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How to Make money online guide to success

Updated on May 20, 2015

Our guide works for anyone with drive and determination


Make money online

Anyone with the drive and determination can earn a living on line. Research is the key. Find a niche, product or service then reach the followers of the niche or people interested in your product or service. Then share with them something (you convince them) they don't want to live without. If you do this with quality products or services, customer support, and true caring about the people who “buy” from you, you will earn.

What you don't want to hear

The reality many don‘t want to hear. It takes time and money. Our concept which is working, is spend only what you earn. Most of the program owners out there know anyone who doesn’t receive a paycheck or payment of some kind within 63 days, generally leave internet marketing. There are a few companies who do everything in their power to make sure a payment is received within this time frame. The majority don’t. If you follow this majority you won’t have a following long.

What you do want to hear

It is possible to earn a living online. The programs mentioned in this article work. Overnight success is not possible. Everything worth having requires time or money. Most of us can find time easier than money.

Advertise and use social sites as a way to meet people with a need you can fill. Never push your business on social sites. Write passive advertisements. Don't promise what you can't deliver.

The best way to earn online is use what you are passionate about. Not a passion for earning, your true passion. If you wonder what your true passion is the easiest way to figure it out is consider what you would be doing if you had all the money you wanted.

Creating value

We use “earn as you learn programs” which do three things. One, a person feels they are earning because they are. A few points a day that covert to pennies or dollars make people feel they are starting to succeed. Even for those who don’t meet the 63 day limit with these programs there is money in their (program) account.

Two, we start everyone on list building. This is where the real money is earned. List building can be done with free programs, we have found however that paid programs work better. We put an auto responder on the top of the list of things to pay for with earnings.

Three, We send everyone to a program which “if directions are followed” always receive a payment within the limit. None of these programs take a lot of time so a person really can learn as they earn. One of the list builders say about 10 minutes a day. Earn as you learn is about 30 minutes a day, and the other takes the longest, about twenty hours a month. Each of these we tell everyone to join free and stay a free member. One requires an auto responder. We located a “free” one, (you receive emails from the owner) with the needed requirements for the list building program.

It takes money to earn an online living, Pay for it with what you earn online.

It takes money to earn an online living. We recommend not spending anything you haven’t earned form internet sources. Internet marketers need tools, quality tools cost. If your going that route be prepared to pay. More and more companies are saying they are “giving” you their tools, and many are, but not everything you need to be independent, which you must be in the end. Their tools tie you to their “offering” while paid for tools lead to your own. With the above programs the people who apply themselves are able to pay for their tools within two months. While researching we found a free way to get started. As soon as you join be ready to get the link out. Traffic exchanges and advertising work well for this.

The money is in the list

The old saying “The money is in the list” is completely true. How you gain new members for your list, how you treat them, and several other factors have a bearing on how much you are going to earn from the members of it. If you consider each person who signs up as your best friend this works best.

What do I mean by this? Would you want your best friend to succeed in business? If they are in business what advice can you give them to help them succeed? What free tools can you find that would increase their chances?

More important though what would your opening sentence to your best friend be. It sure wouldn't be "buy this." It wouldn't even be hey I found this great (add your own words). The call to action must be part of the email however not in the opening sentence or paragraph.

An example of a good list builder

There is one of the people who’s list we belong to who we love getting emails from. He is not trying to “sell” every time he sends a blast, We learn something of value even in the emails where he is promoting a product. He shares what is happening in his life. We open and read every one of his emails just to find out what he is up to next. He doesn’t send blasts often. He follows up when he sends a “sales” blast. This is the way it should be with your list. Offer value constantly, and make the people on your list “really feel” they know you.

What happens when you get it right

This is what happens when you do it right. If 100 people are offering the same product “you” are, "you" are going to get the sale. If you have done your job you have built trust and people buy from those they trust. Another important factor, follow up with a second blast within a day or two if you are offering a product. Many people don’t buy the first time. If you have built enough trust they will buy from you on the second.

Promote a personal relationship

We found an article which really pointed this fact out. The article was titled “The money is (not) in the list”. For many this can be true. List building is about promoting a personal relationship with people. Many list builders don’t do this. Those who help their list of followers feel they are part of something and "know you personally" will do better than the ones who fail at this. Let the people on your list get to know you personally, give them great content and you will make money online.

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