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How to be a Boss Woman

Updated on March 18, 2012

Hello Ladies

This article is for all my ladies who want to be a boss woman. Well first lets start things off with this question. What is a boss woman? You don't have to own a company or be a CEO at a company to be a boss woman. So if your that woman that was like me and always wished you could be a boss well i'm here to tell you how you can do it. It all starts with you. You have to be confident and know how to get what it is you want. You have to be willing to reach for what you believe in. Most important you have to believe in yourself. Now i will tell you what classifies as a boss chick. A boss chick RUNS things. It can be your own household, your own business, it doesn't matter as long as you're in control. So now i will tell you how you can go from the average woman to a boss chick.

The Rules

Just like everything even a boss has rules they have to follow. These rules apply because you don't want the power to go to your head. Or you don't want to go from boss chick to bitchy chick. So here are the rules:

1. RESPECT. You have to respect yourself and others. If you don't respect yourself then no one else will either. When your a boss their will be people who will try to take you down. Don't help them do this by disrespecting your image and what you stand for. You also need to respect others. Their will be times that you have to give in to better serve your cause and times when you have to control everything. A boss chick knows when it is beneficial to work well with others and play nice but firm.

2. Control. You MUST never lose control. What i mean is depending on others all the time. This will set you up for a major take down. You have to be in the know of is going on 24/7. You should direct others by making it clear you are the boss. You never fall apart when things go bad you take it upon yourself to fix it.

3. Money. Yes like i said you don't have to own things but you do have to make money. To have control of your household you have to make money. To control the way you want your kids to go in life you need money. Even if you own your business or work part time or full time, you have to make money! No one listens to a bum right?

4. Image. You need to look the part for anyone to consider you as a boss. You have to take how you look serious. You should dress up even if it is just to go shopping for house hold supplies. You have to believe you are a boss.

5. Be firm and direct. Okay so to be able to get what you want you have to be firm and direct about it. If not people will tell you anything and you will just meekly follow behind them. Even if it is a dead end, hey you won't know and then you wasted all that time! So be firm in what you have to do and be direct when others try to lead you otherwise. Look at it this way, its nothing personal its just business.

6. Watch out for leeches. Yes it sounds mean but seriously a leech will suck you dry. You can be super successful and a leech will keep attached to you until you have nothing. They will always have excuses why they can't provide for themselves but in truth if they really aren't trying to better themselves then they are a leech. Yes everyone falls on hard times but only the ones that take control can pull themselves back up. It's okay to help others but don't be a host for a leech. It can even be a boyfriend.

7. Know what you stand for. If you going to be a boss chick then you have to be aware of what your selling. If your a single parent doing it all alone then you stand for all the women who can pay for there own and still be a good parent. Or if you own your own business then you stand behind what you sell. If your a housewife then you stand for keeping everything together in the house hold and supporting your husband. Whatever it is just know what you stand for and stand by it.

8. Don't forget the people who helped you. You never want to forget the people who helped you get to where you are. That is bad business. That is bad morally. That weakens your circle of true people you can trust. You want to have people you can trust when you need extra hands. So don't get power hungry and go treating others badly. You want to always help those who helped you and never forget that you need people to support you. So don't treat people as pawns. Or turn your back on people who care about you.

9. Always better yourself. If you want to be a boss then have to be willing to pay the cost. Meaning you need to always seek to advance yourself so you can advance your circle of people. School is important. It is a tool that can help you educate yourself, network, and build confidence. Even if you went to school for years and own your own business. A few classes in something else won't kill you. It doesn't have to be a 9 to 5 school it can be a few hours here and there. Just to keep you sharp and give more to add to your name. (you want when they write down your name next to it they put B/O/S/S next to it)

10. Know you will not be liked by many. Whenever your the boss of anything you will have a lot of people who don't like you. Your goal shouldn't be for their approval. It should be for their respect. You need to let them know your not intimated by a few nasty rumors about you, or you hide because of gossip, you are going to come in and you except things to be done. Simple. You're in charge and if they don't like it then the door is always there. You should be aware of those who do like you and work towards keeping them close but not to close.

Because I Love this song :)

In Conclusion

To be a boss chick doesn't mean to go around treating others bad or acting like your the greatest gift on the earth. That is just arrogance and that will set you up for a downfall. If you want to be a boss chick you have to believe in yourself and treat others as you wish to be treated. You have to be firm and direct but you don't have to look down on others. You can offer your support and help if you have the time. Now don't get the wrong idea that i'm saying lord it over people that you are the boss. That is arrogance as well. I am saying to be firm, direct, and take yourself serious. Be in control. Everyone will respect you and see you as boss. For those that don't you have to make it clear verbally then. That is the only time you need to lord it around. If your a housewife, then you shouldn't say to your husband your his boss that will make for a very unsettling conversation. You can make it clear to others that you are the LADY of the house and your voice matters. If your a single mother than you already know you have to be strong and be the boss of your child. You also should make it clear to boyfriends, or friends, that you are the boss and they can't just worm in and run the show. All really being a BOSS CHICK is a about is being a voice and having confidence to stand up on your own. Having control over what is going on around you. Knowing when to ride second when it is beneficial for advancement. I will just say this any female can be a boss chick if you want to be. If you don't want to be and that works for you that is fine as well. It is all about what you want and how you achieve it. Thank you for reading i hope you enjoyed the article and feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the page if you wish. :)


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    • profile image

      independent single mother 2 years ago

      I love the article,im trying to get a real understanding of a boss lady because I feel im one.I bought my own home, putting my two girls through college...running me and mine,but my boyfriend keeps telling me to be a boss...please help.

    • profile image

      Boss Lady 2 years ago

      Very well said. Just what I needed to hear and just the right way I needed to hear it. Thank you for the direction towards a stronger mind and god bless

    • profile image

      Miss. Independent 3 years ago

      You described a boss woman right. Other articles i read. Being a B is the being a boss, i don't think so. Very good article. Keep it up :)

    • profile image

      xtina 4 years ago

      Needed this.need to turn up that confidence