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How To Use Free Sitebuilders to Give Yourself Quality Inbound Links

Updated on November 1, 2013

Link Experiment

All Squidoo lens masters and all webmasters look around intensively for links in order to improve the PR of our lenses. Squidoo lensmasters and webmasters spend time blogging, we trade links, we write articles, we join communities. But maybe there is ONE simple idea we are overlooking?

This Squidoo lens will document this simple idea. It is an experiment in creating links in a very simple way. But the question is, will it work?

Time will tell.

(photo by jungleboy, creative commons license)

The Idea - Started on 9 January 2009

Here is the idea in brief:

  1. Create 5 Accounts With Free Website makers
  2. Use directories and bookmarking sites to give a few free links to the free sites
  3. Link the 5 free sites to each other
  4. In addition to linking to each other, each site gives a one-way inbound link to my Squidoo Blog and a few of my chosen Squidoo sites.
  5. Wait a few months and see if the sites get PR.

Link Idea In A Drawing - This Drawing Is Simplified, See Notes Below

* Each arrow Indicates a link

* Some links are one way indicated by one way arrows

* Some links are reciprocal indicated by two way arrows

* ALL sites have reciprocal links between them (if I had drawn all links it would have made a very messy drawing)

* All sites give oneway incoming links to my blog and a few chosen Squidoo lenses.(exception: there are reciprocal links between this squidoo lens and my blog)

* To simplify the drawing, I have not shown the free incoming links ( Mr Wong, My Link Vault, etc) to my 5 free websites

Search Engine Optimization For Dummies

This book and the books below have nothing to do with this project. I am listing them here because I think if you are interested in this subject, you might be interested in them too.

This is what PC Advisor said about "Search Engine Optimization For Dummies":

Cuts through the nonsense, providing a clear, simple and concise explanation of how websites reach top positions in search engines ..."

The purpose of this lens

The purpose of this lens is two fold. It will:

* Act as one of the 5 free sites and give links to the other sites.

* Document this experiment. Read the next steps to see EVERYTHING you need to do this yourself

101 Ways to Boost Your Web Traffic: Internet Marketing Made Easier

First Steps:Create Free Websites

* Create 5 Free Websites. Why 5? Seems like a good number. But you could choose more or less.

* Add Relevant Content (content related to your website or blog. You can write an article or just some description of your project).

* Create links between the free websites.

* Create links from the free websites to your Squidoo lenses/blog, etc.

Which Free Websites? In ADDITION to this Squidoo lens, the other four free sites that I have used are::

Next Steps: Incoming Links

Give your sites free incoming links. This will help your sites to be found by Google and to get high PR.

These are the sites (bookmarks, directories etc) which give a few incoming, one-way links to the free sites and to my blogs. I have chosen them because they:

* Are not moderated

* Accept most any type of link (including subdomains, many directories don't)

* Give direct (do follow) links

* Are free (remember, I dont want to pay for this stuff)

What Do You Think Is More Important, PR or Relevance?

Let's say you have a site about cars. Would you rather have a link from:

* A PR 1 site which is all about cars

* A PR 7 site which is general (such as CNN, Yahoo, etc) but where the word 'cars' is mentioned a 2-3 times on the page.

If you have a site about cars, which of the two links would you prefer?

I would rather have a link from a PR 1 site which is all about cars

I would rather have a link from a PR 1 site which is all about cars

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    I would rather have a link from a PR 7 site which is general (such as CNN, Yahoo, etc) but where the word 'cars' is mentioned a 2-3 times on the page.

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      Internet Riches: The Simple Money-making Secrets of Online Millionaires

      What Do I Hope To Gain From This Experiement?

      From this experiment, I would like to see:

      * The majority of the free sites obtaining Google PR 2 or above

      * Some inbound traffic from the free sites to my lenses and blog.

      Had I created it a bit smarter, I would have Key Word Optimized it. By this I mean I would have:

      * Chosen certain key words for each site (Squidoo Blog, Squidoo Marketing, Squidoo Lenses, How To Squidoo).

      * Made sure my sites used those terms frequently

      * Made sure that the links to those pages used those keywords in the anchor text.

      Had I done that, those pages would have had a good chance of ranking high in the search engines for those keywords, which would have increased the traffice to those pages and potentially to my sites..

      Since I did not do that, the search traffic to those sites may be low. But nevertheless the PR from those sites should hopefully be significant.

      I have, however, attempted to make the site 'relevant'. I have:

      * used the word "Squidoo" in all of the sites frequently

      * used the word "Squidoo" in most of my anchor text links

      * Used the word "Squidoo" in the descriptions of the sites (metatags)

      * Since the outbound links are to my Squidoo lenses and to my Squidoo Blog, I am hoping that the links are "relevant"

      What do you think?

      Will I achieve my goals?

      Results - I will be reporting on the results of the link experiment in this module

      1. 17 January 2009: All 5 Free Websites are indexed in google in just one week.
      2. March 30: The Valley of the Giants Blog achieved Google PR3
      3. May 14: This Squidoo Lens achieved Google PR2.

      The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating a Web Page & Blog

      Do you know any other quality website builders? Have you tried something similar?

      Let us hear from you!

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        • bensen32 lm profile image

          bensen32 lm 5 years ago

          lots of work but dont see why it wouldn;t work. thanks for the idea

        • ZenandChic profile image

          Patricia 8 years ago

          Something to think about. Thanks!

        • VBright profile image

          VBright 8 years ago

          Well, it is an interesting concept, it initially looked like OWM in reverse to me, but hey, I've been up all night and may be suffering from sleep deprivation. :)

        • profile image

          dcristo 8 years ago

          Interesting seo experiment. Instead of using the free sites you listed I would be more inclined to use blogs such as blogspot and wordpress.

        • chefkeem profile image

          Achim Thiemermann 8 years ago from Austin, Texas

          Interesting experiment, ESQ! 5*s

        • SusannaDuffy profile image

          Susanna Duffy 8 years ago from Melbourne Australia

          Perhaps instead of using those free services which (apart from google sites) are dicey, full of pop ups, pop unders, full of 1997layouts and pretty abysmal as a whole, you wrote some blogs? Surely a better idea is to write your own quality sites. If you can't afford the investment of $50 annually on domain names, use blogger.

        • profile image

          anonymous 8 years ago

          I'm all out of predictions at the moment but I will be watching with interest...