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How to handle an angry customer

Updated on February 24, 2011

When it comes to customer care, we have to handle different types of customers day by day. Some could be very easy to handle. Some are very difficult customers. But do you know how to handle if an angry customer comes directly/over the phone, blast at you for whatever the problem he has related to your company? If could be even his personal reasons.

We have come through various situations like this. But most of the time we simply sit and wonder how to handle that situation (most of the time it happens if that problem is not related to you). Here we will see how we can handle this in a better, may be the best way.

Greet them with the smile, Treat them with the smile.

A smiling face can solve so many problems. A smile can go a Long Way to Heal and Change someone’s mood. If you are a telephony agent you may wonder how it is going to make an impact in your customer. But the fact is the customer can feel your smile even over the phone. That will make a big difference in your customer’s mood. You are not going to loose anything by smiling. Then why don’t you have a nice smile on your face always?

The GOLDEN Rule – Put your self into their shoes.

You are there to solve customers’ problem with CARE. So why don’t you put some effort in understanding their problem? If only then you can think of solving it. And also make the customer understand that you really care about his/her problem.

Find a real solution.

Analyze it. Find a few options. Enlighten them with the best and reasonable solution. Take the ownership of decision making or you can list down the options to the customers and ask them how they want you to solve it. He/she would be happy of both the way. But when you take the ownership, don’t force the customer to take it. Always make him/her understand that there are some other options also available but you are giving him the best one.

No problem without a solution.

First of all you should understand there aren’t any problems without a solution. Then make your customer believe in it. This brings confidence in your self.

Delight the customer.

Don’t always think of solving the problem by an instant or a temporary solution. We should focus on customer satisfaction. There are three types in customer satisfaction.

1. Dissatisfaction – Making an unhappy customer.

2. Happy – Making a happy customer.

3. Delight – Making a DELIGHTED customer.

Always focus on the third type of result. You can delight the customer simply by asking this question. “Is there anything else that I can help you Sir/Madame?”

Follow these simple rules in handling customers. You will be his/her favorite customer care person there onwards. Have a happy working day.


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 6 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      Hi, Vishaaa . . .I LOVE this hub! Very informative, helpful. Voted up and away. This is so strange, yet mysteriously-good. I replied to your comment on my hub about "10 Ways to Know You are Being Left Out," and left your invitation open to follow me, and the next message on my Yahoo messages were YOU following me. And I couldnt find a Contact Vishaaa button on your profile, so I combined the two...reading another great hub of yours and leaving YOU this Note of Thanks . . .A Special Hello to My New Creative Writer Friend, Vishaaa. I am GLAD that you are in my world. And pray that you will not be too bored with my hubs. Write me anytime. I love to hear about what my friends are doing.

      And now, YOUR Note of Thanks . . .I would like to offer YOU a SINCERE THANK YOU for following me. I am very new to Hubs. I TRULY VALUE my followers and I shall NOT take YOUR Warm Gesture for granted. Hopefully, my hubs will be educational, entertaining, a bit dramatic and many times funny. But NOT negative, abusive, or demeaning.

      If at any time my hubs offend or upset you, simply tell ME FIRST, and I will remedy the situation pronto.

      Again, THANK YOU! Sincerely, Kenneth.

      PS: Please feel free to send any tips, suggestions, information that you feel can benefit my writing abilities.

    • winepress profile image

      winepress 7 years ago

      Unfortunately this doesn't happen in most offices and I am mad at them.

      I have a few that I like.

    • ValveWrenches profile image

      ValveWrenches 7 years ago from Georgetown

      Customer service is not a job but a state of mind. If you can provide your customers w/ more than what they expected, they will return to you, over and over again. Delighting a customer will provide you with a great repeat customer, who will go out of there way to talk up a good experience w/ their friends and family.


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