlisting in a few of these little clique's within the community to bolster or pad views, elicit excessively zealous, exuberantly agreeable and non-threatening comments or "Fluff" while inviting trite unethically motivated social shares? Are you willfully participating in questionable social activities and marketing tactics which might even resemble a "Pyramid Scheme" that you believe will enhance the credibility of your overall domain or specific sub-venture?

If the answer is yes to all or any of the above, perhaps it's time to re-think this flawed strategy if long term sustained growth and respected success is a goal. A comparison can be drawn between this and the rookie real estate agent or salivating novice stockbroker who is dysfunctionally insecure about his or her ability to succeed outside the warm comfortable cocoon so to compensate for this business inhibiting constrictive shortcoming and de-habilitating ailment, the commencement of wrangling relatives or close friends seems to be the only viable alternative in a desperate effort to hopefully secure a sale or two and begin to build a foundation from which to flourish. But what happens once this shallow quasi-enthusiastic pool of easily farmable resources is depleted and your pipeline of slam dunk, easily persuadable "Marks" becomes irreparably fractured or exhausted? For most individuals who become entangled in this uncomfortably awkward marketing situation that typically results in love lost between close acquaintances and cherished relatives, it's back to square one which entails the acknowledgement and acceptance of reality which of course means ultimate success or failure will depend primarily upon the actual depth and breadth of your raw talent, writing skills, and passion to execute or lack there of, not necessarily the size, scope, and reluctant generosity of family and friends. The rude crude awakening ensues.

Intentional social manipulation and conspiracy, prolific pandering, and self gratification issues aside, there are also moral, ethical, and of course legal considerations to examine, understand, and thoroughly contemplate before enthusiastically commingling your casual personal aspirations such as Facebook commiseration together with visions of monetary gain derived from a legitimate business effort. Another principle or "Commandment" to memory absorb is the following, if you try to artificially manipulate the natural random trajectory of website traffic trends to favor a particular pre-determined direction, or entice family, friends, or acquaintances to enter your domain and pursue an affiliate ad which you have embedded within the page construct to achieve potential financial gain, at an absolute minimum you have severely compromised your ethical standing and at a maximum the act may be considered illegal if mal-intent and other material factors can be established.

Unless you possess superior alien inspired technology which allows your recorded actions to be conveniently erased from the minds of observers using memory purging devices, sooner or later it will be uncovered and you will be held accountable. So even though the uncontrollable temptation for some money motivated individuals may be difficult to restrain, stave off, or exile completely from natural tendencies, my advice is to willfully expel the idea of heavy reliance which will ultimately lead to addictive dependence upon inter-community or "Friendly" traffic interaction and comment enhancement, a tempestuously self destructive route which is almost guaranteed to force you into an uncomfortable situation of expending resources toward a defense of your poor judgement as it relates to ethical or even legal misconduct.

Keep it legitimate by exerting the extra effort it takes to implement the following two important steps. Create universally appealing, expertly crafted content which will act like a virtual magnate in and of itself to entice and attract the best kind of traffic namely "Stranger Visitors", and regularly venture beyond the confines of your community or exclusive site to invite visitors and comments from the outside (If you do not have the natural ability or skill set necessary to forge exceptional content, i.e. literature, imagery etc. it would be wise to re-evaluate the pursuit of a writing career whether it be based exclusively online or in the touchable world). Bring the best work you have to the exterior of domain walls and expend the energy necessary to garner interaction, feedback, positive strokes, and potential sales from strangers who are essentially the only true barometer of how good or sub-spectacular your online offerings truly are.

Pursuing this goal of expanding your reach is the only legitimate way to build a sustainable business capable of achieving maximum longevity and profitability. This nano-speck within the overall formula for success may indeed result in a more gradual advancement or slower growth in the beginning, and may justifiably be the most difficult path toward achieving consistent audience enhancing milestones, but a rigorous execution of this fundamentally vital principle will ensure the integrity of the site is maintained and an honest assessment of your web content is not compromised. Remember, to avoid the consequential reality of an intentional or unintentional ethically questionable or illegal act, or projecting the appearance of impropriety, fraudulent activity, or alleged wrong doing, always protect your integrity and reputation by positioning yourself as the recipient of product sales and comments to your blog, web page, or other online entity by predominantly outside sources. Encourage engagement with strangers while minimizing interaction with "Friends" or "Shills".

C3, 4, & 5 = Be an A.P.E. ~ Authoritative ~ Professional ~ Expert

If you're truly interested in securing optimal favorable odds at achieving audience building success followed simultaneously by the passive enjoyment of maximum longevity for your enterprise regardless of virtual or tangible location, legally acceptable subject matter, topic, theme, or interwoven combination thereof, always exercise prudence and discipline in your delivery and never compromise self explanatory commandments numbers 3,4,5, which I have dubbed the "Platinum Prime Standard".

If you need advice pertaining to execution of the above commandments within the context of improving your domain, or if you have an irresistible desire to become an uncompromising A.P.E. roaming freely and tenaciously within your private venue, feel free to contact me for personalized assistance.

C6. Forget SEO (It's a Myth)

If you are a talented person and it's clearly illustrated within your work, optimizing the receipt of maximum traffic the right way is certainly time consuming but not nearly as complicated as those who are trying to sell a book on the subject claim it is - Without the artificial implantation of indiscernible and utterly confusing complexities contained within what has become commonly known as SEO, there would be nothing left to explain and thereby no titillating miracle translations, delirious interpretations, or site healing solutions to peddle for profit right? Have you ever witnessed the proverbial no money down or tax lien acquisition "Real Estate Expert" or "Stock Market Nostradamus" who fortuitously appeared on media airwaves seemingly out of nowhere only to promise he/she could immediately dispatch to the waste site all of your financial stresses and strains with the mere transference of a single solitary check signed by you, made payable to the "Expert" then gently detached from your booklet and delivered ever so enthusiastically to his/her P.O. Box or alternate online cash repository? An expressed agreement after which had been signed, and monetary consideration which had exchanged hands, would thereafter reward you as entitled purchaser, the "Bible" of money making secrets currently possessed by an elite, exclusive few who at one point in time were also enthusiastically willing to pay for the privilege? I'm sure you have witnessed this marketing ploy in one capacity or another and unfortunately there are similar parallels to the SEO fad.

We've all seen them on television or flaunting a magic potion via Internet digital video feed, and while some of the ideas are simply common sense applications or sub-spectacular brainstorms that can indeed help you in your quest to advance aspirations of growing audience allure for your site, the bulk of information contained within these so called "Bibles" or guides is either inarticulately sketchy, painfully abstract, or merely an ambiguously simplistic exercise in "Prophetic Guessing" to say the least, not to mention tactics or strategies which are either impossible to execute, or simply unethical, immoral, or even illegal. I'm confident it would be very difficult to disprove my assertions with regard to the drove of money driven "SEO" experts who had vivaciously emerged from the murky shadows by the thousands within mere moments after a commencement of the initial idea of potentially profiting incidentally or directly from publishing material online. If these self appointed witches, warlocks, and wizards did indeed possess the closely held brewed up secrets which hath spewed covertly unto their awaiting ears directly from the holy grail of traffic attraction mastery, theology, methodology, and practice, I would be inclined to believe these select few self anointed individuals would certainly hesitate to share this proverbial bottomless gold mine of wisdom with the general public even for a small fee, right?

Tricksters, social manipulators, and bona fide charlatans aside, unfortunately for the true knowledge seeker, SEO or "Search Engine Optimism" in its purest form is always presented and explained within the context of an ambiguously confusing narrative, a seemingly mystical subject containing an inconsistently interpreted underlying philosophy which has become irrevocably distorted and inconceivably contorted almost since the very day of inception. An irrefutable sign that the "Experts" are indeed merely guessing, manufacturing false positives, and literally grasping at morsels of substance with a sole intent of selling themselves or a book. Yes, you can offer to pay the down payment on that house with a zero coupon bond to mature in seven years as boisterously asserted by that guy on late night who swears it will work without a deal breaking wrinkle, but how many sellers do you know of who will actually accept a long term uncallable debt security as partial payment when the primary objective of selling a house is to release and acquire locked-up equity or working capitol?

Just like every other new formula conjured which has financial gain implication, if utilized in the "Proper" or "Correct" way, a very simple straight forward concept such as attaining maximum exposure for your website as the "Experts" claim "SEO" will help you achieve, has been hijacked, probed, unscrupulously manipulated, tweaked, and diabolically twisted into what this type of essential business building and operating element typically is destined to become, an unethical opportunist's jackpot. Checking back in with reality, while there are indeed a few universally recognized variables and dynamic components inherently interwoven within the fabric of effective SEO implementation including the innate fluid motion of a constantly "Changing and Evolving Economic & Business Landscape" which should be monitored using focused vigilance with periodic adjustments made to compensate and re-calibrate in an effort to achieve maximum benefit from optimization techniques employed to compete effectively, the fact remains, knowledgeable experts, which there are very few in existence today, still understand, accept, and practice the simplistic yet irrefutably effective underlying application.

Unfortunately, for the untrained novice or uninvited per se, the over extended expansion of the very definition has become grossly exaggerated and mired in a quick sand of deceit, a confusing boundary-less ultra-embellished explanation reaching endlessly to the outer limits of our literary universe. As a result, this opulently suggestive three word abbreviation has certainly captured the imagination and of course wallet of the naïve website owner while enriching the bank accounts of those who have willfully contributed to this endless babbling stream of SEO perversion. A select few opportunistic "Entrepreneurs" have successfully achieved a perception manipulation and in some cases forged the reality of converting "Search Engine Optimism" from a tight transparent group of fundamentally sound, easy to apply principles, into a confusing mess of mysterious closely held knowledge by which innocent seekers of such wisdom must either purchase a maven imposter's paperback, subscribe to a website, or simply facilitate favors for the mere privilege of said mastermind's masterful teachings and enlightenment, reasonable facsimile thereof, or more often than not, lack thereof.

Following years of personal observation and study I've arrived at what I believe to be a common sense, crystal clear conclusion. Exact placement or rank of your articles within a monumentally expansive, far reaching public research and information retrieval directory is primarily related to specific entry quality or lack thereof, level of professionalism and expertise expressed within the context of writing ability and original image creation via photography or alternate method of crafting, and degree of authoritative footprint contained within the entry. Every other legitimate, quasi-legitimate, or ambiguously defined factor which may or may not directly influence favorable listing in my opinion is either secondary in importance or possibly even negligible to the point of immaterial or completely disappears only to become non-existent within the greater context.

"I've heard, seen, read, discussed, and personally witnessed just about everything you could possibly imagine as it relates to "Search Engine Optimism" - Legitimate narratives and yes of course, insincere ramblings from every conceivable source, from the inexperienced yet aggressively motivated novice to the skilled, calculating expert commissioned by an upper echelon Beverly Hills authority - According to my beliefs, here are the straight forward un-exaggerated facts which include the only legitimate ways to employ so called "SEO" tactics and thereby maximize the global audience appeal of your website and induce entrance and participation while incrementally growing overall visitation. Implementing anything above and beyond the following SIX PROVEN PRINCIPLES illustrated below in bullet point brevity, even as an experimental measure, is an exercise in pure risky speculation in my opinion which may indeed have a positive impact, hamper your efforts, or conceivably have the opposite intended effect resulting in dramatically detrimental or even catastrophic website consequences. Incorporate the following six principles into your website writing, image creation, and overall business operating philosophy and you will be well on your way to achieving success.

  • QUALITY Content Contributions - Follow Explicit Industry Standards.
  • EXCEPTIONAL Content Contributions - If you are lacking in creative writing and or photography skills & talents you will not achieve long term success.
  • COMPLY with all SEARCH Guidelines & Rules.
  • AVOID Shallow Content such as Recipes, Adulation of Friends, or writing about Medical Topics if you're not a doctor or other highly skilled licensed professional, avoid using ultra personalized photos of family members such as sons, daughters, grandchildren etc. unless it's a "Family Oriented" blog such as facebook. Believe it or not, nobody is really interested in looking at images of your family regardless of what you perceive to be their strikingly attractive physical attributes. Apply a professional approach.
  • Careful & Selective KEYWORD Research & Application.
  • SEARCH Friendly Article Title.

C7. Update Statistics

Any reputable attorney would advise his/her client that it is indefensibly unethical and argumentatively illegal to distort, pad, enhance, exaggerate, artificially inflate, or even neglect to update certain website statistics which are used primarily as promotional aspects to attract and lure potential members or advertisers to your domain. Deceptive, misleading, or even intentional fraudulent activity such as non-disclosure or willful concealment of material facts which may influence the operation and natural flow of the site is not only an exercise in poor business practice judgement and legally questionable, but will also act as a deterrent for new membership and participation growth as well as discourage third party interaction and association by those who would have otherwise conducted business with you. As a consumer or business partner, would you purchase a vehicle from or continue a working relationship with a dealership that advertised 500 MPG attainable from a non-hybrid sedan? Probably not and this overtly fraudulent business practice would more than likely serve to obliterate new sales opportunities while severely tarnishing your reputation in harmonic unison. At all cost, resist the nagging persistent temptation to cast a euphoric veil of "Utopian Splendor" upon an ailing site by maintaining accurate stats even if they are not as spectacular as you had hoped or even if your domain in the aggregate is experiencing an accelerated rapid decline regardless of cause. Your honesty will help to project an image of integrity and build trust with your audience and affiliates even while experiencing unusually difficult times thereby fostering a positive perception of your enterprise in the long run.

C8. Be Exemplary ~ Relevant ~ Original ~ Unusual

If your primary goal is to gain a loyal, consistently growing universal audience of eager visitors who will remain faithful as your site progresses, the act of stuffing your web pages with shallow, trivial, insignificant content such as recipes which are easily and frequently copied from a published book, unearthed and transferred verbatim from your personal archive, or re-distributed from any other online resource, should absolutely be avoided unless of course you are an employee or independent culinary freelancer for the bible of all cuisine colleges the Food Network. If roasted chicken breast with a side of steamed whole grain rice capped with a petite cup of yogurt soaked mango segments or any variation thereof is the extent of what you have to offer the awaiting universe comprised of knowledge hungry human beings, and you staunchly believe a lucrative, sustainable, passive income can be achieved by churning out trite passages on topics such as this, best of luck and perhaps re-thinking an Internet based venture as a primary revenue stream might be advantageous before proceeding.

Even though the intellectual property rights are very difficult to protect and enforce by the original owner/creator in regard to precise recipe formulas, specific ingredients, and preparation, and the irresistibly sinister temptation to simply cut and paste a few hundred mildly altered concoctions to your website with grandiose expectations of reeling in suitcases full of revenues as visitors enter then change course to inspect embedded adverts seems like a slam dunk revenue generating idea devoid of consequences, as an experienced observer in this field who has seen it all and has advised against this type of activity, I can confidently assure you it will inevitably turn out to be an exercise in disappointment in the long run with possible legal ramifications to deal with as the only sunken treasure or "Prize" to be exhumed.

To ignite and thereafter maintain a consistent level of growing and demographically expanding readership, it is essential that you as a universal online contributor possess and are endowed with a special talent, extraordinary skills, exemplary diction and creative writing ability, and finally you must draw upon and use these attributes to forge relevant, uniquely unusual entries. And that's the truthful bottom line. Despite convenient access to resources which allow just about anyone regardless of literary or artistic inclinations to create online start ups, to successfully convert an interest and tenacity into a desirable and profitable presence while maintaining longevity, it is mandatory that you possess extraordinary knowledge, talent, and skill in a specific field(s), otherwise what you may perceive to be your present and future audience will be rightfully detoured elsewhere.

C9. Frame Web Page ~ Unique ~ Suitability ~ Aesthetics / USA

Unless your beloved Internet project includes the discussion of a virtual conglomerate of topics, a common sense approach would dictate that you should design your website to identically mirror the overriding, dominating subject matter. If it's centered on a living archive primarily about "Car Maintenance", perhaps a rough and rugged, nuts and bolts ambiance would be appropriate to reflect the hands on gritty physical chores necessary to achieve a particular overhaul project or specific task, whereas a softer, more gentler flower arrangement endeavor would of course be best served by utilizing professionally crafted pastel hued portraits and enigmatic imagery of sprouting flora and plants for suitable website visual effect. Unless you're an expert in the field of engaging abstracts and thought provoking obscurities, a specific talent which I have cultivated and mastered over the decades to become "Mentor to the Stars", I believe it would be prudent to exercise strict unambiguous conformity with inserted content subject matter allowing for slight creative flexibility to stretch and explore the outer boundaries of your inner imagination. The visual portion of your enterprise which includes the "Frame" should contain suitable or "Matching" content to the overriding theme which must be presented within the context of a uniquely personal flare - A "Layering Effect" can be used in experimental form - Always be an innovator, never a follower or borrower whether designing a website or shaping a touchable neighborhood business.

C10. Non-Affiliated ~ Neutral ~ Independent Contest Judges

If your website or touchable business plays host to multiple employees, staff members, or independent contributors both regular and transient, individuals who are eligible to participate in company sponsored contests which primarily entail the use of money or merchandise gift prizes as inducement to either improve upon performance or execute a higher volume of productivity, aside from irreversible financial difficulties which could cripple a venture including insolvency, nothing will ever serve as a greater morale eroder or possibly even domain destroyer as the reality or even appearance of favoritism toward select individuals, collusion, or even conspiracy when determining a contest winner. Each of the preceding unethical or potentially illegal activities carries a varying degree of negative consequences for the enabler or perpetrator who neglects to take contest activity seriously, expected ramifications include a possible upheaval by the balance of entrants.

So always remember, adherence to the general principle of "Non-Affiliation" applies even if the judge or panel of justices are comprised of esteemed graduates of the "Academic University of Honesty & Integrity" or possibly even direct descendants of thee George Washington. You will never truly avoid the innate suspicion leading to possible innuendo, insinuation, accusation, or allegations of a tainted result, a credibility and integrity eroding mistake which will inevitably engulf and closely accompany the perception of a pre-meditated contrived winner selection process unless common sense is exercised by employing judges who are independent and contracted from the OUTSIDE.

Therefore, it would be prudent to AVOID the self imposed degradation of integrity unnecessarily cast upon your website which will inevitably lead to a blistering hot lava flow of incidental detrimental consequences which can erupt as a direct result of "Judge Selection Negligence" by simply exercising well thought out consideration and common sense "Judgement" by empanelling a group of QUALIFIED EXPERT adjudicators who have no tangible, direct, indirect, or perceived affiliation or association with you personally as owner/operator, or the site in general. This action would re-assure enthusiastic participants that the appearance and more importantly the reality of a legitimate contest had been preserved thereby offering each individual a fair opportunity to emerge victorious based exclusively upon talent and not any other immaterial factor or relationship with the website or business owners.

C11. Always Employ Expert "Proofers & Editors"

"Interested in attracting the absolute worst talent while decimating your audience? Then hire amateur or inexperienced "Proof Readers & Editors". Unless you are an expert editor / proof reader with a strong academic background that includes superior command and understanding of the English language, and ample discretionary time permits you to immerse yourself into the grueling task of quality assurance without restraints as it pertains to proofing articles for content accuracy, grammar and spelling correctness, proper sentence and paragraph structure, evaluating creative ambiance within the appropriate context to ensure only stellar top quality work is dedicated within high visibility strategically situated segments, and finally ensuring exemplary photos, images, and visual appeal dominate your personal online space while mitigating mediocre or sub-standard entries, the act of employing third parties to perform this function will be the only other alternative to effectively get the job done. Here's the bottom line reality of this particular element of operating your own web site - If you hire amateurs to perform this critically important task, it will ensure your site attracts less than stellar talent and will therefore exude the distribution and circulation of amateurish content precipitously leading to domain demise within a relatively short period of time. In diverging contrast, if you employ qualified experts, the opposite, more desirable result will be the ultimate outcome. So the choice is yours -

If you lack the resources necessary to hire professionals who can help the enterprise flourish by sifting through and banishing sub-par content thereby achieving maximum domain exposure potential, perhaps postponing the fledgling online venture might be the appropriate action until a future date when financial circumstances or a restricted budgetary situation are not impinging issues <>

You've endured a lengthy lesson on how to build a solid website foundation the right way from the bottom up, now it's time to apply the principles you've learned and electrify the awaiting universe by forging a "New & Exciting" high voltage brand - Guide your website or touchable business back to the "Habitable Zone" where life truly does exist -
<> Conceived * Written * Developed * Created By Alternative Prime <>
<> Exclusive Custom Images Created By Alternative Prime <>

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Google AdSense Host APIThis service allows you to sign up for or associate a Google AdSense account with HubPages, so that you can earn money from ads on your articles. No data is shared unless you engage with this feature. (Privacy Policy)
Google YouTubeSome articles have YouTube videos embedded in them. (Privacy Policy)
VimeoSome articles have Vimeo videos embedded in them. (Privacy Policy)
PaypalThis is used for a registered author who enrolls in the HubPages Earnings program and requests to be paid via PayPal. No data is shared with Paypal unless you engage with this feature. (Privacy Policy)
Facebook LoginYou can use this to streamline signing up for, or signing in to your Hubpages account. No data is shared with Facebook unless you engage with this feature. (Privacy Policy)
MavenThis supports the Maven widget and search functionality. (Privacy Policy)
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Index ExchangeThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)
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Facebook AdsThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)
Amazon Unified Ad MarketplaceThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)
AppNexusThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)
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Say MediaWe partner with Say Media to deliver ad campaigns on our sites. (Privacy Policy)
Remarketing PixelsWe may use remarketing pixels from advertising networks such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook in order to advertise the HubPages Service to people that have visited our sites.
Conversion Tracking PixelsWe may use conversion tracking pixels from advertising networks such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook in order to identify when an advertisement has successfully resulted in the desired action, such as signing up for the HubPages Service or publishing an article on the HubPages Service.
Author Google AnalyticsThis is used to provide traffic data and reports to the authors of articles on the HubPages Service. (Privacy Policy)
ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
Amazon Tracking PixelSome articles display amazon products as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, this pixel provides traffic statistics for those products (Privacy Policy)
ClickscoThis is a data management platform studying reader behavior (Privacy Policy)