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How to Use Basic SEO to Make Your Business Visible Online

Updated on December 27, 2012

Basic SEO

Finding success online is directly related to how visible you are and how easy it is for prospective customers to find you. By using basic SEO techniques, such as the strategic placement of keywords, you will draw traffic to your site. Putting the proper keywords in your title, subtitles, captions, and copy will bring you traffic and effect your ranking in the search engines.

Search engines store keywords and phrases in related databases, rather than storing the whole web page. If you want your website found, you need to use the keywords that will land your site in the correct database.

Ranking High in the Search Engines

When a prospective customer begins an online search for your services or product, he follows certain steps. When someone has a particular need for services or is in search of a certain product, he defines that need and condenses it into a word of phrase that he can type into the search box. The search engine, in turn, returns a long list of possible matches to the keywords or phrase. If you have done a good job of using basic SEO and incorporating the right keywords into your website, you will rank high on the generated list and the prospective customer will click on your link.

Search Engine Ranking

Your search engine ranking is not only effected by proper keyword usage, it is also effected by the amount of traffic your site draws. But traffic is directly related to your basic SEO usage. By using the right keywords, your site will draw more traffic. Online marketing can be very beneficial to small business who are trying to get the word out on their services or products. The goal is to show up on the first page of the search engine results and ideally in the first few listings. If you successfully incorporate SEO into your website so that it ranks high, you will find yourself in the company of listing that are considered trustworthy and are most visited by those searching for the services you have to offer.

Use keywords worth searching for
Use keywords worth searching for


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