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How to sell products from a Blog

Updated on February 12, 2011

When we sell in a blog, we must realize that one of the great advantages of this content management system, is that it allows a very simple form, upload content, audios, videos, without the need for a Webmaster do so. 

On the blog we promote our own products and services, but also can do it with third-party products. 

The main key to selling products or services through a blog, you have an issue directly related to what we are selling. That is, if we sell the products of another person, our blog should have a theme very clear of what we sell, it would be very difficult to have a blog of tourism and travel and try to sell things marketing. This would make the people who come to visit, go soon because he is not seeking such information. The important thing is to have a clear objective and concise statement of what the subject matter and audience we're going to spend. 

The great thing about blogs, is it possible to create and deliver content, are a magnet for people to come back and we can make follow-ups over time. 

Over time, we learn that when we write an article, do so with a marketing objective within generally are using the formula of intent, which is to allow people to visit the website selling the product. 

Marketing Global use a formula called "Present the problem, agitate the problem or exaggerating it, and then offer the solution", for example, one of the great problems of the entrepreneurs on the Internet, they can not generate traffic or have to be constantly generating traffic to their Web sites. 

With this problem, the next step is to present it, I exaggerate, and finally provide a solution in this case, the solution is the product or service that we recommend. 

This only got it done within the article a call to action, which is "Please click here for further" or "Read this article" or "Watch this video" or "Go directly to this page" . 

It is recommended that all items follow that formula, because if all our articles are focused on making calls to action, people are not finding solutions within the article, and quite possibly never again, they will say: "I was trying to sell all the time." 

In addition to sales in our blog can also have articles, reports, videos, audios ... in short, any content. The interesting thing about video is that today there are many platforms hosting free video such as YouTube and Telemundo Yahoo. 

We have a website that not only text, but rather fill it with videos, audios, with the possibility to interact, make comments, etc. 

It is important to note that the blog is our property, we can do whatever we want with it.


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