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"How To Write Email Autoresponder Campaigns That People ACTUALLY Read!"

Updated on July 24, 2014

Proven! Tested! It Works!

Writing email autoresponder marketing copy is an art form.

Before you can whistle "Dixie" a professional autoresponder copywriter is able to convince you to reach for your wallet and buy something you could certainly use.

At the same time, your purchase is also something you could have lived without.

So how do these autoresponder pros work their wizardry?

Like all great copywriting, a winning autoresponder email has a subject line so well-crafted, it pops off the screen, grabs you by the throat and says, "Read ME!"

Think of the ton of emails you receive every day, then picture the 99% you delete without opening.

You chunk those 'lost forever emails' for one reason: The headline sucks!

An autoresponder pro works long hours devising that overwhelmingly convincing headline. HShe knows if the reader is not prompted to open that email, the inside copy will not be seen or read.

How important is the subject line or headline?

"On the average, 5 times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy. It follows that, unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90% of your money. "

-- David Ogilvy, world famous advertising executive, best-selling author of the most influential books on advertising Confessions of an Advertising Man , and Ogilvy on Advertising.

"You're not good enough!"

There's a method to my madness in the main image you see at the top of this hub.
Those words, "you're not good enough", became one email headline for a mid-sized business' autoresponder campaign.

Would those 3 words and 1 contraction, "you're not good enough", appeal to emotions of pride, anger... maybe greed, strong enough to make you read the meaning of that insult?

I think it would, or I would never have used it.

Following is the email copy:

SUBJECT LINE: You're not good enough

Hey there, (fill in name), Joe Bleaux here from (business name)

I ran into an old buddy yesterday. We attended the same high
school and we both played on the baseball team.

I remembered how good this guy was at putting lumber to a baseball.
Big and strong at 6'4" and packing 220 pounds of solid, natural muscle,
he launched many horsehide-covered spheroids into the next galaxy.

This teammate earned all-conference honors all 3 years we played high school baseball.
During our conversation we remembered that
fact among many others we shared in those 'good old days'.

But one story was re-told that, to this day, was so shocking it's almost unbelievable.

In our day, when the high school baseball season ended, the city leagues began.
City leagues required a try-out every year. It didn't matter if you averaged .480 and hit 20 home runs in high school or if you once played for the Houston Astros. Try-outs were mandatory.

One year, we both vied for a spot on the city league roster.

I made the cut: My friend did not.

He was stunned; I was amazed!

Try to imagine this surreal outcome. My friend was a shoo-in for the city leagues.
His local, kingly reputation preceded him much like
the Sultan of Swat - the late, great Babe Ruth. His stats were the stuff of legend
and his talent God-given. To this day, I will never understand that decision.

Two weeks into city league practices and games,
I realized that I had lost touch with my buddy.
I reasoned he forgot about the incident and maybe was out of town
or just hanging out with other friends.

Was I 100% wrong on that assumption!

I will never forget what happened next.

Our practice field was only accessible by driving down a long, loose-rock road.
While my team was practicing on a sultry summer day, I saw a dusty trail made by a metal-flaked, deep green, '57 Chevy chugging its way down that bumpy road to our field of dreams.
I immediately identified the driver as my buddy.

He braked, came to a stop and abruptly prowled straight to the field.
His pace quickened as he approached our coach who was on the mound
throwing batting practice.

"I want to know why I didn't make this team," my friend demanded.
Our coach didn't say a word... he just kept chunking baseballs - one after another.
My friend was, at this point, civil.

But the one-way conversation took a heated turn when my buddy
shifted a bit closer and repeated the question
(this time sprinkled with a bit more color in his choice of words.)

Finally, our "coach" halted his pitching duty and calmly gave
tongue to the following... "Because you're not good enough."

My friend could not say a word.

With head drooped, he slowly slithered back to that rich green Chevy and drove away.

So what about you? I'll bet you've experienced unfair rejection... times when
you should have made that sale, ran a successful business or a time
when you poured your heart, soul, fortune, blood, sweat and tears into a
web site that never converted as you expected.

Remember the self-talk of "you're not good enough?"

C'mon, you can admit it. That feeling was dreadful and it affected your life in a negative way.

Now, let me ask you one question... How would you like to step up to the Internet plate again; this time, armed with the knowledge you will hit it out of the park?

(business name) can make that happen!

We've been coaching Internet marketers with solid fundamentals,
providing up-to-date information that sets them on a path to
become marketing All-Stars for many years.

By the way, we don't believe you're not good enough.
We believe you just haven't found the right coaching... yet!

It's your turn at bat. Step up to that plate with supreme confidence;
that self-confident assurance only (business name) supplies.

END OF EMAIL #6 Copyright 2011 James Ranka

My autoresponder system

The above autoresponder email is one that should be used deep into the campaign. You must build some trust, and that takes time.

Keeping that in mind, your first message should be 60% shorter than the one you just read and it should contain a short intro of who you are, what you offer and how they can contact you... that's it!

An email autoresponder campaign is NOT a sprint; it's a 5 mile run, so pace your writing accordingly.

Did you notice that I used two completely different subject areas? In fact, I didn't even mention the product benefits or the product for that matter—until the end.

This is a technique that immediately removes the fear of "they are trying to sell me on something." This method also helps to build trust throughout your campaign.

Did you also catch colorful phrases like, "deep green, metal-flaked '57 Chevy" or "Big and strong at 6'4" and packing 220 pounds of solid, natural muscle,
he launched many horsehide-covered spheroids into the next galaxy"?

Every good story writer uses this technique. Colorful writing keeps interest and leads the reader down the road he or she wishes to take them. Use colorful words and phrases often!

This particular autoresponder E-mail has a Flesch Reading Ease of 68.8 where a figure of 0 is very difficult to read and 100 is very easy to read. Aim to have a readability score around 60 to 70.

My Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level is graded 6.3.

Flesch-Kincaid provides a rating that is equivalent to US grade-school levels, e.g. a score of 7.0 means that a typical seventh grade student (about 12 years old) should be able to understand the autoresponder E-mail. My score of 6.3 is just right... NEVER score above 7.0!

All of these figures came from the free software program XMailWrite. This cool software analyzes your finished autoresponder email and shows your scores in many different and very useful metrics. If you are serious about autoresponder E-mail copywriting, this program is a must. It will save you many times over!

Email autoresponder software

I basically use only 2 software programs for my email autoresponder copywriting activities. MS Word (available everywhere!), and Grammerly. Grammerly is great for checking grammer, but I don't always go with their suggestions because this is not formal writing.

Read my hub, "The Secret to writing good SEO website copy", indexed #1 in Google for over 8 months, for tips on copywriting style.

Finally, invest in a very good thesaurus. I use The Synonym Finder by J.I. Rodale available online at Amazon and others.



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