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How to win money with AlertPay and MoneyBookers.

Updated on December 4, 2009

Win money with AlertPay and Moneybookers

I already spoke here about how you can win money with paypal using the affiliate program of paypal and now I go to speak about how you can win money with AlertPay and Moneybookers, two other systems of online payments.


The AlertPay pays $5 for each member that sign up through our link until the tenth member. From the tenth member we pass to receive $10 for each person that sign up using our link since it meet the following rules:

· The members have to open one Personal Pro or Business account and to send/receive at least $250;

· The records that use the same IP are not valid.

We receive the bonus in our account ten days after the referred meet the requirements.


On Moneybookers the value that we receive is not sure like happens on AlertPay. In this case we receive 30% of the value charged in the fees by them.

In each payment that is made there is a fee of 1% of the value paid until 50 cent maximum for each transfer, it means that we receive until 15 cent for transfer made by members that have registered for us. When we receive money no fee is charged. Moreover there is a fee that is charged when we transfer the money for our account or when we want a check with the value that we have there. If we want transfer the money we pay €1.8 of fee (we receive 54 cent) or €3.5 if we want by check (we receive little then €1).

There is other different fee for merchant services and webmasters that depends of the value traded.

The payments of this bonus they are made every day in our account. In this case there is other way for we collect referred that not the traditional way, through our link. We have to the hypothesis to send a payment to someone that is not already registered on Moneybookers and that person stay like our referred when he do the register for accept the payment. Beyond these two options we have other one: a member that had been registered but had not already been referred for no one can stay like was invited for us and for that we just need to go to the link “who referred you?” and to put our identification but this option is just available 14 days after register.

These two programs have different configurations and can give different output. If with Moneybookers we start to receive after the first payment with Alertpay our referred have to meet some of the requirements before receiving.

These online payment systems are more insurance then paypal in some part. One of the problems of paypal is that who pays after deliver the work can ask one refund and we stay without money. In these two doesn´t exist this option and if we receive the money no one can take of us. But anything like you experiment for you see which you like more.


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