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Learn How To Say Yes

Updated on June 5, 2014

Learn How To Say Yes

Learn How To Say Yes
Learn How To Say Yes | Source

Learn How to Say Yes

Saying yes to something we really do not want to do is going against our basic human nature. It is far easier to say it then to do it. Remember when you moved last time, and your neighbor or friend said, “Hey man just call me and I will help you move “, and they knew you were moving without your call that is one form of saying yes and backing away from the situation. We say yes to our significant others as well, and tend to not follow through and that can cause a problem in relationships. We are all guilty of the, “Yes",I will help you and then put it on the back burner. It is not that we intentionally do not want to help out the poor soul that needs our help, or is it.

I noticed when I go a little bit beyond the scope of things and text my girlfriend in the morning and tell her something different, it’s a re-assurance of how I feel about her. It could be a phrase I looked up on the internet, and yes I do copy some of them because I can’t come up with the right words to express my emotions. When you go out of your comfort zone and express a desire to help people when you really do not want to, there is a feeling that will come over you that is good. The task at hand may be unpleasant such as pulling weeds in your yard, that you have put off for a while, and once it is done you are grateful you took the time to do the task.

The same emotion of the above is in relation to saying yes more often and following through this ordeal for a friend in need of a ride to the Doctor or to church. If you’re going to say yes and the task at hand is a few days down the road, it is so easy to act like you forgot and then change it to an excuse when the time rears its ugly head. There are those times though when someone has actually asked for something and maybe you had said, yes and meant it, then it was so far in the month that you completely forgot about the thing you were going to help out with. These are not excuses, these are from people that may ask ahead of time and not remind you, because it’s trivial, and so easily forgotten.

Therefore who is really to blame for the saying yes to things game? IS it you that acknowledges the person that ask the favor or is it circumstance when the question was asked for a yes or no answer? This can have a bearing on the whole output of your actions in dealing with emotions when committing to a project or duty that you said yes to. Are you to blame, in accordance to theory, Yes you are to blame for answering to the deed that needed to be done. You should of wrote it down, put in on your laptop, or made a notation about the event to take place, the responsibility lies in you.

This word , “Yes”, has ruined friendships and marriages and lost time with co-workers and employers expecting you to do a situation you had agreed to do. Therefore be careful what you say in your words for they can devastate your initial outcome to the present situation. It does not take much to dismay a person’s trust in the word , yes or no, and if used follow through and you will feel better even if it’s in the way of a project or job you may have at hand for the moment. A friendship takes years to developed and can be destroyed by either usage of the word yes.

Christopher Hyer 8.4.11


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    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 6 years ago from Georgia

      'Yes', we should be honest with people and ourselves and only agree to what we will follow through on. I voted this up and useful!