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I didn't get fired, but I don't think I should go back

Updated on December 23, 2011

My boss lied on my performance review, go figure

Well, I had my performance review and my boss lied. This is not front page news. Apparently, they lie all the time, lie like a rug. But this seemed so different and personal. This boss just wants to get rid of me, but he did it in a low down way. Not slick, not sneaky, just an insecure bully who is also a coward and I cannot change the fact that he does not want to work with me.

The boss, let's call him Boss-Man or BM, well, BM is a coward. He found a way to lie on my review and the gist of it is that he claimed that the other employees in the office did not like me, so he felt justified in attempting to fire me. Since when does the opinion of everyone else in the office matter whether a person is fired or hired? Unless it is the situation of a family business (which this is not), then what do I care about the other people in the office's opinion? BM showed his true colors in the meeting by ranting and raving about all of the gossip he heard about me. This is incredible. No, really incredible. Can anyone be this ignorant of how to perform a proper review and assessment of an employee?

Remember I said "fire" well, BM did not fire me. He only wanted to make it uncomfortable enough for me to slink away and leave on my own. I did not leave. I also realize he has the authority of an inch worm (nothing against inch worms) and could not fire me. His intention was to humiliate me, which did not work. He is stupid enough to think that just because some type of garbage comes out of his mouth - that it is true. Well, it is not true and he has never understood how relationships work. Go figure.

BM has not had any training as a manager or in personnel matters. He took it upon himself to open his mouth and insert his own foot inside. After flailing his arms around and gesturing wildly for 40 minutes, he asked me to sign the form of the performance review. Okay, sure, seems like a great idea, Not. He even got his wife on the telephone to further try to berate, belittle and humiliate himself. Yes, it was humiliating to himself, not to me (as was their plan). I have gossip about him from the office he came from, and it is way too juicy to waste it on him (No problem that he has a feminine aura, big problem that he is a bully and puts down others to build himself up).

He is also no saint, we will leave it as this. He also is potentially a closet racist. It does take all kinds. I sat in the chair too long. I needed to leave as soon as I saw the signs that he was sour milk. What I did do right was started interviewing and that did make me feel volumes better.

You can leave a comment if this has happened to you. If you are the office bully, don't bother commenting here, go admire yourself in the mirror instead.


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