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Impressions from My Ten-day Social Media Fast Part III

Updated on October 20, 2018
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Ruth Kongaika was born in the Rocky Mountains and has lived most of her life in the South Pacific. She travels, gardens and writes.

You can do it, Grandma!
You can do it, Grandma! | Source

Fourth Day of Social Media Fast

This will be my most difficult day so far because my favorite shows are on tonight. I have watched Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away With Murder since their premiers some years ago. These are the movies I try to hide from my granddaughter because of their negative influences. I am making a pact with myself that I will not catch up or continue to watch these two shows since they are not uplifting or even moral in any respect.

I woke up from a disturbing dream. I haven’t had any since the social media fast began. I dreamt that I was still working where I used to work, but they were hiring someone new to replace me behind my back. Hey, I’m retired!

Then I listened to the radio for a short while because I heard the market had a dive yesterday. Also, things with China are not good right now. I have a friend whose parents and sister live there and she is so worried. It is difficult to cut yourself from all outside media influences when you are used to listening to or watching them every day. I felt uninformed, but yet more peaceful without all the noise.

I prepared for my tutoring classes this evening. I have four students on level 10, which means they are quite advanced. It should be fun! Maybe I should go out and work in the yard to keep me from viewing “my old shows”. More exercise - that is what I need.

A picture I took before social media became a "thing". (A bee sting allergy)
A picture I took before social media became a "thing". (A bee sting allergy) | Source

Fifth Day of Social Media Fast

Halfway through! So far, so good. Only a couple glimpses of social media, usually on accident (not intentional). I think I can do it, I think I can do it! Now, I know if I had to go “cold turkey” off of social media, it would be a different story. Maybe this is a practice for that time! Not too long ago there was not such a thing as social media. It seems ingrained in the lives of so many now and my grandchildren are being raised with it.

My elderly father has not become addicted to social media, but he is very addicted to the newspaper. I cannot remember a time (including Sundays) when he read the newspaper nearly cover to cover (except the sports pages). Also, he is addicted to Dr. Phil on NBC and the news at 6:00 and 10:00. He was forced to give up his land line phone and given a smartphone instead. He only knows how to answer the iPhone or make a call. That’s good!

Today I am writing articles for I write two or three articles for them a month. They don’t pay much, but it is fun and I learn so much. I also dabbled a bit in my art, oil painting, and acrylic pouring. Tonight we are going to a Tongan traditional function for my husband's dear cousin, Leola who passed away a year ago from breast cancer in her 40s. It is a time to remember her and then “get on with life”.

We had a good time at Leola’s one year anniversary since her death. They officially gave him permission to get married again. They have two children that need a mother. The food was the best part of it since it was held in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Yum. We sat by Isi’s sister, Sandy. I was in a lot of pain (my back) and I also have a sore throat. Thank you, Lord for pain pills.

Sixth Day of Social Media Fast

Kept getting beeps on my iPad. It turned out to be Jake and his family who traveled to Oregon to get a table Mandy’s uncle made for them out of wood. They were on a two-mile hike from Oregon to the border of Washington. Good exercise! Joel and Liana came in on the conversation. Hope Marco Polo is not social media??? It is just a great way to communicate for free and actually see each other.

I tutored English again tonight. It was fun and interesting. During one LVP (demo) a little girl named Lily would not stay still and would run around her house - ran to her room and slammed the door. Her parents wanted her to take English lessons much more than she did. After trying very hard to capture her attention, I got her to respond for about a minute before she ran again around her house. The agent came on to let me know that “the potential client does not have time for her demo at this time.” She is definitely not ready!

After tutoring, I read my scriptures and marked references to Christ, Lord, God, and Jesus. I was not able to find as many since most of the text was about the wars. I know that every day we are on this earth in our mortal bodies, we are in a war between two forces. Perhaps that is why there is so much about wars in the Book of Mormon. We need to find stratagems that help us thwart the influences of the evil one. I finished Alma. Now on to Helaman.

If you are interested in more of my impressions during the ten-day fast, go here.

© 2018 Elayne


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