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Insurance Companies are SCAMS

Updated on July 1, 2010

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I will start off by telling you my story. On June the 11th, 2008 I was injuried at work. No big deal right! That was what I thought. Your covered under insurance, you go to the doctor, they fix you up and you go back to work. All is good you have been told, your covered by the insurance companies.

I went to the doctor after having been in so much pain that I fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion after 3 in the morning. I am a landscaper and had worked hard the day before so I should have fallen asleep around 9 or 10 pm, which was the norm for me.

Oh yes this was a workmans compensation injury, so I had to call several doctors to see if they would see me. I finally found one about 30 minutes from where I lived. After spending a painful drive to the Urgent Care in Waimea, Hawaii I was greeted by a Dr. Fogel who rolled her eyes at me and asked where I was going with this. Granted I had thus far only mentioned back pain and she was telling me how I could not live off disability and how this office did not believe in perscribing drugs to treat peoples pain.

I am including a picture of myself so you can see how I look. I have always kept this style of look. I was dressed for work because I was there just to get checked out, get a doctors release to return to work, which is a requirement.

By the time I was through everything my work day was over so I returned home with the release in hand for the next day.

I went back to work and managed to work 2 weeks. Each day got worse for the pain level. By the end of the 2nd week I was biting peoples heads. I was in tremendous pain. I have worked all my life and been very active throughout it also.

I called the insurance company and told them I wanted another doctor to take a look at me and I was given a Case Nurse. Her name was Carolina with LIBERTY MUTUAL. She was to mediate between myself and Dr. Fogel. You know when someone rolls their eyes at you you know they don't believe you and are definitly not going to provide you with the care you need.

I spent almost 6 months with this doctor and case nurse. Carolina told me that I was getting older and was going to have these little pains for the rest of my life. I explained to her that I was an active person before this accident and I just wanted to be fixed. She told me that I should go hiking even mountain climbing if I wanted to. I was still currently unable to return to work. Just doing my laundry put me down for several days.

I was finally given a specialist to go see. Dr. Sloan in Hilo, Hawaii. He deals with the nerves and doccumented problems with my lower spine and SI joint area. Thank God that doctors like him still practice medicine. He gave me some renewed faith in the system.

Dr. Sloan had me see Dr. Ruhland also in Hilo, Hawaii for some test injections in the area of my worst pain to pinpoint the actual cause. Both these doctors and their offices are awesome in their pursuit of their customers well being. Each office has spent countless hours on the phone with insurance adjuster after insurance adjuster and their managers to get me the care I have needed. It has not been easy as we have all had to fight with the insurance company every step of the way.

The mental toll on my self has been huge. I hired an attorney after I was not being paid money owed during my 1st 4 months. This was after I had sent them two certified letters describing what was owed. After the 1st one they paid me half of what was owed. After the 2nd one they paid me some more of what was owed me.

I am now into this over two years and even though I have great doctors that may be able to help me, a great attorney, I am still unable to do anything much less go back to work.

You might be asking yourselves WHY......

We are still having to fight for everything my doctors want. My doctors can't even be doctors without the insurance companies giving the ok on it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE.

I KNOW THE INSURANCE COMPANIES AND THEIR EMPLOYEES DIDN'T spend most of their lives going to college to get their medical degrees. So how is it that they get to tell my doctors what to do with me.

I was disgusted that some of my taxpayers monies went to bail these worthless excuses for AMERICAN businesses out. They dug their graves and should have been laid to rest once and for all.

I am currently fighting with the insurance company to get back about $1,800.00 in milage due me. I have learned to live on a strict budget and need the money. My attorney has been lied to numerous times that the money was sent out. Just last week the insurance company wanted my exact address so they could google the milage. SO IF THEY NOW WANT MY ADDRESS DID THEY EVER SEND ME ANY MONEY? Out right lies...

I finally told my attorney that at this rate he will have gotten everything owed me in fees. I can no longer have him keep requesting the money because it only cost me more than it is worth.



Bruce Moring


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