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Are There Any Secret In Online Business?

Updated on May 6, 2020
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Self Employed and in Hospitality Business for 40 years. Online Business is my Ambition to Achieve Success in the Rest of My Life.

You Can Start Your Online Business Step By Step Now !

Now a day if you talk about Online Business they come a bunch of different questions and definitely varied answers. Some will ask " How can I start to work? ". Your answer is: all you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and your brain. "Can I earn a lot of money" and the answer will definitely be " Yes!". The other will ask " How soon can I make money?" and " How many hours per day I have to spent?" The answer is definitely "Within One Month " and "Less than an hour a day". Another often asked question is: "Is there any freedom to work Online Business?" Yes, you can work from home at your leisure!" Now, do you think all these questions and answers are Correct? It's only correct, Firstly, you must equip with a correct "Mindset", and Secondly, you must run a "Multiple Streams of Internet Income" as the old "Never put all your eggs in one basket", and Thirdly, if you have a Proven Simple Step by Step Online Business Systems, it must also Run itself automatically, and last but not least, you need a Good Guru or a Right Mentor, this is most usually ignored. He can provide review and analyze your business if you approach him.

Now, we elaborate the above 4 essential points as follow:

  • First, you start with your own mindset that you need to make money and wanting it really bad. Then, you will aim to start your Online Business immediately, no matter what it takes. You will wholeheartedly put in the effort to achieve it. You would not believe that "Money" will drop from heaven when you wake up the next morning. This is a common attitude that you have to read and learn so much and having to invest some money to purchase a Domain, a Hosting and Auto-responder, etc… as you know they are so many Online Business marketer will claim that "you need not have to spend a Single Cent". You must know, there is no one out there that can make you successful but Yourself. So, don't go around to blame the Mentor or Training for your failure.

  • Second, you must work to set up Multiple Streams of Income, always looking out for more income streams. In today's world where there are thousands and one way to make money online. To list a few, which is more popular for the new starter. You can consider: Affiliate Marketing, on Social Medias such as Facebook, E-mail Marketing, on Blog or to create Squeeze Page to Promote your Own Product and other people's products, to create E-Books to share their expertise with others who also may willing to subscript and even willing to pay for the contents and knowledge we offer.

  • Third, there are Proven Online Business System, namely Products, Platform, and Promote:

  • 1. Products - you can start with affiliate products listed at Clickbank, Amazon or Peerfly, etc… you promote their products either digital or physical, you get commissions if somebody buys the products. This is the easiest way to get started with for the beginner in Online Business.

  • 2. Platform - To create Fan Page on Facebook. To create Blog or Squeeze Page (or One Page Online Business) is another way to do it. There are methods and skills to create these pages, which I will further present in my next article. I hope you like it and just follow my Fan Page and be my fan.

  • 3. Promote - Need to go into Traffic Strategies. You need to know how to drive traffic to your site. First, you can invite your social media friends to like and comment on your site. Another way is to post your Fan Page to other people's Fan Pages, or Groups, or Websites or top Directories, and Forums. These will help to get quality traffic and some more this is Free! You should form the start plan to build your Brand Identity. If no one has ever heard of you, it's difficult for them to trust you and want to buy from you. So, this is a skill that needs to build trust in them. Here, I would not elaborate further.

  • Fourth, to look for Good Mentor who is especially important when you are still new and inexperienced. However, this is a part of your investment in your Online Business. It will be worthwhile if he can guide you to avoid all the common pitfalls. He would help you to understand what's work and what's didn't, and you can flourish sooner. Now a day you can even get a virtual one.

To examine some of the issues I have presented above, you will know that there are no hidden secrets to start an Online Business from the comfort of your home. There are many obvious advantages if you compare to the conventional working for others to get a fixed monthly wage. Mostly you have no freedom to get your works done without intervention from the authority. Every day you have to make sure to be a puncture in arriving at the workplace. You feel nervous every time you make any mistake and fear that you are marked for future promotion. The stress and pressure will be felt at work all the time. I can see that one of my colleagues frequently rushing to the washroom to release herself … Oh, it is a terrible moment everyone has to bear it!

It would be different if you work for yourself. This doesn't mean you can be free and relax at all times. You NEED to take action and work hard to create a result. We have to adhere to our own rule to follow through the FOUR steps mentioned before. I hope my little contribution here will help you in your determination to start your Online Business NOW! Remember, you make sure you do what you suppose to do as planned. I hope that you will succeed in your path to SUCCESS.


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