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How To Make $200 for an Hour of Work

Updated on December 6, 2015

So I know, this sounds like a scam, but trust me, it's not! This is a simple and easy job, just copying some information across several different sites, and rewriting it in your own words.

What You Need.

So something like this usually requires special software or something right?

Well here, absolutely no strange software is needed at all. All you really need is a computer, a pay pal account, and an email account (and possibly a text document or something to write things on, but you can just do it through email).

What to do

All you need to do, as stated before, is search the web for a topic, jot down some notes, and send it to A minimum of 7,500 words is required for validation.


  • Must have at least 7,500 words (the more words though, the more you can make. For example 15,000 words can make you a maximum of $450).
  • Must be written clearly with little to no spelling mistakes (as long as it's understandable and readable)
  • Must be your own words (easiest way to do this is to write down notes as bullet points.)

Topic Suggestions

If you are having trouble thinking of a topic to write notes for, here are a few:

  • various diseases
  • Various animals and plants
  • How to guides (lose weight, get stronger, get a girlfriend, start a business, make a website, ect.)
  • Wars
  • History
  • Dinosaurs
  • biographies
  • write about your hobbies (cars, politics, ect.)

Pay and Ranks

So where does this money come from?

Well when you submit notes, they get turned into an eBook through editors and writers which will be sold. You will earn 50% of sales until the limit of money you can earn per notes is reached.

For example: if you were a bronze rank, you can make a maximum of $200 per notes, meaning after $400 dollars has been earned, you will get $200 and then that eBook is over. The other $200 goes to Jella inc. and the editors, publishers, writers, cover designers and anyone else who contributed during to the eBook process.

The ranks are as follows:

Bronze: starting rank - earn $200 an eBook

Silver: make a total of at least $750 - earn $450 an eBook

Gold: make a total of at least $1,500 - earn $750 an eBook

Diamond: make a total of at least $3.000 - earn 50% of each eBook for 2 years after it gets published.

You receive you payment through PayPal for every $50 you earn.

You can also earn more money per eBook through the following methods:

  • If it's a fiction book and the publishing team likes it enough, you will earn 50% of it's income for two years regardless of your rank
  • If it has 15,000 words you will earn a maximum of $450 (if you have bronze rank.) per eBook
  • If it has 30,000 words you will earn 50% of it's income for two years regardless of rank.

For questions and concerns, please contact us at or leave a comment down below.

How fair is the pay?

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