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IPhone App Marketing

Updated on December 9, 2010

I created the article because I want to share my thoughts on how to market the IPhone application. The process below works perfectly fine for me and I hope it will help you to promote your IPhone application.

Ad Word Tool


Step 1: Select the Niche

I want to create ‘Calorie Counter for IPhone’ application. First thing I need to consider is the number of users that will use the application. To get information on the number of users I

  1. Go to ‘Keyword Tool’ in Ad Words.
  2. Enter ‘iphone calorie counter’.
  3. The number returned by Ad Words is 320 users:
  4. Now I need to determine the number of users to who will come to the IPhone Calorie Counter site.

To get the required data I use the list below:

  • #1 Position In Search Results
    42% of clicks
  • #2 Position In Search Results
    12% of clicks
  • #3 Position In Search Results
    8% of clicks
  • #4 Position In Search Results
    6% of clicks
  • #5 Position In Search Results
    5% of clicks
  • #6 Position In Search Results
    4% of clicks
  • #7 Position In Search Results
    3% of clicks

The table basically means the following

42% percent of all users who enter ‘IPhone Calorie Counter’ clicks the first SERP. 12% click the second. And so on. So the users number can be calculated as:

320 (overall number of users per month) * 42% = 134 users per month


Step 2: Check the Competition

The next step I usually perform is following

  1. I start Keyword Analysis Research tool.
  2. Enter ‘IPhone calorie counter’ keywords
  3. The following table appears:

The application retrieves the following parameters:

  • Page Rank
  • Backlinks number.
  • Keywords in URL
  • Keywords in Title

The number of green squares is very large which means that the there is no a large number of competitors in the preferred niche.

Step 3: Sell The Prototype.

To start selling the prototype I:

  1. Purchase the domain with the keywords in the domain name (for example
  2. In order to maintain the content I install Word Press application and purchase one of the Word Press themes.
  3. I install Google Analytics.
  4. I create Google Ads account and create the ads that appear in case users enters IPhone Calorie Counter’ keywords.
  5. Incorporate very clear call-to-action buttons (like ‘Purchase Now’) in the pages.


Step 4: Promote the Site

Then I re-utilize the approaches that work fine for my competitors

  1. I start Keyword Research Analysis tool, select a competitor and click ‘analyze links’.
  2. The list above contains the list of competitors’ pages.
  3. I would contact site administrators then and ask them to incorporate the links to my pages. (I might also propose them to create the guest posts for their blogs)
  4. Then I start monitoring the progress by using Google SERP Checker application. It works well at the early stages of SEO process when it is not clear what is the position of you site in search results.

I monitor the following keywords at the screenshot above:

  • Iphone Calorie Counter
  • Iphone Diet
  • Calorie Counter


The process of marketing can be very clear if you already have a sequence of steps that worked well previously. My steps are above. What are yours?

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