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How to Write a Fake Doctors Excuse

Updated on March 22, 2013

Calling Into Work Sick

Thinking about calling into work sick.
Thinking about calling into work sick. | Source


If your employer or school teacher requires you to present a doctor's excuse after calling into work sick.

You should be aware of the legal issues surrounding writing a face doctors note. .

Learn what the consequences could be for writing a fake doctor's note if you get caught


One time or another everyone calls into work sick. Some employment requires you to bring a doctors excuse to work.

What do you do if you really didn’t have a doctors appointment? The answer never lie about having a doctors appointment in the first place.

How can your employer expect a doctor's note if you never claimed to have gone to the doctors? If you already lied about having a doctors appointment. If you don’t want to get fired and you are wondering what you should do.

Here are some suggestions: If you really didn’t have nothing to do call your supervisor if you are in fear of losing your job. You can say your doctor's office called due to the doctor being injured they canceled your appointment.

You can also call your doctor's office and just simply ask for a doctors excuse. I am sure your doctor does not want you to get fired. Besides I am sure he/she has played hooky a time or two.

You can also go to one of these free clinics that is a walk in clinic. Tell them you were there earlier and you forgot your doctor's note. They usually have pre-written doctors' notes.

I know this is not the most honest thing but you cannot turn back time. If you're facing losing your job you may not have a choice.

In this situation honesty at this point may get you fired.

Warning in some states faking a doctor's note is a felony so don’t do it. It is considered fraud to write a fake doctor's note.

How to Call in Sick when You Just Need a Day Off

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How to Choose Reliable Doctors Note Form

If you choose to download a doctor's note you can do so now. Read the site before you download the form.

Doctors Notes at Work Place

Read this forum before you decide to write a fake note from your doctor. People like me and you write about whether or not if its legal for an employer to require a doctor's note. You will see what is not allowed on doctors' notes because of privacy rights.

Employers Generally Cannot Require Reasons for Sick Leave

National Consumers League

Pay close attention to #5 It says basically your health care provider cannot disclose any of your health information to employers.


How to Write a Thank You Note to Your Doctor

Your doctor is one of the most important people in your life. You doctors is there when you need them the most. So you should show your appreciation in a personal way. Writing a thank you note not only makes your doctor feel appreciated but he can use your note for a reference if he was looking for employment. He can also display your note for patients to see.

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    • onetouchnewlife profile image

      Albert Kivak 5 years ago from Cemetary

      Thank you for the advice. Although, this is something I don't condone, I do believe it will be helpful in the future... in one of my stories.