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Kellogg Online Job Application

Updated on January 14, 2013

The Kellogg Company has been in business for over a hundred years. The most well known products produced by the company include Kellogg's Corn Flakes and Kellogg's Frosted Flakes. However, Kellogg's makes a wide variety of high quality food items including cookies, waffles and toaster pastries. As the worlds leading producer of cereal you can imagine that The Kellogg Company has a constant need for workers.

Those wondering what type of educational background is needed to work at Kellogg's will be glad to know that Kellogg's has a number of different areas where their particular skill set might be needed. Opportunities can be found in research and development, logistics and supply chains, merchandising, administration, communication, human resources, legal and more.

For example, those with a background in food science or food engineering might consider a position in research and development. Working as a food technologist or chemist to create new food product ideas. Someone with a background in food science might also consider positions in the nutrition department. Helping to make sure Kellogg brand food items meet dietary needs and work as part of a balanced diet for consumers.

Have a degree or background in business or finances? A positions as an auditor in the finance department might be the ideal opportunity. Someone looking for an entry level sales position can consider a route sales representative. Kellogg's also offers part time positions ideal for those who are still in school or just want a position with more freedom.

As a part time merchandiser, individuals have the responsibility for visiting an assigned number of stores in their area and arranging shelves and displays for Kellogg's products. A great tip when filling out the application for this position is indicating that you can work a flexible schedule to meet the needs of the Kellogg Company, instead of only being willing to work a set amount of hours each week. Those who check that they can work on weekends and holidays are also more likely to catch a hiring manager's attention.

Kellogg's bakeries and plants are located in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina among other places. To locate salaried positions at these locations the online job search tool can be useful. Simply click on the category of interest to locate open positions. Kellogg's constantly opens their job search tool with new positions and once positions have been filled, they are removed from the online database.

To complete a job application at Kellogg's, applicants will have to provide their phone number, date of birth and the last four digits of their social security number, to create a personal ID. This will also allow applicants to access and finished job applications later if needed. Providing address, email address and full name is also required. Depending on the job applying for, applicants might be told that the position they are applying for will require a background check, drug test, phone interview and interview with a manger, and asked if they agree to this process.

Applicants will also be asked if fully understand the job functions and are capable of completing them. Before starting the hiring process, have a completed resume that can be copied and pasted from a word document to speed up the application process. Another online job application tip that will help applicants get hired is to use a reliable email client. Kellogg will correspond about the position applied for by email and will send email updates about the steps in the hiring process. Applicants can also check their job status at the Kellogg Company Web site. Those who want to receive fast notice about the newest jobs available from the Kellogg's Company can also sign up for email alerts.


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    • profile image

      ray rosas 

      7 years ago

      I'am anxious to start and complete this application for kelloggs.

    • profile image

      Douglas K Olsen 

      7 years ago

      all I want to do is complete an application for Kellogg


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