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Learn How To Make Money On eBay - Simple Easy Method That Makes Instant Cash

Updated on November 7, 2014

Learn How To Make Money On eBay

If you are in need of some instant cash or extra cash quickly then you can easily learn how to make money on eBay. In fact you can use this simple and proven technique for the long term. There are those who use it for an additional income and those who apply it consistently for a job replacement one.

This technique is so simple yet extremely effective. All you do is buy misspelled eBay products and then relist them at a larger mark up price. You do not have to invest large amounts of money or even fill your garage up with stock you’ll never ever sell.

You see eBay is a marketplace where 95% of its visitors come to buy. They are on the site with their “credit card in their hand” looking to make a purchase. If you have tried other ways to make money online and failed then this will be a walk in the park for you.

I will show you a couple of FREE software tools that you can use to do the majority of the work for you. They will find you the cheapest products to buy and also auction for you automatically while you are asleep, how cool is that!

Due to the 100’s and 1000’s of products that are listed on eBay there is little wonder that a certain percentage of the listings will have spelling mistakes. You will even find that the misspelling can occur in the brand name as it’s posted by the seller.

Here’s the best part. Because of the misspelling, the products do not appear in the searches when a potential buyer is searching with the proper spelling of that brand name.

Because of this, misspelled eBay products are viewed by considerably less people, get less bids and end up being sold for a lot less than what they are really worth.

To find these products you can use some free software at and enter into the search window the correct spelling of a brand name (watch my video below for step by step instructions). The software will then work its magic and search eBay for all the misspelled products under that brand name.

To get an idea of how much one of the products on the list will sell for go to the “completed auctions” listed and check out the prices there.

Once you feel the profit margin is going to be worth your while then put in a bid for the product. Once you have won the auction then simply relist the item for a higher margin, making sure you spell everything correct in the title and description.

How much is a good profit margin? Well, let’s do some math here. If you make $15.00 profit per product and you sell 1 every day you are $450.00 in profit within just 1 month.

There are lots of products with higher margins though I recommend starting off small and building up your sales and confidence over time. Then you can get a feel for what sells and reinvest on some higher priced products.

To be able to bid on autopilot you can use some more free software called This beauty enables you to put your product code in, maximum bid price within your budget and the exact time you wish to make a bid before the auction ends.

It’s such a good feeling to wake up and turn your computer on and see that you have won an auction while you were asleep!

Learn How To Make Money On eBay Video

Learn How To Make Money On eBay Conclusion

The key is to take your time in finding the good bargains and making sure you will get a good profit margin on relisting. Be patient, give excellent service for a top feedback score and more buyers will eventually come to you.

From there you can even progress onto having your own eBay shop and build an email list of buyers who will buy consistently from you because of the excellent products and service you provide. Happy selling!

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