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Job Factors That You Have No Control Over

Updated on July 23, 2012

There are many reasons why, despite due diligence, your job search has failed. Yes, there are the usual ones, such as, for every job there are six applicants, maybe more. Or, you are not within the commuting range they want, or, you do not speak Spanish. The all contribute to failure, yet there are 10 reasons that you have no control over that may hinder success.

  1. The contract job or job is simply cancelled for lack of funding. Even being the most qualified will not change the financial decision.
  2. The company is under some reorganization and moving people around,which makes the former needs differ. They usually freeze hiring until it is completed.
  3. Too many applicants with similar skills. Management decides to think more about the job requirements.
  4. The posted job is a legality only thing. An internal employee has already been ID'd for the position but the job must be open to all, even though it really is not.
  5. Employee referrals between two equal candidates. Usually, the internal employee who recommends the applicant will get it.
  6. Position was cancelled for no reason. Just management rethinking.
  7. Management redefined the job requirements that you once met, but now do not.
  8. Bad vibes in the interview. You know it when you leave the room. Even if you are the best candidate, bad vibes is a killer. The clue is, " We don't think this is a good fit".
  9. HR has been told what kind of candidate they REALLY want. Its one of those intangible items, like discrimination. No matter how well you present yourself, you just did not fit their culture.
  10. Mix up. HR confused you with another party that they did not like for whatever reason. You lose.

Most of these reasons are reasons who will never know. They are the behind the scenes. How many times have you aced an interview, chemistry was good, yet, you did not get the job.

Must be one of the 10 reasons.


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