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How to Write a Covering Letter for Resume (With Example)

Updated on March 7, 2013
Cover letters
Cover letters | Source

With the aid of some expert tips you will know exactly how to write a covering letter to accompany your resume and bring you success. An informative, dynamic and concise cover letter can enhance and emphasize your resume so that you will easily attain acceptance for employment interviews. Because your cover letter for a job is most likely your first form of direct communication with a corporate, small business or organizational employment interviewer, it must give you and your expertise a positive and accurate introduction. In order to do this, your text should supplement, empower and personalize the content of your application.

Each cover letter for a resume that you write needs to be composed specifically to address each different work position for which you apply. Never write a “form” cover letter and send it out to multiple companies. When you reveal by your content that you are familiar with each business at which you are applying for employment, it immediately creates a good impression with human resources directors and interviewers.

In small to mid-sized businesses, you may be interviewed by the company owner, CEO or a major executive or manager. These people will be especially pleased with the fact that you took time to acquire information and knowledge about the business before applying. Organizations, charities, colleges and schools of all types will take an interest in employment applicants who express a true and keen interest in and understanding of the enterprise or group in which they would like to be employed. They will be equally impressed about your knowledge of how to write a covering letter for a resume.



Although there are many varied types of businesses; organizations; colleges, universities and other schools; charities; sports groups; arts and cultural organizations; travel cooperatives and others, nearly every position or job you apply for will require a resume of some kind. While a covering introduction for an application may not be an application requirement, it is the icing on the cake, so to speak, in terms of landing you that great work position or team spot within the business or organization of your choice. In general, there are three main varieties of cover letters:

1. Application – The typical application introduction is a cover letter for a resume composed in response to an advertised or announced employment position that is available.

2. Prospecting – A written prospecting inquiry is a query about what jobs or positions are currently available within a company. Some successful employment seekers have even gained employment by suggesting the creation of a new job at a company or corporation where they would like to work. This can be done by outlining a job description which includes all your strongest and most desirable work talents, capabilities and experience.

3. Networking – A networking communication is another type of cover letter for a job that brings positive results, especially when it includes a request for valuable and helpful data and information concerning your specific employment search.

Writing Your Resume Cover Letter


What Major Elements Should an Effective Resume Cover Letter Include?

When you first learn how to write a covering letter for a resume providing explanations and enhancements, you discover just how important the different parts of the textural composition really are, for example:

Letterhead or address of applicant

If you have your own letterhead stationery, it will present your cover letter for a job in a very positive and professional manner. If you do not yet have letterhead stationery, be sure to create a letterhead at the top of the page and centered. It is customary to enter your name in bold print and in 14 or 16-point font size. You can then input your address and additional contact data such as telephone, phone and fax numbers along with your email address in 12-point font size. Feel free to choose your favorite font for the letterhead so long as it is easily read. If you write the remainder of the text in a different font style, this can sometimes even make the new letterhead you just created appear to be printed on stationery. Although centering your new letterhead gives your inquiry a balanced, pleasing and professional look, it can also be placed at the left margin.


The date of your query should come next, a few lines beneath the letterhead and placed at the left margin.

Name and address of recipient

The complete name, title and address of the recipient should be entered at the left margin, appearing a few lines below the date (usually two lines below).

Salutation or greeting

The query's salutation or greeting line generally begins two lines below the name and address of the recipient. Always include the recipient’s title and division or department name, if appropriate.



The body of the cover letter for a job begins two lines below the salutation. Although you want to avoid writing a communication that is too wordy, lengthy or confusing, you do want to include all necessary data and text to adequately complement and detail the items listed on your resume. Effective cover text is no longer than one page.

First paragraph – The initial paragraph of your cover letter for a resume should clearly reveal your reason for writing along with the specific job or employment position for which you are interested in applying. It is often a good idea to state how or where you learned of the available position. If you are writing a networking application inquiry, give a clear description of the type of job or work position you are interested in filling and more detailed information about your own qualifications, talents and experience.

Middle paragraph – The middle paragraph of your cover letter for a job should give a detailed account of your qualifications, skills and experience most relevant to the work you are applying for. This section should be devoted to elaborating on important items in your application which need to be emphasized specifically for attaining this particular job. If you have additional related job qualifications and strengths not mentioned or given in detail within your past work history, include them in this paragraph of your cover.

Final paragraph – In this closing paragraph, thank the recipient for considering your application for an employment position and indicate your intended manner of following-up. Here you can also restate your interest in this job and your enthusiasm for the opportunity of seeking employment with this particular company or organization. You might also include an indication that you are looking forward to the recipient’s reply.

Complimentary Closing – You should enter your complimentary closing, such as, “Respectfully yours,” “Sincerely yours,” or “Very truly yours,” two lines below your closing paragraph in a cover letter for a job.

Signature – Your typed signature should appear four lines below the complimentary closing in a cover letter for a resume, and you should sign your inquiry between the complimentary closing and your typed signature.


How to Write a Resume - Cover Letter


What Should a Typical High Quality Applicant's Covering Inquiry Look Like?

The following is a typical example of how to write a covering communication to accompany a work application:

Mr. Paul H. Wolfe

Director of Human Resources

Green Furniture Design Company

7902 Manning Avenue

Scranton, PA 06293

February 27, 2013

Nancy C. Renning

238 Winterbrook Avenue

Charlottesville, VA 28649

Telephone: 1-801-573-3927


Dear Mr. Wolfe,

I recently learned about your internship programs for graduating design professionals at Green Furniture Design Company along with the detailed information included in your company profile and design project overviews. As a graduating senior at the University of Virginia, I am very interested in attaining a job position within an environmentally conscious product design company such as Green Furniture Design. I am also interested in relocating to Philadelphia to enjoy its many historical and cultural opportunities. For these reasons, I would like to receive more information concerning your company and its current opportunities for qualified furniture design applicants in relation to your internships.

I am graduating with a Masters Degree in structural and decorative furniture design with an emphasis on eco-friendly materials and designs. I have worked previously as a summer design assistant for UVA’s Facilities Planning Division. In addition, I currently work part-time as a junior design consultant for the Parks and Recreation Department of the city of Charlottesville, VA. Both positions have greatly enhanced my understanding of the vital importance and practicality of innovative, eco-friendly design.

Enclosed is my resume for your review, and I would like to have the opportunity of discussing available openings in your design internship program at your earliest convenience. I can be reached most easily on my cell phone at 1-204-7798 or at my email address:

Thank you very much for your valuable time and attention to my request, and I look forward to receiving your reply concerning all available positions in your comprehensive modern design internship program.

Respectfully yours,

(Sign Here)

Nancy C. Renning


How to Write a Cover Letter, Follow Up Letter and Thank You Letter


Acquiring the skills to know how to write a covering letter for resume presentation and enhancement is necessary in order to be a successful job applicant in today’s highly competitive employment positions market. Although perfecting these skills comes with steady and ongoing practice, you will gain confidence and additional knowledge about how to write a covering letter each time you compose a resume query. Whether you are new to the workforce or an experienced employee with numerous past job positions on your resume, you will always have need of good query-writing capabilities for composing your future resume cover communications.

Whenever you present yourself and your qualifications, abilities and experience to a potential employer in a concise, dynamic and professional way, you are increasing your chances of attaining a new job. With the aid of an informative, clear and engaging cover letter for a resume, your professional resume will have an even greater probability of assuring you the employment position you desire.

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