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eBook vs Print Book : Which One is Good For You ?

Updated on October 22, 2016

First Thing First: Books Are Your Best Friends

Ever since I get in touch with books, reading has become one of inseparable part of my life. Books considered as our best friends.I am an avid book reader since my childhood. I read many fiction and non-fiction books, all were paper printed traditional books borrowed from library and friends. For years we could not even think that an electronic gadget can threat to replace printed paper books so easily. Since 2000, reading gadgets started appearing and it's getting better each year.

Since last couple of years, eBooks is seems taking over the traditional books. eBooks are on a rise and people started liking them more and more. With the tide of eBooks, a question arising that does eBooks overtaking printed books? Many people likes eBooks while many others like traditional printed books. So let us take a look on some advantages and disadvantages of both eBooks and printed books.These advantageous and disadvantages are based upon my personal experience as well some friends advice. Let's explore.


Portability is a great feature we want to see in our reading. eBooks are much more portable and comfortable than printed books. You can carry an eReader in your bag easily while travelling, which requires much less space than a printed book.Paper books are easy to carry as well but for one or two books. If you want to carry more books, eBook reader is your answer. Portability and memory are some of the best features of eBooks. eBooks are being popular because people can easily handle them, travel with them, carry more books and it looks cool !

Bigger Memory

This is very useful feature along with portability. eBook readers comes with more storage and can carry hundreds books. Different eBook reader comes with different memory space that can save thousands of books. For example a simple eBook reader can easily carry at least couple hundred books. You can not think to carry 100 books at a time but with eBooks it is a norm. Many eBook readers comes with additional slot so you can use a memory card to save extra books. Modern eBook readers come with a memory slot so user can add extra memory to save even more books. Even further, readers being attached to cloud now and in data cloud, one can save millions books. It will be more than enough for your lifetime, isn't it ?

Benefits of eBooks

  • Affordable-eBooks are more cheaper than printed books. You can read eBooks on many devices so it is not necessary to buy a device to read an eBook.
  • Portable- eReader are small and easy to carry around.
  • Durable- eBooks last forever, you don't have to worry about it being lost or torn down or wear down. Once you buy an eBook, you will have it for lifetime.
  • Green for Environment- eBooks helps the environment in a great way as it does not need tree cutting.
  • Easy to Buy- One can buy eBooks easily as long as they have internet connection. You do not need to wait for the printed book or not even need to go to library. Just click and it will be there in seconds!
  • No paper cut ! - That is an added benefit that you will never get a paper cut from eBooks :)

Advantages of Printed Books

  • Physical- Printed books gives you a feeling of ownership of a tangible item. You can have a book on your hand and feel it's weight.
  • Aroma- All books have its own very special aroma. New books have its awesome aroma of new pages, print and binding. Old books also have their special aroma. With eBooks you can never have that aroma.
  • Notes- You can take real notes and highlight in the printed books. You can do the same in eBooks too but will never get the same feelings.
  • Feel- eBooks can never give the same feel of printed books. It is very good feel to buy a new book or even borrow from library and feel it physically. With eBook reader, you will be holding the same reader for every book you read.

Growing Popularity of eBooks

Disadvantages of eBooks

  • Can not share- You can not borrow eBooks like you do with printed books.( Although this can also go as a benefit because now with readers you can share it online).
  • Technical- Modern eBook readers are user-friendly but one still need some basic technical understanding to use them. If you are switching from printed books to eBooks, you need to get some basic understanding of how it works.
  • Technical malfunction- eBook readers run on technology and with technology we have to be ready for some malfunctions. Sometime it will not be as easy as printed books.

Disadvantage of Paper Books

  • Bigger size- Paper books are usually bigger in size and you have to carry them.
  • Less portability- There is a limit how many books you can carry with you. With eBook reader, you can carry hundreds books.
  • Less Sharing- Printed books are not easy to share sometime, but eBooks can be shared with a person in the other side of the world very easily.

Which one do you prefer?

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At the end...

At the end, it really does not matter how you read as long as you are reading. Many people prefer reading paper books while many are turning towards eBooks. Paper books are classic and more user-friendly as it does not need much technical knowledge. It gives the feeling of reading and it's kind of emotional thing for many people. On the other hand, eBook reader need a little technical knowledge but it's awesome while travelling as you can carry all your books easily.eBooks growing it's popularity with time as younger generation.


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    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 2 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      A wonderful articlearticle with tons of information. It is always a topic of debate whether e-Book or e-Reader is fine and people argue in favour of both. You have stated your points clearly here. I love reading both e-Books and paper books. Keep on writing such useful stuff. All the best.

    • ktnptl profile image

      ktnptl 2 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      I agree Marci, eBooks are easy and less hassle but printed books really gives the book feeling. I plan to sell in eBooks content though. Appreciated your though and opinion.

    • profile image

      Marci Peterson 2 years ago

      As an author, eBooks pay far more with far less hassle. But physical books are also available thru some sites with little cost to the author. I plan to sell in both formats. There are reputable sites where you can do both. Ebooks are an exciting new frontier for those selling or wishing to publish.