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Increase Business Sales with Video Marketing

Updated on August 21, 2013
Video Marketing - Newest Marketing Trend
Video Marketing - Newest Marketing Trend

Any Online Marketer's Dream

Dream of any Online Business Owner is to increase their traffic and sales as much as possible. And if you are one of them, and if you haven’t already figured this out, the Hottest Marketing Strategy in Action for any online business is the Properly targeted Usage of Online Marketing Videos. This marketing strategy has proven its worthiness by bringing in an exceptional traffic to every business website it has been used of. Now I don’t think I have to explain what ‘more traffic’ means right? So if you haven’t already taken the benefit of this Video Marketing Strategy, today I will show you how to use it with your business, and make your sales and traffic boost sky high!

Benefits of Video Marketing

Since by using a video, you can use both audio and video benefits in order to market your product. The process of Online video marketing will generate huge interest among your site's visitors and in the end, convince them to buy your product. If you have any doubt about the popularity of videos used for marketing reasons, just visit video portals like, or Dailymotion. By seeing the immense success that these sites have achieved within a very short time period, you will realize that Online Video Marketing is the Best Online Marketing Strategy everyone use in promoting purposes and increase their sales.

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Let the Customers 'Feel' Your Product

If your business involves deals in products, it would be extremely effective for your online sales if you can post videos of experts giving demonstrations of those products. This way, the customers will have a better chance to know the benefits of your products, simply by watching those videos. You will realize that they provide much better service than a simple explanation done using texts or images. If you can plan your videos to generate the required tempo for the product, online videos can be used as a very lively marketing strategy to market products of any type. Products like various medicines, software and electric goods, which customers would seek for prior testimonials are mainly marketed in this way.

Online Video Marketing - Best Business Marketing Strategy for Your Online Business
Online Video Marketing - Best Business Marketing Strategy for Your Online Business

Basic Marketing Video Types

When it comes to video marketing, there are Three Ways which online videos are mostly used.

  • Mail the video which features your product directly to your targeted customer and manipulate him/her to buy it.

  • Provide a well prepared informative video of your product to anyone who request for a deeper look at your product after getting interested by watching a mini clip you have already posted online.

  • Provide the video as a motivation to buy a specific product from you, along with any another product that the customer already bought.

And when it comes to preparing such videos, either you can decide to outsource it by hiring someone else to produce the best video for your product or you can simply prepare it by your own, using any video composing software available online or offline (software like Movie Maker, Camtasia or any Screen Recorder can be used for this purpose)

Watch This & Learn How You Can Make a Marketing Video

Increase Your Traffic - Increase Your Sales
Increase Your Traffic - Increase Your Sales

Video Marketing to Increase Your Traffic

If you are thinking to use Video Marketing only to generate more traffic for your Business Site, you should post your short video clips in portals like, or DailyMotion, which are the most famous of video portals online getting millions of hits each day. You can also use subtitles in different languages to grab a wider audience for your product and simply drive them to your site using a direct link posted with the video. And when preparing these short clips, make sure not to provide them complete details of the product, rather make them interested and force them to click that link directing to your site.

Learn How to Add a Watermark to Your Videos Using Movie Maker

Expose Videos to a Large Audience

And as a viral marketing strategy, you can even let others to use your videos on their website which would provide more exposure for your product. If you prefer this type of video marketing strategy, make sure to brand all your produced videos with your domain name, which would prohibit other users from misusing your hard work for their advantage. You can keep exposing your videos to a large audience by placing links to them in forums, blogs, and in social site which will probably lead to increase traffic for your business site and eventually result in more sales

Product Testimonial Example - Learn How it's Done

Give them Real Evidence... Gain their Trust!

Developing “How to” videos is a great strategy which most of the video marketers use more often to sell their products. “How to” videos are enormously beneficial if you are selling a product which you want to make your customers evidence its usefulness in real life situations. This way, they will understand the worthiness of buying that product, and help you to keep a higher demand for that product. As I mentioned earlier, not only expert demonstrations, you can even provide video testimonials from your previous satisfied customers who already bought your products, guaranteeing the quality of your product and your credibility to the new customers. This method is extremely beneficial since new customers will tend to buy your product without any hesitation after hearing the feedback from those previous buyers.

Plan Wisely and Gain Maximum Return
Plan Wisely and Gain Maximum Return

Be Wise and Plan Right

Like I said before, Posting online Videos and Conducting a Perfect Video Marketing Strategy on your products is the best way to build your Online Business Empire in present. This is also the most commonly used marketing strategy followed by all Online Business Personnel and has become the new trend in Online Marketing Field. But it’s you who should use it wisely, producing better videos and providing perfect exposure to them among your customers. Using it right will end up opening vast opportunities for your business and start bringing huge profits in no time!

Disclaimer: All the videos displayed on this page belong to their respective uploaders and shared for informational purposes only.

© 2013 ~Pan Tak~


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