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Online Profit | How to Create Profitable Website

Updated on February 27, 2014

Question List

  • Do I have time to start from scratch?
  • Do I have free funds to accelerate and have better value?
  • Do I have enough skills to do everything on self?
  • What is my service/product and which sales channels I can use?
  • Is there any opportunity to delegate some tasks?
  • Why I do think that I will be able to generate online income?
  • Is there any example I would like to follow?
  • What will be the difference between my example / competitors and me?

Before you begin, think three times.

At first, it is crucial to plan what you are going to do. There is no worst mistake than unachievable goal. I say it because ive failed. Yes, the mistakes are the real experiences. This article is focused on website development process, which is an integral part of long journey to success. Sure, you may want to take a shortcut, but not every way is shorter or safer.

Answer all of your questions before you will start with website development for your online presence. The reason is very simple - once you will start, you will need to keep on track. If you will not keep on track, you can be trapped in circle for months and nothing will happen.

Lets Start With Website Development Process

So, lets jump in. I do not say that this is the only way to do it. I do not guarantee any profit by following the tips listed below. It is up to you. I do not offer ALL POSSIBLE ways, this is strict one-directional how-to.

1. Choose Your Domain and Purchase Hosting

Perform domain research. There are so many domain registrars, all of them are offering same and different services as like as top level domains (TLD). Personally I do suggest GoDaddy as the simplest way how to get a domain. There are tons of providers. If you want some exotic TLD's, you may need to buy a domain from different provider than your hosting provider. In this case you will need to edit DNS zone records and direct the domain to your hosting server IP.

  • Easily readable
  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to write
  • Containing keyword (optionable)

You hosting - always perform research before you purchase hosting. This article is about using WordPress CMS, so explore forums and articles about best wordpress hosting. Buy WordPress hosting.

2. Deploy WordPress CMS

Lets use the most used option. Tons of my clients are satisfied with this Content Management System, but my friend and professional programmer hates it. I do think that it is professional deformation and personal bias. Sure, there are tons of people who just want their very own solution and sometimes it is really necessary, but for now please lets take it easy and do not invent bicycle once again.

  • A lot of providers do have one-click installation thru Fantastico, Softaculous etc... In most cases it can be the way for you.
  • If you are willing to upgrade your WordPress installation to Network, I would suggest you to install your WordPress manually.
  • If you want to upgrade your WP to Network, do it immediately. After 3 months you will not be able to choose between subdir/subdomain settings.

3. Configure Your Website

This part is related only to basic settings - General Settings as like as Website name, user registrations, timezone etc. Do it quickly and you will never need to visit it again.

  • Enable Permalinks - Friendly URL's

If you want to setup network (for multiple WP sites which will be useful later), please follow this official tutorial from WordPress

At start you will need to secure your website and install some basic plugins. Here is the list of suggested free plugins.

  • Livefyre - easy way how to prevent comment spam and implement social comments
  • Wangguard - Splog Fence - sploggers are fake accounts, Wangguard can help you to cure already infected site
  • Contact Form 7 - The best way how to create custom forms
  • Simple URL's - nice outbound links

CloudFlare is a Content Delivery Network which saves your bandwidth, makes your website loading faster, provides better network security and some extra services. To implement cloudflare, you will need to change your Domain Name Servers ( via your domain registrar). Cloudflare will scan your DNS records and after click you will have your own CDN. The free version is enough for starters. I talk about Cloudflare because you can easily implement some monetization, gamification, security and analytics services. It is a great way how to implement javascript code for Google Analytics inside your website.

Would you like to invest $55 to raise your chance?

See results

Eey Candy

What happens if you visit a website with design from the era of 00's? Well, the visual experience will help us to remember good old times and will definitely cause in nostalgy, but thats not our goal. Visually appealing everything is more atrractive than the ugly one. People, products, cities, towns and also websites.

The fun starts here.

Investment today will save your time and funds later on.

Ive used WordPress with free themes for about 3 years. The reason was simple - Ive wanted to save my money. But today the situation is completely different. Why you should consider to invest in premium WordPress theme template?

  • Customer Support - very appreciated since you get support in case of problems, you get updates also - if your theme will get obsolete, your problems will rise
  • Professional Code - in most cases you can get very professionaly programmed design. This is important because of compatibility, speed and user experience
  • Dozen of Options - if you know what you want, this is a must. Widely sophisticated framework is a jackpot

I have never ever found something more awesome than The 7 by Dream Theme. This is an incredibly HOT tip which will make your visitors cry because of eye-orgasm. As a webadmin, you will experience the most perfect website builder. This theme is worth of hundreds, but is available only for funny $55. You will never regret.

Authors of this template featured my experience between TONS of other ones:

I have never ever experienced such great WordPress theme. I would pay even triple price for this masterpiece and definitely will suggest this one also to my clients. HUGE thanks to author(s) of this killer piece of stuff.

Get The 7 by Dream Theme Now


Build Up Your Brand Identity

With the help of perfect theme you can build up your brand identity very quickly. Thanks to the template above, you can just import dummy content and remake it with your own copywriting and graphics.

Where I Can Get Great Photos?

How Can I Adjust the Graphics for use on my Website?

If you do not want or you do not have a professional tool like Photoshop, you may consider to use GIMP or my really beloved web-based

The website design takes a lot of time, but do it carefully, do it with fantasy and focus on customer and you will double your chance to succeed.

Do not be Afraid to do Additional Research!

It is always perfect idea to get inspired by most successful people in your industry. Take your time and search for best practices. You can save a lot of confusion for yourself as like as for visitors of your site.

How to Monetize

  • Pay Per Click Advertisement
    Classic way how to start earning money from websites. You will need a lot of traffic and also good advertising platform. Google Adsense is perfect if you can use it. For example I no longer can use it because they deal only with VAT registered businesses. And thats really bad and big obstacle - too much additional bureaucracy papers. The strong of Google Adsense is number of advertisers and thus bich chance to get contextual ads with higher CTR.
  • Membership Subscription Model
    Very powerful way how to enroll recurring income stream and far best way how to make money online if you are able to sell yourself - your ideas, your products, your tools, your experience and knowledge. You will wonder how many people are willing to put their money in your pocket.
  • Affiliate and Referral Marketing
    Another classis way how to monetize your content. Readers of hubpages do know very well how to monetize their articles with Amazon Associates and Ebay. The challenge is to not be too much offensive and try to sell for any price. Only useful Affiliate links will sell and generate you an income. If you want to refer people to 3rd party services, you need to tell them WHY it is so important for them and how it will help. The best way how to get referrals is to publish tutorials and reviews.
  • Merchandising
    It takes time to prepare a product to sell,but it is worth of it. Preparing a digital product happens only once and then you can sell thousands of copies with no additional work. You can incorporate ecommerce solution to your website and sell intangible products very well, if you have something to sell. To start, lets find good PLR book and edit, improve and redesign. If you are handy designer, provide templates for download.

Website Monetization

This chapter is just a starter and all the details will be published in other articles which you can find at my hubpages homepage. As a basic information to start, I will share here some most used ways how to monetize your content.

Before you will start with monetization, you need content. You need high quality content and you need a lot of it. There are several good and bad ways how to build your content archive. You should always remember that COPYSCAPE passed content is the winner. Yes, you can buy thousands of PLR articles, but if untouched, they can more hurt than help. 100% original with added value is what "they" are looking for.

Based on your niche, possibilities and funds (time and money) you can decide what is the best content strategy. Always remember that even 5 high-quality articles with proper social media promotion are better start than archive of 100 untouched PLR and copied articles.

Choose Good Affiliate Partners

It is only up to you who will provide you with products and services to affiliate. There are tons of affiliate programs with plethora of differencies. A lot of people do utilize markets like Commission Junction or ClickBank. But there are also a lot of other ones and specialized - for example ThemeForest and whole Envato Marketplaces, if you are digital warrior. I prefer ShareAsale with very sophisticated tools and free membership.

Lead Generation

To get sales you need to get leads at first. Leads people interested in your offer and thus your potential customers. How to work with them?

  • Create Leadgen pages, landing pages, squeeze pages... a lot of different names for something kinda similar. These microsites help you to keep drive of attention and helps your leads to opt-in.
  • Build up your list. Email list is still a perfect way how to send promotions, incentives and do some remarketing. You can use for example MadMimi service to do so.

How to create LeadGen Page

Well, without longer phrases, I use a premium plugin to create these pages. The plugin is called SeedProd Coming Soon Pro and is a very strong arsenal for creating Coming Soon pages as like as Maintenance and Landing pages. Visual experience is brilliant as like as functional experience. Every serious internet marketer should decide to get own license, because it can save you a LOT of time and confusions.

Additionaly, if your WordPress is network-enabled, you can create leadgen pages for every product/service you are willing to sell/affiliate. This way, you can prepare your sales funnel in less than one hour.

What next?

In next article I will talk further about website development process, especially how to create a membership subscription model and about some basic ways how to start with promotion of your site. I am looking forwards to hear from you in comments, feel free to leave your own ideas and questions to be answered.


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