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How To Make Money The Millionaires Way-Ross Perot

Updated on June 23, 2012

A Quick Way To Make A Million

There is no such thing as easy or quick money,if you want to make money it will be hard work that will get you to your goal of making money.

Like all great businessmen and entrepreneurs, Ross Perot is not only made a million he has made a billion.Perot realised early in his life that he was a good salesman and that he could make money.He realised the way to make your money was to start up your own business,and Perot was to be remembered for making fast money.

Ross Perot's own companies would eventually be bought out by one of the biggest US companies, Dell.

Ross Perot

Ross Perot

Born in 1930, he was the founder of Electronic Data Systems an also ran for US president in 1992 and1996.

Ross worked for his father,a cotton dealer and horse trainer when he was six years old. At 12 he worked out a deal with theTexarkarna Gazette by which he would determine a paper route in the City's mainly black slum area, and he would receive 70%. This he did on horseback, covering 20 miles a day and earning $40 a week.

Ross joined the US Naval Academy,and whilst serving on the aircraft carrier Leyte he was invited by an IBM executive to look him up after discharge.He began selling computers for IBM ,and in his fifth year sold his entire yearly quota by the end of January.

Perot was then promoted to the Dallas office and became convinced there was a market for a company that would design,operate and install processing systems.He left IBM aged 32,and with $1,000 savings, Electronic Data Systems was founded in 1962.

Electronic Data Systems was the first successful company that Perot formed, and was eventually bought by General Motors.

Perot did not rest on his laurels, he may have made a million, but he set up his next company,Perot Systems.

Perot's net worth is now thought to be over $3.5 billion.

More on Ross Perot

The huge Dell corporation bought Perot systems for over $3.9billion in 2009.

As well as his forays into politics, Perot has written many books on various subjects, including United We Stand, Not for Sale at Any Price and Save Your Job.

Ross Perot has consistently made the top 100 of Forbes rich list.

Perot is known for his generosity, in June 1996, he donated $23.5 million to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Research, as well as giving $1 million to the boy scouts of America


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