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How to create your own eBook

Updated on August 16, 2011

Many people would like to make money on the web, but have no idea where they could start. Making money is possible if you look for the right opportunity, and most of the time what you need is just to use your talents to make it big.

One of the things that are very hot in the web these days is the maket for informational eBooks. The eBook is a format that allow people to quickly find answers to practical questions that they may want to solve. Writers of practical eBooks may be providing a great service to readers and improving their quality of life.

Ebooks is a form of communication where you can put lots of practical information and sell to interested users only.

Here are some differences between books and eBooks:

  • An eBook is more practical than a book. Most people buy books as form of reference, so they expect them to be lengthy and have lots of explanations about everything. An eBook, on the other hand, is about a current topic in which you want instant information. It doesn't need to be very lengthy, in fact it is better that it go to the point.
  • An eBook is not as long as a book, for the reasons explained above
  • An eBook needs to address a specific problem, and present a solution in a way that can be reproduced by somebody else.
  • Depending on the problem that it solves, an eBook can sell at a premium, compared to books. For example, how much would you pay for an eBook that can help you handle the pressures you face in your job?

The biggest problem for people starting with eBooks is creating the content. It seems like a daunting task, but it is in fact not.Everyone has experiences that can be transformed into something useful. You certainly know much more information than what is currently in any library. It is this practical knowledge that can be transferred to an eBook, and help thousands of people.

To learn what kind of information to put in an eBook, look at

  • Your past experiences (from childhood to adult age)
  • Your hobbies: most people like to read about hobbies, and your experience might provide a new light for other people.
  • Things that you learned by yourself -- you may be an expert in a very specific area that others don't know about.

The secret is to take what you know and transform into information that others may want. After that, you just need information to do package and sell your eBook.


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