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India Study Channel Learn to Earn Cash and Revenue Vs Hubpages Earning from Hubs

Updated on September 7, 2016

Learn to Earn and Earn to learn at InidaStudyChannel


How to earn Cash at ISC

How to get paid at :

  • Members can contribute content in Forums, Ask experts, Resources, Question Papers, Jobs, Universities, Colleges and earn cash credits which are announced by the site administrators, webmasters and a dedicated team of editor. You can daily see the accumulated Cash credits on your dashboard account at ISC.
  • In addition to the above referral cash credits are paid to the members and if their referred members get upgraded to Silver, Gold, Diamond or Platinum Level the members, who had referred those members, will get the cash credit as per transparent guidelines.
  • Maximum remuneration in the shape of cash credit is paid for writing articles in resources sections as we do here at HubPages by publishing a hub.

Major Publishing Guidelines:

  • No duplicate or copied content is allowed to be published at IndiaStudyChannel.
  • No violation of copyright laws is permitted and every article passes through manual stringent quality control parameters.
  • Various contests are held to award Member of the Week or Member of the Month awards in addition to many other awards with handsome cash credit points paid to the members through their Bank account.

Earning through Adsense Revenue Sharing:

  • Site allows 90% of Google Adsense Revenue by displaying Adsense ads in the pages of the members. Such 90% share is directly paid by the Google in members' adsense connected Bank account directly. The adsense revenue tracking and all payment transactions are carried out by Google directly, which ensures that you are participating in a genuine adsense revenue sharing site.
  • Sum total of Cash Credits th + cash earned out of awards and contests along with even revenue share out of remaining 10% adsense revenue is also shared among active members.
  • For new members the site editors/webmasters facilitate approval of their adsense account by Google Adsense.
  • Existing Adsense publisher can associate their existing adsense account within Google Adsense TOC and start earning revenue from the day one.
  • One adsense publisher can associate his/her adsense account with any number of adsense revenue sharing sites within an overall limit of 500 URL and within the Google Adsense TOC.


  • Any violation of content posting guidelines at IndiaStudyChannel can result into closure of the account and any violation of Google Adsense TOC, including motivated clicking of adsense ads, can cause the adsense account to be disapproved at the sole discretion of the Google.

© 2013 Ashok Goyal


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    • wqaindia profile image

      Ashok Goyal 3 years ago from 448 Dalima Vihar Rajpura 140401 Punjab India

      I am already a Diamond Level member at ISC. I have not only earned but also learnt to launch similar not only to IndiaStudyChannel but also a mix of ISC and HubPages.

    • profile image

      Raju 3 years ago

      Yes Indiastudychannel is a genuine site. However you need not expect miracles in short time. If you are consistent in quality and quantity, you can have some steady earnings. Ad sense earning depends on your abilities to have good traffic giving topics and articles.

    • profile image

      Sultan Mustaffijul Hoque 4 years ago

      I've received payments...check my profile-

    • profile image

      Mani 4 years ago

      Is there any one who got paid if yes then please mention it on comment ..I am interested .

    • profile image

      lokeshsaini 4 years ago

      for latest current affairs for various competitive exams

    • wqaindia profile image

      Ashok Goyal 5 years ago from 448 Dalima Vihar Rajpura 140401 Punjab India

      Thanks , tell friends.

    • webquestionanswer profile image

      Neha Goyal 5 years ago from Rajpura 140401 Punjab India

      I was in search of such an educational site to supplement my income while contributing on the web. Thanks for the information !