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How to Change Edit Iron Mountain Retention Record Description, ID, Box Numbers, Code Etc on IMConnect OnLine

Updated on July 14, 2013

Intro To Changing IM Records On Line

Iron Mountain is a company that specializes in destroying documents and retaining documents for security purposes.

Iron Mountain will make you pay for virtually every action they do for you when it comes to record retention. Iron Mountain will charge you for moving records, storing records, retrieving records, you name it, there is a charge.  That doesn't always mean though that they won't offer you a way to do this yourself for free though .

I ran into a situation where I wanted to change an ID code on about 60 or so cartons and boxes that I had retained at Iron Mountain.  They wanted to charge me almost a dollar per carton to do this, but they also said I could do it for free.

How?  Simply by going online and changing the records myself.   I did this and it seemed to work fine.  If you are signed up with Iron Mountain's IM Connect (aka IMconnect ) you can do this yourself and save yourself a buck or so a pop.  This article will show you how.

Step 1 Log into Your On Line Account

Log in to IMconnect.  If you do not have an IM Connect account, contact your Iron Mountain representative to set you up.

Step 2 The Record Center

IM connect will open up and your see a section called "Record Center"   Within this section you see an "enter your search criteria"  field.  You can use this field a number of ways.  When I'm looking for a specific box, for example, I'll enter my box number in this field then click "find my carton/file"  link. This will generally get me a specific box I am looking for.

If I am looking for a group of boxes under one dept ID,  I'll enter my dept ID and this will give me a choice of a bunch of boxes to choose from.

You may prefer to search your records differently. Regardless you'll still use this field to find your carton. SKP number, Box ID, Description Customer Box Number, etc etc etc you can enter any of these you want and get results

Again, everyone's preference or approach to this might be different. Try it and you'll get a better idea of what I mean

Step 3 Find Carton / File

Once you have clicked the "find my carton/file" a new window will appear with your search results.

In the lower left corner of this window, click "Edit"

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Step 4 Edit Fields

Now you will see a bunch of fields related to the files, boxes, cartons that you have queued up. Fields like:

Event Date
Customer Box Number
Reference Number
Alpha from Alpha to
Create Date
Event Date
Long Description
Box Record Code
Box Department ID
Destruction Date

I'm sure there's others I'm missing but when you see it you'll get the gist.  These fields you can go ahead and edit to your liking. This edit will change the electronic records related to the box, carton or files you have stored at Iron Mountain.

Step 5

Once you have edited the field or fields, go ahead and click "Save" in the lower right hand corner.

Step 6 If You Have More Records to Change

If you have more records you want to edit, you should be able to look to the top of the screen and use the search block.  If you don't see it, go ahead and close this window and it should put you back at the search block you started with in the "Record Center"   Then start the same process over again.

Hope that Helps!

I hope that helps!  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my "How to Change Edit Iron Mountain Retention Record Description, ID, Box Numbers, Code Etc on IMConnect" article.

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