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Top 03 Freelancing Career Opportunities

Updated on January 2, 2016
Awesome Freelancing Job Opportunities
Awesome Freelancing Job Opportunities | Source

In the corporate world where employees are drained of all their energy spending hours meeting deadlines, projects, meetings, paper works, reports, and not to mention deal with the wrath of the boss every single time you screw up with all of the above.

Some of us cannot take this kind of environment and would rather venture on the path that we see fitting our lazy personalities. We deem smarter choice in careers to be a path which requires the least bit of effort, and also, of course, lucrative. These people are biologically wired and are programmed to make complicated things easier to accomplish. This may sound superfluous in the ears of others, but, I see this as a smart way of making a good career choice.

So what are some of the careers which are deemed lucrative, and most importantly, give us the least amount of stress and effort? I looked into some of the invaluable opinions of others (lazy but stinking rich!) on what they see as a good money making options at the same time enjoying a cup of coffee in their low stressed lives.

Teach English

Perhaps three out of six English teachers/tutors describe themselves as lazy but very intelligent. Teaching English, whether via online or abroad in China or Japan, for example, is deemed as one of the in demand and offers a lucrative salary. Not only that, accommodations, paid holidays are also given as a bonus for these teachers.

The application is very easy since the demand is very high. It means the entry standards are not restrictive. In most cases, if the tutor/teacher/applicant is born from a Native English Speaking country, he or she would probably get the job right away. To add, if the applicant holds teaching qualifications such as TESOL or TFL, he/she is paid even more.

Teaching English is very flexible which is why some tutors (like me) teach English via Skype part time. Tutors' income in this field is tantamount to the salary that an employed regular school teacher earns at school. The only difference obviously perceived are: the number of hours, number of students, and the convenience.

Teaching English online or abroad offers a minimally stressed environment giving you the convenience of working for least number of hours while still getting paid in a ridiculous (in a positive way!) amount.

So..... go forth... and teach English!

Computer Programming

Since we live in a digital era, the demand for software and all those other HTML/CSS rigmaroles (for me!) are strongly in demand which compels a lot of people to venture in this career.

If you're the kind of person who is disinclined to travel, commute and compress in crowded buses and trains to your office, but you have the mad skills on computer programming, then this job will suit you like a glove.

Computer programming at first will require an ample amount of your time to learn codes, htmls and all those other complex stuff that ordinary people like us could not even fathom to comprehend, but once competent in this field, you will earn like f*ck.

The nature of the work itself is doing less. You get to sit back and read codes while working with intelligent, technical people. Investors will pay tonnes for the next big project!

Writing Self Help Books

One of the easiest job in the world is selling information that others will benefit on like, writing self help books. Others will pay for your expert and professional information on the subject matter.

You can self publish these books on your own website or to sites like Amazon, Vook, and Smashwords.

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