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Making Money The Millionaires Way-Bill Gates

Updated on July 1, 2012

Bill Gates

Bill Gates quickly became a millionaire. Today he is much more than that, he is one of the most famous and richest entrepreneurs in the world.Bill gates became a billionaire without hardly noticing, while he was making his millions his business grew very fast and so much so that his Microsoft corporation would have would have world domination.

Bill Gates- Millionaire

Born in 1955, Bill first became interested in computers in 1967 when he formed the Lakeside Programming group with three friends at his the private Lakeside school he attended.They were soon hooked and began rummaging through rubbish bins at the nearby Computer Centre Corporation (CCC),looking for scraps of paper left by programmers. Noticing their errors, they produced The Problem Report Manual and landed a job with CCC.They then set up their own company Traf-O-Data to sell a traffic monitoring program, and earned $20,000 in the first year.

In 1975 while at Harvard, Gates and his friend Paul Allen from the Lakeside Club, started designing software programs for the Altair 8800, the first commercially available microprocessor.Together they successfully adapted the computer language BASIC for the Altair 8800 even though they had never seen it first hand. The program was a success and became the industry standard for the next six years.

Gates dropped out of Harvard to set up Microsoft with Allen. The company was so successful he became a billionaire at 31,and today is worth over $40 billion.

The Great Bill Gates

Bill Gates Honours

  • Honorary KBE from the United Kingdom announced, 2004
  • Top 100 influential people in media, the Guardian, 2001
  • The Sunday Times power list, 1999
  • Upside Elite 100, Ranked 2nd, 1999
  • Top 50 Cyber Elite, TIME magazine, Ranked 1st, 1998

As typical of many of the top 50 wealthiest Americans, Bill & Melinda Gates have formed their own Foundation,the charitable organization has provided funds for minority college scholarships, AIDS preventionand, diseases that are destroying the third world. Gates and his wife donated $5 billion to their foundation, the largest single donation ever by living individuals. He plans to give away the most of his vast fortune throughout his lifetime.


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