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How to become a Web Copywriter and Promote Yourself

Updated on April 21, 2014

How to become a Web Copywriter?

Web Copywriting - Many dream of becoming a web copywriter. If you are really keen to become a web copywriter learn more about the art of Copywriting, what needs to be a copywriter, and the scope of a copywriter etc instead of sitting with the dream indefinitely. There are also best web copywriting books available on the net. Let us find out whether it is an achievable dream or not. Once you learn this art you too can find best copywriting jobs on the net.

Job of a Web Copywriter

What does a web copywriter do? A Web copywriter is the one who comes up with the online text for advertisements, press releases, promotional material and corporate web content, persuading the reader to buy.

What is the qualification required for a web copywriter? A web copywriter ideally needs to be a  degree holder in Journalism or related subjects, who has excellent command over English and express it in a style to persuade the reader to buy the product or service the website promotes. (Even without a Journalism degree also he can do well, provided he has the capabilities). They also need to have a way with words and be able to come up with clear and concise web content in a short period of time. A copy writer's job is highly challenging and interesting. The success of the product lies on the copywriter's words.

Learn more about Web copywriting

Try to find out more successful websites which has produced tons of sales through the copywriting, and observe the key points there, including the wording, the phraseology, the rhythm, even the mind-set of the person who wrote the copy. Before start writing on his own, a web copywriter should know his objective, target audience, product or service he is trying to promote. A web copywriter must be fully aware of certain things, such as what is the product or service he is going to write about, for what purpose it was created, who and when it was discovered etc., to be really successful in his work. The main components of a good copywriting are

1) Headline

2) Introductory paragraph

3) Benefits for the buyer

4) Call for action

5) Assurances offered to the buyer

Promoting yourself as a web copywriter

Once you have acquired the skill of web copywriting, start building a website for you to promote yourself as a copy writer. Write few articles about your service and submit them to the article directories with your name and website name on the resource space. Article marketing can help you to get your name out.

Where can you find the job?

There are several writing websites online including Craigslist, Online Writing Jobs, Problogger, Demand Studios, Bizymoms etc. Apply for the assignments. Start with small fee and gradually increase your rate as you gain experience and confidence.

Where can you find Freelance bidding writing?

Once you are experienced you can work as a freelancer. Since copywriters can work for many different companies, they need to have expertise knowledge in the products of the company. There are several places on the net for finding freelance bidding writing jobs. Some of them are Freelance, Elance, Guru, RentaCoder,oDesk,PcLance, GetaFreelancer etc.

Where to get web copywriting training?

If you feel that you need to improve in your writing skill and the knowledge, it is better to learn the art from the experienced and successful people. He tells how much he makes on an average and sometimes how high he earns. Listen to each word he is telling.

He makes huge money from copywriting


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    • lex123 profile image

      lex123 7 years ago

      Thanks for reading the hub and commenting.

    • Dovay Lee profile image

      Dovay Lee 7 years ago from China

      Good, learn a lot from it, but I have not thinking of being a copywriter yet. Good hub.