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Updated on June 8, 2009


1. BABYSITTING. This may or may not be the ideal job for anyone other than a stay-at-home mom, which is a full-time job in itself. You might want to check into how many kids you are allowed to keep before you have to become a licensed daycare. Be sure to stay within those guidelines or get the license. Kill all the anthills in your yard. Infants are easier than older kids. If you get toddlers, CHILDPROOF your house (outlets covered, move the cleaners from under the sink to a much higher place, move sharp cornered tables to rooms that are off-limits to the child, etc.). Oh, be sure to keep an eye on the kids. Move any sharp objects like knives, etc. A CPR class might be a good idea also.

2. ANSWERING SERVICE. You can get businesses to put their phones on call forwarding to you. You may need separate lines for each of the businesses to avoid confusion about which business has calls coming in. You can charge by the hour, and all you have to do is take and relay messages. Be sure to have phones that can put people on hold, as more than one phone may ring at once.

3. HOUSE SITTING. This could almost be a way to get free rent! You will need references, though. All you have to do is walk dogs, check mail and make sure the light is on at night and off during the day.

4. HOUSE CLEANING. Self-explanatory. Lazy people need not apply.

5. MR./MRS. FIXIT. Also self-explanatory. Paint rooms, fix broken mailboxes, etc.

6. COMPANION. Listen to the elderly tell the stories of their lives. Fix them food. Give them their pills. Bring them drinks. Help them with crosswords. Take them to the store. Once they are not able to be independent, however, make sure the professionals are nearby for bigger jobs.

7. LAWN SERVICE. Um, it helps if you have a mower. And a weed eater and edger wouldn't hurt, either.

8. SALES. Got a sparkling personality and sheer determination? Offer to work on commission only for a business you trust.

9. COMPUTER TRAINING. If you have patience, offer this service. You got to this website, so you are obviously qualified.

10. TUTOR CHILDREN. Stick to the subjects you know. Offer to tutor reading or math. Must have patience. You can find practice websites such as, and DEFINITELY check out!

These are just a few ideas. You can probably think of more if you put your mind to it. Some of them, you can do simultaneously. Be sure to get the proper licensing for some of these, if needed. These are just a few ideas. There may be other jobs in your neighborhood that could make money.


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    • profile image

      Wire-Zone 8 years ago

      great stuff...

    • puppascott profile image

      puppascott 8 years ago from Michigan (As far as you know...)

      Good ideas.