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Internet Marketing: Using Content Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Updated on April 15, 2013
Get your business booming with a great content marketing strategy
Get your business booming with a great content marketing strategy | Source

Internet marketing has become the next big thing. Businesses all over the world are using it to increase traffic to their website and turn that traffic into leads. Content marketing is just one of the options when it comes to promoting your business online and is extremely effective – as long as you have a content marketing strategy that is good!

Personally, I think having a good content marketing plan is essential. Whenever someone is looking for something - whether a product, service or information about a company, they will check to see pieces that have been written on the internet.

Content Marketing Shows Authority

Picking one niche for your content marketing plan is important. It not only needs to be connected to your business but something that you are knowledgeable in. Whether you write one a blog, guest post on a variety of blogs or post on article directories, all your posts need to cover the same topic to build authority.

Authority is good. That leads to credibility. You prove that you know your topic and your business is in good hands. People are more likely to buy from you because they are more likely to trust you.

Authority is also important for search engines. You will become more relevant to the people searching for information you cover and search engines will place you higher than everyone else. It takes time to build this authority but is worth it in the long term.

A Good Content Marketing Plan Is Good Economically

Marketing costs a lot of money but does not always bring in all the sales. Trying to find something that is financially suitable is difficult but that is where content marketing will help. A good content marketing strategy is technically priceless but it is great economically. For many, it only requires time to create the posts and have them posted – in some cases, it could actually pay you!

If you are not so great with your native language and need something created, there are people all over the internet willing to offer their skills and services. While this costs a little extra, you could still find places that will pay you to promote yourself. You will also gain more traffic to your business and increase the chance of making a great profit.

Targeting Your Traffic

By opting for this form on internet marketing, you will target your traffic. This is the most important aspect of any marketing plan. With content marketing, you will find keywords and draw in the type of people who want to know more about your products or services – or something else that you’re able to offer. You’re not just posting things in the hope that the right people will find you.

There is more of a chance that you will build a following and increase your sales. You could also lead your traffic from your content to a squeeze page so that you can create an email list, which will also benefit your business considerably.

Email marketing is another area that is popular and effective. I'll cover more on this later and explain all the benefits. I'm putting together my own email marketing campaign after realising just how great this option is for business owners - small and large - and internet marketers.

It Will Keep Bringing in Traffic

Unless you constantly write news pieces, your content will constantly bring in traffic. No matter how long it has been, great evergreen pieces will always gain more people – some even go viral for months! This is excellent since the cost of your content marketing plan quickly pays off. A great way to make sure this happens is by linking to old posts or recycling them months or years down the line.

Evergreen content marketing is important when taking advantage of the constant traffic. That doesn't mean that you cannot opt for writing news - or even reuse the content. News is great to bring in large amounts of traffic and you can link to evergreen pieces to keep traffic on your site. If you want to reuse them, update the information so that it is relevant! Recycling your old pieces is used by many using a content marketing strategy.

There are many forms of internet marketing and content marketing is just one of them. You will need to develop a good content marketing strategy to knock your competition out of the water but having it will constantly help you build authority and gain more business. It costs very little – you could do it yourself and it could pay you – and will instantly offer a return for your investment.


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