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How to Check Your Shredding Schedule on IM Connect

Updated on April 16, 2011

Introduction to Finding Your Next Shred Date

Iron Mountain is a company that specializes in destruction and retention of confidential documents.

I have been using  (aka IM Connect) for a short while now and find it a little frustrating but I think that is simply because it is new to me.  The more I use the site the better I feel about it (and the better I feel about not having to call their customer service line.... which can be a tad frustrating itself).

I recently learned to figured out  my next scheduled shredding date on IM Connect.  If you are wondering when the next time Iron Mountain will be removing your documents for shredding / destruction, this post will help you to track it on line.

Step 1 Log Into IM Connect

Go ahead log into your IM Connect (aka IMconnect or ) account.  If you do not have an IM connect account, contact your Iron Mountain sales representative to see if you are eligible to be set up with an account.

Step 2 Enter Shredding Center

Once you have logged in, search the window that opens for "Shredding Center" or it may same something like "enter shredding center"

Step 3 Drop Down Fields

Once in the "Shredding Center" look for the drop down fields. Click the drop down arrow(s) and the customer ID, division and department ID of the location you want to check he schedule.

Step 4

Your Iron Mountain Shredding schedule or schedules should appear at the bottom of the screen. It will tell you when your next scheduled Iron Mountain shredding / document destruction will occur.

I Hope That Helps!

Navigating Iron Mountains "connect" website can be tricky at first.  Getting set up with one is half the battle, then it is just a matter of getting used to their online system.

I posted another article on this topic as well. Please check it out!

Thanks for checking out my "How to Check Your Shredding Schedule on" article.

Hope it helped


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