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How to Make Daily Income with Postloop Fast and Easy

Updated on January 2, 2016
How To Make Money With Postloop
How To Make Money With Postloop | Source

Okay, this is by far the lengthiest article that I have ever written in my life. But, I want to share with you something that could help you earn a few cash to add in your pockets.

Postloop is simply a site where bloggers and forum owners buy posts and comments for their site. As a new blogger or forum owner, it is quite challenging to get people to comment on your blog site or forum page. Consequently, this leads to low traffic.

Let's say there was this awesome new bar in town, it's modern and reeks of ultimate sophistication. But, when you walked inside the bar, there was hardly anyone there. So what do you do? You feel awkward even though you're eager to go inside and have a drink. But, you decided to leave.

This situation is quite similar with blogs and forums. Though, the topics can be pretty interesting and useful, but, you don't feel like commenting because there seems to be no one there. I can be guilty of that sometimes, even though the topics are quite interesting, I just had a good read and once I finished, I click the big old ex button at the right upper corner of my window. However, I'm fully aware that not everyone is like that though, but, majority is.

With all these in mind, this is where the founders of Postloop decided to build a website dedicated to those blog or forum owners who wants to pay for their blog/forum comments. Hence, giving other people (Commentors) the opportunity to earn a substantial amount of change to add to their pockets.

Now I must say that you cannot get rich with this over time. One the other hand, I have seen people form Youtube that they were earning around $100 a day with postloop. My 2 cents is that this is a possible staggering amount to achieve, but, only if you dedicate your life to it.

Okay, now that I got that out of the picture, let's dive right in to the meat of this article.

Overview of Postloop

As you can see, this is what the website looks like when you visit their page. I must say that they did a pretty good job with the design. On your left, you can automatically see what this site is all about because of the information presented is quite straightforward. On the right, viewers can watch the video to get the gist of what this site is all about, if ever, they are too lazy to read. (I happen to watch the video, than read the FAQs)

Basically, all you do is sign up for Postloop, upload a picture, get good ratings, subscribe to blogs/forums, create an account, post your heart out, and most importantly, get paid through paypal.

I mentioned a while ago that this site is for both the blog/forum owners and people like us who gets paid to comment on their blog/forum. They require us to have a strong command of the English language with few to no grammatical errors. Needless to say, if your grammar reeks, then the probability of you getting accepted in this site is close to zero. I say this because, before you decide to join their site, you need to be able to pass a certain assessment to show that you have good grammar and can deliver an in depth message towards your comments. Now, my grammar isn't really good, I can vouch for that, but, I tried very hard in order to get accepted.

The Postloop Portal
The Postloop Portal | Source

How to Get Accepted in Postloop- Pass the Postloop Test

In order for you to commence on commenting and earn a substantial amount of change is that, you need to pass a certain assessment from the Postloop team. What they will ask you to do, is subscribe to their Postloop portal, which is basically a forum, there, you will showcase your ability to comment on certain topics that you find interesting. They ask for you to do around 10 posts. But do keep in mind that these posts have to be in-depth, relevant to the topic, and most importantly, having little to no grammatical errors.

My advice?

I have made around 12 posts in this page, though, I wish I had made more because the topics in this forum are so easy. I say that because, once you pass, you are given points, which equates to how much money you will get. So, I got around 15 to 17 points, if I can remember correctly. When you do sign up and take this assessment, post as much as you can, for the sake of the easy points.

Once you have completed the test, you will be sent a message from the postloop team to your email to tell you that they have acknowledged your application and completed the assessment. There, you will be asked to patiently wait for around 24 hours for them to assess your credibility and if you pass. Once you have received an email notification from them either a rejection or a confirmation that you have passed, if you passed, then proceed to your dashboard.

In your dashboard, you can see the number of post that you have made in The Postloop Portal as well as the corresponding points. You will then be given a rating on how well you did in their assessment. That rating determines the amount of points per post that you will be getting once you started posting. To simply put it, if you have a high rating, one post is equal to, let's say, 1.6 points. But, if your rating is low, you get 1.2 points.

So, I highly suggest that you do great in the assessment because if you have a low rating, the amount of posts that you will make increases in quantity. But, if you have higher ratings, you can post in lesser quantity and still get the same amount of money.

Subscribe with a blog or forum
Subscribe with a blog or forum | Source

How Does It Work?

In the first picture, you can see the list of forums that you are entitled to join. In the right corner, if there is an icon of a lock, it simply means that the forum owner wants postloop subscribers who has great ratings to join their site. So, make sure that you do exceptionally well on the assessment.

Now, let's focus our attention to that Recovery lifestyle Forum which is about drug and alcohol recovery (make sure you pick out a topic that interests you). As you can see, the owner specified the number of posts that you can post on their site, in this case, it's 5 per day. On the left of that is the number of points that the owner bought, in this example, it's 1071. The forum owner specified details for the Postloop subscriber prior to joining. So, it is imperative that you check out their instructions prior to subscribing. Once you're ready to subscribe, hit the icon on the right that has the picture of a person with a green plus sign. On the other hand, the similar icon but with the minus sign indicates that you are already subscribed from that site and you can choose to unsubscribe if you want to.

One tip for subscribing though, make sure you dedicate another email address to use due to the reason that most of the forums/blogs send out newsletters (read: spam) to your email.

Once you have everything ready and signed up in their site, hover back over to the postloop site and fill in your username and address that you used on the site. This action will link your subscription to the forum/blog that you have subscribed thereby counting the number of posts that you have made and reflect that in your dashboard.

The rating and points
The rating and points | Source

Proof of Payment

As seen in the pictures on your right, you can see in the withdraw section that I have completed 100 points and obtained a rating above average, with all these in check, I decided to cash out my money fast.

It takes around 24 hours for your money to be transferred to your paypal account because postloop staffs are reviewing that said transfer. As you can see, after 24 hours, I received my money through my paypal account.

How Much Will I Earn?

As I've said, you cannot be a millionaire here in Postloop. But, you can earn a few change to add in your pockets.

The picture depicts my ratings and number of posts that I have made on day one. Since my rating is almost high, the points per post is also high. Basically, I completed around 70 posts altogether and that has earned me around $5.04. Needless to say, Postloop requires at least $5 and a rating above average with at least 100 points before you decide to withdraw your money to your paypal account.


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