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How To Start An eBook Publishing Business By Making Theft Proof eBooks Quickly And Easily With eBook Pro!

Updated on March 30, 2012

How? By Tapping Into The World's Biggest Market Right Now....

Update News Re: eBook Pro

Please note due to a change in company ownership, the product eBook Pro is now NOT available via the links originally found on this page.

It's Never Too Late To Embark Upon a Career Change

Having worked in the public sector all my working life and recently reached the dreaded mid-40’s (a double whammy if ever there was one!) I have come to the conclusion that I am not really very happy with my job. However, being the eternal optimist I do believe that you get out of life what you put into it, and that it’s never too late to make changes and do something about the situation. After much soul searching, thought and deliberation I have decided this year to aim towards becoming self employed, within the arena of internet marketing. Now I agree that this is not very startling news for some, but absolutely groundbreaking, virgin territory for me, bearing in mind my employment history to date, i.e. molly-coddled and protected by the nanny state, this career change is totally out of my comfort zone but hey what the heck, in for a penny in for a pound.

The idea of running my own business and working from home I suppose greatly appeals to me because it represents the exact opposite of what I have had to endure these past 26 years – hopefully not being the reliable ‘put upon’ workhorse anymore; working less hours in the office; saying goodbye to all those hours stuck in traffic and more importantly having the opportunity to make ‘business’ decisions myself. I can’t tell you how important that last point really is for me. Being able to have full control over reaching an important business-related decision without having to then get the item through the barrier of a senior management team or consider what company policy states, sounds like heaven to me.

How Does A Beginner Start Internet Marketing?

But the burning question for me now is having made this momentous decision……..where on earth do you start when you are totally new to the field of internet marketing? So new in fact that you have never, ever sold or marketed anything in your life before and that includes on the world famous e-bay website!

Well, googling the words “internet marketing” is a good start. The search result alone brought up thousands upon thousands of websites on courses, strategies, forums, jobs, tips, experts and companies. I wasn’t stuck for choice and whilst you are doing your web browsing I would suggest that you start to keep records on all the websites you found useful and informative as these files will come in handy later on when you need to have the information at your fingertips. I had already formulated the idea that I wanted to sell information products over the internet at home because I didn’t want to have to do the following:-

A. Spend lots of money.

B. Rent office/shop space and furniture.

C. Employ loads of staff.

D. Deal face to face with customers.

E. Maintain loads of stock.

F. Have to post and package items.

eBook Pro Can Get Your Business Up and Running - Immediately!

After browsing through numerous websites, many of which were not worth the effort, I came across a gem with the Internet Marketing Centre. This website appealed to me because it was well established, sold courses for beginners in internet marketing, but also offered some wonderful products that I needed to purchase in order to set myself up selling information products such as e-books.

I have to say that I bought their product eBook Pro and it is a brilliant piece of kit. Whether you already have an existing e-book to sell or you are writing one from scratch, the whole process is driven by wizards that make it so easy to design, produce, and sell a professional and secure e-book on your website, even if you have no prior technical or design experience! Anyway, suffice to say E-Book Pro solved a lot of the worries that I had developed whilst researching for my new internet business, that is, how to create a “theft proof” ebook, especially important when I wanted to sell them on the internet.

Practice And Learn eBook Pro Techniques

After purchasing E-Book Pro I decided to test it on an e-book product that my partner and I had purchased through a home study course entitled " How to make money with iPhone applications". Although the I-Phone 3g applications e-book did not come with an exclusive licence (there are lots of other businesses out there selling exactly the same product) which therefore meant that the security aspect was not as important as say with an e-book that I might have written myself, I was eager to practice and try out my new e-book designing software on it.

Now, I have to say that the E-Book Pro system worked perfectly and I’m not just saying that to try and get you to buy it. For a start, I am not a trained designer, but the finished product, once I had copied and pasted my existing e-book (which was in Microsoft word format and looked passable) into one of the given templates really did look smart, easily navigable and professional. The whole software is dead simple to use anyway, if you have any problems the help facility (accessed by pressing the F1 button) is a very useful tool; as are the on-line video tutorials that are available with the product to guide you through the compiling process; there is also a customer support service as well. The slick automation of the purchasing process, right down to the allocation of unique usernames and passwords which are automatically sent out to your customers once they have purchased your e-book, enables your secure e-books to be bought at any time, any place and really you don’t have to be present at all during or after the sale…..wonderfully liberating!

The Importance of Viral eBooks Within Internet Marketing

Also worth a mention is the fact that the E-Book Pro system can do the exact opposite of compiling a secure e-book, that is, it can compile a viral e-book. Never heard of a viral e-book? Well, this is a very easy marketing ploy of getting potential customers by offering them something FREE! With E-Book Pro that inevitably means a 'viral' e-book, that is a ebook so information packed that potential customers will want to share it with all their friends and family and hence it becomes contagious and so spreads like wildfire. What better way to get the word out on the internet that you are now in business! Also, the beauty of E-Book Pro is that your viral ebook does not go to waste, for anybody who wants to read it has to register first, thereby creating you a healthy mailing list of future customers. If you want to see an example of a viral e-book I have recently compiled, please see my other hub How To Overcome Motorway Driving Fears.

Lessons Learnt and Don't Give Up!

Retrospectively, what I think has let me down with my new internet marketing e-book business is the fact that I had not really thought about generating sufficient traffic to my website in order to make that important sale (other than using classified ads in the local papers to guide customers directly to my website and product). So it’s back to the drawing board, internet marketing course and recently discovered HubPages for me with regards to actually marketing the product on the internet….you climb one mountain and think you’ve made it, but there are several more to go at before getting there……where ever “there” may be. Anyway got to go, another mountain beckons!


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