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How to Deal with Telemarketing Calls Effectively and Legally

Updated on October 17, 2013

Everyone gets them; sale calls. They are annoying and invasive.

But NOT answering will only put your phone number back into the system. Some calls are made by a computer however and when you answer, it sends a signal that someone is actively on that phone number but eventually a real person will call you back on it.

The most effective way I have dealt with it is to answer every call I receive, even the ones I do not recognize. Why? Because many of them do not expect anyone to answer and because I keep a log of all these calls, yes all these calls.

I estimate I receive about 5-10 calls a week from telemarketers on my cell phone, not to mention my home number, which gets far less.

This is because your cell phone company actually sells your phone number to companies for a nice profit. It doesn't matter if your number is private, which mine both are, it gets sold. Plus you put your number out there for other reasons and for every reason you post your number, there are about a dozen or more places taking your number.

This is the best way I have handled these calls and since I have been doing this (for about 3 months now), the calls have significantly subsided to a maximum of 3-5 calls per week on the cell and about 2 per week on the home phone.

1. Keep a notebook and write down the number that calls, the date and time and who you spoke to. If it was a hangup, I don't bother unless it happens again.

2. When you speak to the person, simply ask them to please remove your from the list. Better to be nice than nasty. Trust me.

3. If the calls continue from the same number for at least 30 days, I report them to:

Depending on your state, when these rules are broken, you may even be able to seek monetary compensation, especially if they are calling you on your cell phone.

That's about it. They don't bother me that much anymore but when they used to, I never let it get me too angry. I knew they were trying to sell and make money and hustling is all a part of what we all do in one form or another. Being an ex telemarketer myself, I understand the determination and courage it takes to make that outbound call. It's not an easy job with a high rate of burn out.

Hope this helps.

Copyright © 2013
Rosana Modugno


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  • Larry Rankin profile image

    Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

    I hate telemarketers. Very useful.