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How to improve productivity of your team with a smile?

Updated on December 13, 2009
Improve productivity of your team
Improve productivity of your team

How to improve productivity with a smile?

Have you been facing a performance issue with your team lately? Then its definitely a cause for concern. The real solution to overcome your worries is to replace your frown from your face with an attractive smile. Even though it sounds a bit counterintuitive it works. It will bring good results.

Researches show that being nice to your employs has a great result on their productivity. The most important part is you being nice to your employs with a smile on your face. It pulls people towardsyou. It shows that you are approachable and caring. A smile is highly infectious, when you smile your employ smiles too. A smiling employ enjoy what they are doing and strive to work harder with their co-workers which result in more productivity. Along with the smile say or do something nice that brightens their day.

The attitude of managers in general is they go with the performance numbers and that they completely ignore positive attention to their employs. They seldom realize this may cause less production. It is a misconception that the more you control your team the harder they work. This will bring down productivity and shows that you don't trust your employs. As a result they will not put in their best efforts.

So if you want to increase the performance of your team focus more on the people than the numbers. Smiling and successful manager goes hand in hand. The following formula can help you to motivate your employs work hard and thus improve your productivity.

  • Make them realize that you have faith in their ability and you are one their side.
  • Understand their needs and problems and work accordingly.
  • Interact with your employs and work with them so that you can understand problems they undergo.
  • People desire highly for appreciation. So never hesitate to complement them for their good work done and always thank them for their hard work.
  • Consider the opinion of the employs on things that matters to them. This makes them feel that you are caring and they will help them give their 100 percent.
  • Even the toughest work can be turned into fun if you can introduce an bit of laughter and smile.

A smile on your face don't cost you anything but on the other hand it brings loads of benefits. This makes you a likable person and they will trust you. And when they trust you they will work harder for your. Happy employs are undoubtedly more productive. So, by keeping your frown away, smile your way to success.


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