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Internet Marketing - No Money Out of Pocket - Video One

Updated on July 7, 2012

Making money online

Hello! Welcome to the first hub in a series of 41 hubs concerning internet marketing. First, I am a recovering CPA who decided that I have had enough of teaching people how to save money on their taxes with a home based business. I still sell my products on that, but I have a very limited tax preparation practice.

Instead, I have embarked on a mission. That mission is to assist people in making money. Now, I could tell you to open a franchise. Not a good idea. See my hub on which is a good business for you. I could tell you to open a brick and mortar business. Not a good idea either.

The business model I have chosen was internet marketing. I live primarily in Australia and I travel back to the USA at least 6 times a year to see my children and have some fun! I no longer wish to be tied down to a practice and have to be present to make money. I set my self up with some residual income from taxes and desire to create a business where money comes in 24/7.

Just as an example, I was at Hershey Park, PA with my family this week. I got back to my hotel and I had two internet sales. Now remember, I am new at this and, therefore, I have small numbers of sales! My goal is to have at least 1,000 sites each making between $10 and $30 profit per month. That is an income most people can get by on.

I am writing a review of a course I just purchased online for only $21. Now, the product sold for $37, but I signed up as an affiliate on click bank and got a commission on my own sale of $16, so my net cost was only $21.

This course was put together by three big internet marketing guys. Frankly, I have never heard of them before I purchased it. I was intrigued by the no money out of pocket pitch they were giving.

Till this point, I had built several websites with a site builder that costs me $67 per month and have put some serious money (in the thousands) into other courses. To that point, I had only made a few sales.

So, I decided to embark on this course and go all the way through the course and follow their leads. If you are a newbie, you have to do a few things before getting this course.

I would:

1.) Get a click bank account
2.) Get a twitter account
3.) Get a Facebook account

There are several other things that got me on this:

1.) Over 40 video modules
2.) Info on free traffic (an area that I struggled in)
3.) Becoming an expert in Pinterest
4.) It has resale rights
5.) You get a rebuilt sales page
6.) and many others

The objective of my Hubs is to give a review of the course and let you know my progress. Why you say? Three reasons:

1.) To document my journey and, therefore, be accountable to my plan
2.) Let you know that this is for real
3.) Yes, the hope that some of you will buy it!
With that being said, before I did anything, I got the hoplink from click bank and started tweeting the link. I used many different tweet messages such as:

No money down internet marketing

Make money with no website or hosting

Get resale rights to a $37 course on making money online

Make money online with only $37 out of pocket

And so on.

Before I tweeted, I had about 900 followers on twitter. I had about 96, then I purchased 1,000 followers from the website fiverr. About 100 of those dropped off after a month. Then, I purchased 17,000 followers from the same site for five dollars.

Within 24 hours of tweeting these on average of one every 2 hours, I had 78 clicks onto the affiliate site and 2 sales. My commission on the sales was $23.03, enough to cover my initial investment of $21. I will soon get my $5 back from my twitter investment.

So today, I started watching the video modules. Started with number 1 of course!

The number one video explains the basics of affiliate marketing. This is a good video if you are a newbie and a good refresher for anyone else. It is a great introduction to what I figure is going to be an excellent money maker for me and a great money maker for anyone who chooses to buy it.

On click bank, when you look at a product to sell, there is a number called gravity. This number tells you how well the product sells. You are supposed to look for a product that has a gravity above 10. Well, as of this publishing, this product has a gravity of 117.

Next, I will be looking at video number 2 and also beginning to set up my resale site. Until then, you can get this product only by emailing me at to get the affiliate link due to the restrictions on this site.

Until then, make it a prosperous day!



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    • createmyeconomy profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from USA, Australia

      No worries, netflix. I have come across many people who are looking to make more money, especially online. I am writing this review to help people see that yes, you can make money online AND really put no money out (except to buy a small course) on websites, hosting, etc. For example, I had a person email me two days ago saying they needed money, but had no money to invest. Really, most people can come up with about $50 and start making some money. These are the people I would like to assist by writing these hubs. Thanks for reading my hub and leaving a comment.


    • profile image


      6 years ago from Somewhere in North America

      I think your article is intriguing but as someone who does not really "get" business at all, (I'm not dumb or uneducated) I don't fully understand what you are advising people to do here. Please don't take offense at this feedback, but I feel that this is a well written article but may need more detail and less business speak for people to really benefit from this information.

    • createmyeconomy profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from USA, Australia

      Thanks Dennis. Already doing great and I am inspired! Thank you for taking the time to read my hub.


    • dennis.cherenkov profile image


      6 years ago from Sacramento, CA

      Good luck, wish you the best!


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