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Infinity 100 - Discover The Facts

Updated on April 14, 2010

Infinity 100 - Worth The Investment?

Infinity 100 – Is this program really the right investment for you? Other opportunities present a great comp plan and super cheap start ups… but once you’re in, you're blindsided with additional product purchases and marketing expenses.

Lets take a look at the start up costs for Infinity 100... AND what it would take to PROPERLY market your business?

Having an advertising budget for your Infinity 100 business, or ANY business for that matter, is a major concern for most entrepreneurs. The world of internet marketing can be incredibly lucrative, but it can also be costly if you don’t know what you’re doing. When I first made the move, and started to use the pwer of the Internet to effectively run my businesses, I spent thousands of dollars and countless sleepless nights trying to crack the code. In the beginning, I was looking for the fastest and "most advanced" (in other words, costly) tools I could get my hands on. Huge mistake.

When you’re getting started with your Infinity 100 business, or ANY online business for that matter, we have come to find that it is best to use the free methods of advertising first, which will in turn help you establish a web presence. Article marketing, video marketing, Squidoo lenses, Facebook pages, etc are all free and will help you establish your online presence. There’s a bit of a science to using these methods, though. And this is where our exclusive Infinity 100 Team Training and Resource Sites come into play.

Once you start to see some income from implementing our Infinity 100 team training, then you can decide to invest in paid advertising to further expand your business. You’ll want to be careful how and where you invest, so that you don’t end up throwing your profits away. This is also covered in our exclusive free team training.

How much will it cost to get started with Infinity 100?

The only mandatory cost for joining Infinity 100 is $100. This single start up cost will give you full access to your Infinity 100 account, your replicated Infinity 100 web site, and put you in a position to earn money from the program.

But what other costs will you encounter after joining Infinity 100?

The following aren’t necessary, but I highly recommend them:

Domain Name: $10 annually

Hosting: around $7 a month

Autoresponder: Get started for $1

In my opinion, these 3 products are the foundation for ANY online business. Company replicated sites simply just don’t work these days. You have to stand apart from the competition. Discover how our exclusive Infinity 100 Team Training site will guide you step by step, detailing the exact action steps required to achieve true success with Infinity 100 by visiting the link at the bottom of this article.

Is Infinity 100 worth the Investment?

Is $100 (Infinity 100) + $18 (domain, hosting, autoresponder) worth the investment of owing your own fully functional online business? Only you can answer that question. But consider the following while you ponder:

Are you ready to make a change, and gain a primary or additional stream of residual income?

Do you have the drive and ambition to make the change?

Are you willing to take the necessary actions to follow through with your decision to make a change?

Are you willing to sacrifice less than the cost of a night out to start your own business, an investment you can profit from, if you apply the effort, for the long-term?

These could be the determining factors in whether or not you are ready to start any business...

If you’re ready,

A Complete Infinity 100 Review

Infinity 100

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