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How to make money by writing product reviews?

Updated on August 7, 2017

How to become a Product Reviewer

The internet is flooded by information on how to make money online. Most people try to find content writing jobs or survey filling jobs but many aren’t aware of writing product reviews. This is a genuine way of making money online by working in your spare time. Some people have even made a career out of product review writing as today’s marketing and businesses are mostly conducted online. A friend of mine who is an engineer started writing reviews for products in his domain viz, software and electronics some time ago. He is now a renowned product reviewer and is sought after by many firms.

Skills and Knowledge: No specialized qualification is required for a product reviewer. But he/she must possess thorough knowledge of the product he/she is reviewing. In some cases technical knowledge of the domain is required. In other cases, thorough knowledge of the product is required. For example, if you are reviewing food supplements, you should have thorough indepth knowledge of the subject- pros and cons of taking food supplements, content of the product, its quality when compared to its competitors etc. If you don’t have knowledge of a product, you can slowly built by researching the product on the internet and gaining substantial knowledge over a period of time.

Investment: One need not invest or buy anything to become a product review. Many folks wonder if the product reviewer should buy the product first. In reality, if you have good knowledge of the product and the subject domain, it’s more than enough. In some cases, the company itself will provide the products to the reviewer for free. For example, Amazon Vine program offers products to the product reviewer to test and review them.

How to write product review?

A product review should be attractive to the viewer/user and should provide a fair idea of the product. It’s not necessary that reviews should always be positive. Companies will accept negative reviews as well. So it’s not that you will be sidelined if you provide an honest review of a product. In most cases, the company seeking product product reviews are e-commerce stores and the product may be supplied by a vendor. So the company will make sure that the vendor supplies the right product. If they sell a sub-standard product it will be harmful to their reputation. Hence they seek product reviewers.

A product review must enlighten the below:

  1. Pros and cons of a product
  2. If the particular product is suitable for the prospective customer
  3. Quality of the product and its ease of use.
  4. Alternatives in the market
  5. Your final review of the product. Whether it’s a worthy buy or not

How much can one earn?

Well, it all depends on the time and effort you are willing to put in. You may have to work hard in the beginning. But once you establish yourself as a renowned writer/reviewer, then you can make some good money. Many people make over $1000 per month.

There are many ways of generating revenue. One way is to become a reviewer for a particular company and make money through their affiliate program. eBay, Amazon etc offer such programs. Secondly, some companies directly pay product reviewers based on the number of reviews they write each month.

Create your own website or blog

The best method is to create your own website or blog and write product reviews. This way you can bring maximum number of people to your site. Over a period of time, people will identify you as an established reviewer. If a new product is launched, people will flock to your website to find a genuine review of the product.

Some reviewers use blogs and free social networking sites like blogger, Hubpages etc to write product review blogs. is a better option as it provides more functionality and pages can be custom built. Web traffic is also better with wordpress.

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    • Shizette profile image

      Shizette 2 weeks ago

      Thanks for sharing, I write cooking blogs because I love to cook and share my knowledge, but I would also like people to be able to use the best ingredient for the recipe - and if it can be found on Amazon then that's even easier! I just don't quite know how to get started writing product reviews per say.

    • JvicIndia profile image

      John 5 months ago from India

      You can start with Hubpages to get a feel and experience about product review writing. If you write quality reviews, Hubpages will bring you good traffic. People will share their feedback with you. You can later write on multiple platforms

    • Reginald Thomas profile image

      Reginald Thomas 5 months ago from Connecticut

      Nicely done. I never thought about this area and now because off your article I am thinking about writing reviews. Can I do them on Hubpages or is it not worth it?

    • JvicIndia profile image

      John 7 months ago from India

      You are welcome

    • JvicIndia profile image

      John 7 months ago from India

      Thanks for commenting. Reviewing depends on your subject of interest and the knowledge that you have in the subject. For instance, you could review a simple product like a beauty product viz, fairness lotion

    • passionatelearnr profile image

      passionatelearnr 7 months ago

      Enjoyed reading it.But you did not mention how to select the right product to review.

      I'd like to start a product review site but which products i should review.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 7 months ago from New Delhi, India

      Excellent informative article !

      Your explanation about doing online product reviews and earning money in the process is very helpful and easy to understand.

      I understand that there are many opportunities to earn money online but this seems attractive. Of course one has to develop knowledge and expertise about this but that is true for any job.

      Thanks for sharing this information !

    • JvicIndia profile image

      John 7 months ago from India

      My new hub on online entrepreneurship above- Writing product reviews