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How Writers Can Know What is Trending in Online Searches

Updated on April 27, 2013

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Are You Interested in Getting Pageviews

Any serious online writer should be concerned with how to maximize their articles' exposure.

Part of this can be done with keyword selection when choosing a topic.

In this Hub, I will provide several keyword tools to effectively research what is trending in online searches.

This is very handy to use, especially if you are trying to write a timely article (which will be explained below).

Increasing Trendline

What is Trending Now?

Do you have any clue what is trending right now in online searches?

This kind of information can be useful if you want to write a timely article, which is one that is relevant to a news event that is currently happening or recently took place.

There are several tools to find out quick what is trending online, but if you are going to write an article on it, you have to type a story out fast, otherwise you may miss the boat that is carrying all of the readers.

These kinds of articles are known as "Timely" articles. Newspapers and print media focus on timely issues and articles. Online writers are encouraged to incorporate the "Evergreen" writing style, so that articles get steady page views over a long period of time, versus a short burst of pageviews when the article topic is trending online.

Google Trends Logo


Tools to Find Trending Topics

The following sites are very helpful when researching what topics are trending:

Google Trends

AOL Search Trends

Yahoo! Clues Buzz

YouTube Trends

Twitter Trends

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

For Google Adwords Keyword Tool, be sure to be logged in before doing searches, as the data will change.

How to Use Google Trends

Should I Write on Trending Topics?

Every writer must decide if he is going to write on timely or timeless topics.

Let me re-iterate: Timeless topics will bring in more views over a long period of time, when the timely issues have faded away. But a timely article done right should bring in a large quantity of readers in a relatively short period of time.

On the other hand, if you find a niche that is under-served, you can opt to become a niche writer on topics that have very little information, yet are searched by many.

It can be quite helpful to come up with a strategy for your online writing portfolio. Over time, you will discover what works and what doesn't. When you find out what is working, try to duplicate that (with new content, of course).


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