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How to use job sites in finding a right employment opportunity?

Updated on January 22, 2015

The task of finding a right job opportunity has now become easy to achieve. As the internet is paving way for this, it has been seen that a good number of people are now able to find a promising job opportunity through job sites.

Now from a corporate job, to mining job to retail job, it is quite feasible to find an impeccable employer who is scouting for the right candidates through top job sites in India. So, if you are searching for a job, you can easily go online and use the right job portal.

Over the past few years, using the internet as a resource to find jobs has become a fad. It is good to know that nowadays, quite a good number of employers have already found right candidates by harnessing the power of resume bank in the online world, before hosting an interview.

The good thing about most of these top job sites in India is that most of them are free. It means, you don't need to spend a penny and you can send your resume to thousand employers on mere mouse clicks. All you would require is register yourself on these job portals and after the registration, you can easily start searching for lucrative employment options.

By using these job sites, you will be sure to find the right job and employer for your career. Moreover, if you want to work only in the particular location, these job sites will come up with the job offers present in that location only.


Some of the benefits associated with job portals are-

  • Time and money saving technique- When you decide to upload your resume online, then you are actually saving your time and money. It is due to this reason that interested employers will be able to see your resume and will contact you if you have the requisite skills and qualifications. It means, you don't need to waste your time and money in going to an interview only to find out that the employer is not interested in hiring you.
  • Online recruitment is a fast process- You can upload your resume on job portals. If interested employers spot your resume then they will scrutinize it to ensure that it matches with the requirement. Once your resume got shortlisted, interested employers will contact you to advance in the recruitment act. Therefore, it becomes indispensable to put correct contact information in your resume so that employers can contact you.
  • Appear for walk-ins- The other benefit of uploading resume online is a chance to appear for Walk-ins. Usually, employers post walk-ins when they think there is an urgent need to fill the vacant post. When you upload your resume and apply for the job, you can just go to the location of the interview. The best thing about walk-in is that if you clear the interview, then you can actually get hired on the spot.
  • Relevant job postings- You might get turned off by the numerous job alerts which you get, particularly, when they are not relevant to your profile and experience. When you upload your resume then the system will automatically read fields of your resume to know your areas of interest and as a result, employers will contact you with suitable job offers and experience.

Do you know, online job portals allow you to search and apply jobs via mobile phones also? It means, you can apply for your job while on a go!

As you can see using job portals has its own benefit. You don't need to worry about your confidentiality, as these resumes always safeguard your information at any cost. Therefore, you should opt to use these job portals. When you do this, you allow employers to scrutinize your credentials and you don't even need to spend a dollar.

There are some drawbacks, also which are associated with job sites. However, most of these disadvantages are associated with the employers who have posted jobs on the site. The real problem is that they get overloaded with resumes. In one instance, I had a friend from HR who posted a single job vacancy of her company on the portal and within 8 hours of posting the job, she got over 4000 applications. She said now she had to go through these resumes in order to find the right candidates. Plus, most of the people that had applied for this job did not possess even minimum qualifications required for the job.

The next problem with these job sites is the competition that you are up against. There are thousands of people who have applied for the job post, for you which you have also applied and it becomes daunting to make sure that your resume stands out above all other things.

Mistakes to avoid when searching jobs online

Using the company's computer in job hunting
Focusing only on major job portals
Avoid reading job description before applying
Committing spelling or grammar mistakes in resume and cover letter
Using a generic resume
Applying for the same job from different job portals
Putting wrong information in resume
Applying for job positions you are not qualified for
Ignoring relevance of keywords in job search

Which job sites should you trust?

Most of us have seen the cases of personal identity theft, but when it comes to finding a right job, there is a certain amount of personal information that you need to share, even in the initial stage of applying for the job. Although, you might want to trust these top job websites in India, but you should know that all these are not same and by sharing your personal information, you could be actually inviting troubles for yourself.

You should always remember that no matter how desperately you want a job, you still need to act prudently before sharing your personal information, like mobile number, home address, company name, etc. While searching top job sites online, you should make sure that these have a proper track record and these have been around in the virtual world for a while. If required, you should go online and check reviews. If they are legitimate websites that offer jobs, you will surely find reviews about them.


Tips for a successful online job hunting

As easy job hunting has become in the virtual world, it can still create some problems. Below are some crucial tips that will ease online job searching-

  • Customize both your cover letter and resume= Avoid sending the same generic cover letter and resume to every employer. If you are applying to a particular job, then it is advised to tailor made your resume in accordance with it.
  • Avoid posting private information= It is not considered a right move to disclose your private information like your age, race or any other personal details in your resume or cover letter.
  • Avoid applying for same jobs twice= It is advised to keep a proper track of jobs which you have applied. You don't want to apply for the same job via different job websites because in that case, the employer will consider you as an impulsive and disorganized person.
  • Proofread your resume and cover letter= Before clicking 'send' button, make sure you have proofread both resume and cover letter in order to ensure that its free from any error. Remember, you can introduce yourself to the prospective employers only through these two documents, therefore, it is important to leave a good impression.

What else job portals offer?

What do you think?

The best way to find a jobs is-

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Apart from helping you in finding good job offers that you might not be able to find anywhere else, these job sites can help you in redesigning your resume and making sure that it always remain up to date. These sites help in carving proper resumes in accordance to the requirements of the job. One of the biggest benefits of these job sites is that you can simply avoid employers or certain companies, if you don't want them to see your resume. You only need to block them and they won't be able to see your resume. Many top job sites in India impart interview and resume writing tips as well as job searching tips. These websites also provide career tests that will help you in knowing which job opportunity would prove to be right for you and these portals also provide relevant services to help you in the career planning. By playing your cards right, you allow employers to knock on your door, instead of the other way around.


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