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Attractions and Jobs in Cherry Hills Village - Wealth in Natural Aggregates and Energy

Updated on February 4, 2013
A view in San Juan National Forest.
A view in San Juan National Forest. | Source

Wi-Fi Hot Spots in West Denver Area/Cherry Hills Village

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A markerPanera -
5910 S Holly St, Greenwood Village, CO 80111, USA
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B markerCommon Grounds Coffee House -
6504 S Broadway, Centennial, CO 80121, USA
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C markerPanera -
3702 River Point Pkwy, Englewood, CO 80110, USA
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D markerWash Perk Coffee House - Fair Trade Coffees -
853 E Ohio Ave, Denver, CO 80209, USA
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Run by a Professor and an Oncology Nurse. Neat!

E markerNicolo's Chicago Style Pizza -
7562 S University Blvd, Centennial, CO 80122, USA
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Internet Connectivity and Infrastructure

Cherry Hills Village was incorporated as a city near the end of WWII in 1945. During 1st QTR 2011, Bloomberg BusinessWeek named it to the list of the 25 Wealthiest Towns in America and it is listed on various "Best" lists among economic and business publications. It is mostly a community of single-family dwellings and greenspace, surrounded by energy- and road construction resources. One goal of city planners is to bring in and then expand better-quality Internet connectivity, especially WI-FI, for the community. From the map above, see that WI-FI hot spots locally form a ring around Cherry Hills Village, the closest spot being in Greenwood Village.

Since 2010, the city government has been in possession of a plan for a thriving City Center multi-use complex. It is designed to improve infrastructure and to enhance greenspace, wetlands, public trails for non-vehicle use, transportation improvements, new landscaping, additional recreation facilities, and other improvements. Current mass transit is covered with the Denver Metropolitan buses and light rail services.

Horses are a major part of the community of Cherry Hills Village and a yearly Roundup for youth each June invites them to bring their horses for a day of activities. The city sponsors events on National and State Holidays, with a tree lighting ceremony for Christmas and Winter Holidays.

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A markerCherry Hills Village, Colorado -
Cherry Hills Village, CO, USA
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B markerDenver, Colorado -
Denver, CO, USA
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C markerRocky Mountain Arsenal -
Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge, 7200 Quebec St, Commerce City, CO 80022, USA
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Bison adult and calves.
Bison adult and calves. | Source

Rocky Mountain Arsenal

This is a developing Urban National Wildlife Refuge in the Front Range Urban Corridor. This site is open to the public with a new visitor's center completed in May 2011. Visitors may observe well over 300 types of wildlife species and native plants, including a bison herd roundup in the fall. Wildlife films are often shown to the public here, and visitors can enjoy fishing, birding, and a series of nature programs for all ages.

Bison herd building is important to this refuge and protection of coyotes, while keeping them from harming city pets is another focus. Cherry Hills Village has a no-kill policy on coyotes, but offers training classes on keeping pets safe and discouraging coyotes from homeowners' yards.

White River National Forest

The White River National Forest just west of the Urban Corridor covers 2.3 Million acres of land that capture eight official Wilderness Areas, official US Scenic Byways, and a broad range of native plants and wildlife (see link under Attractions)..

My father and some of his older siblings drove cross country from eastern Ohio to visit a sister in Colorado many years ago, in a Model A Ford. There were no Scenic Byways then or Wilderness Areas, which were formed by an act of Congress in 1964. The visitors saw the landscape before it was developed and purchased gasoline at drug stores, since there were no service stations yet in America. This was before the WPA and construction of our National Parks was even begun. Today, the park has a dozen ski resorts and numerous roads and hiking trails.

San Juan National Forest

During early Summer 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt formed what is now San Juan National Forest, which covers 2,500,000 acres or 7,200 square miles of land near Denver. This was the beginning of the National Park System of today. A research station on the land works to improve human and animal health and better use of natural resources. The year 2011 was declared the International Year of Forests.

The forest offers a variety of visitor events and activities, found at Wildlife and archaeology are major highlights.

The Front Range Urban Corridor

Denver-Aurora Metro and its western suburb, Cherry Hills Village, are located within the Front Range Urban Corridor, a broad north-south swath of land near the Rocky Mountains, established for further development.

The Front Range Urban Corridor includes several counties in Wyoming and Colorado, along with about 4.4 Million residents listed in the 2010 US Census. This count was an increase in population from 2000 of over 17% growth. All related counties except two have experienced an increase in residents, one as much as over 60% growth. The influx of residents to this area is definite.

US Rocky Mountain Front Range Infrastructure Resources Project

The USA maintains an ongoing program of evaulating natural resources in this region, including water and coal resource quantities, water quality, and air quality. Natural aggregates with which to rebuild deteriorating urban infrastructures (highways, bridges, and roads) are a primary interest in this region and include several types of stone, sand, and gravel. Sustainable energy sources are also under development in the area.

The continued development in this area of the Rocky Mountains is expected to draw additional businesses, residents, students, and travel seekers into the area in the 2010s and 2020s.

Rocky Mountain Front Range Urban Corridor

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A markerCheyenne WY -
Cheyenne, WY, USA
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B markerPueblo CO -
Pueblo, CO, USA
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Projected Job Growth to 2019, Largest Percentage Increases

  1. Registered Nurses (RNs)
  2. Salespeople
  3. Cooks and Food Preparers
  4. Waitstaff
  5. Clerks
  6. Nurse Aides, Personal Aides, and Home Health Aides
  7. Health Techs
  8. Building Cleaners and Pest Cotnrol
  9. Customer Service Reps
  10. Business Operations Specialists
  11. Protective Services
  12. Office Support Staff
  13. Software Engineers
  14. Financial Specialists
  15. Construction Workers

Top Hiring Companies

  1. HealthONE
  2. Kaiser Permanente
  3. IBM
  4. DISH Network
  5. HCA Health
  6. Deloitte
  7. Robert Half Legal
  8. Raytheon
  9. Safeway Corp.
  10. Centura Health


  • Some additional companies that are offering significant levels of employment include: Exempla Healthcare, Level 3 Communications, Charles Schwab, and Aerotek. A number of part-time and full-time jobs can be found also at McDonald's, Starbucks, PizzaHut, and Taco Bell.

Hot Job Listings

Over 50,000 job listings were found open in May 2011 for the Cherry Hills Village area in Denver, Englewood, Aurora, Littleton, and Broomfield CO, as well as in some additional small towns nearby. Many of these job titles match projections for 2019, above.

  1. Salespeople
  2. Project Managers
  3. Administrative Assistants
  4. Registered Nurses (RNs)
  5. Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)
  6. First Line Shift Supervisors - Retail Sales
  7. General Managers
  8. Occupational Therapists
  9. Java Developers
  10. Software Engineers
  11. Physical Therapists
  12. Customer Service Representatives
  13. Business Analysts


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      I do hear that jobs are good there. Thanks for sharing. v/r

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      nice hub.I also use to live in Colorado and loved the views it had to offer.This is really useful, wonderful and amazing.Good patty.Thanks a lot patty for this good sharing.

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      Thanks for another great hub. Wish I lived in Denver!

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      Thanks for all the thoughtful comments.

      Hello, hello - The few family members that lived in Colorado enjoyed it very much. So many state parks now!

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      I use to live in Colorado and loved the views it had to offer. Reading this hub brought back memories of being there. Thanks for sharing. :)

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