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Low Cost Family Businesses You Can Start With Your Kids

Updated on January 1, 2014

Reasons Why Children Should Work From Home

  • It will give them a sense of responsibility to their family.
  • You can manage their activities.
  • You will have their best interests at heart.
  • They are likely to earn more than minimum wage.
  • It will give them an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • They will pick up real-life skills which can be applied later.
  • It will keep their minds stimulated and positive.
  • Provides great family bonding opportunities.

Getting Children Involved In the Business

If your children are at an age where they can pull their weight in the home why not get them involved in drawing in revenue for the home? Now, this might not be for every kid. Some kids are too young or need to spend their time focusing on other aspects of life like academics or sports. I recommend this idea for teenagers and young adults only. If your teen has some free time in their schedule and they have expressed an interest in working, then it should fine as long as they can keep up with their main priorities. Your family business should be managed by you and your child should only participate for as long as they want to. Remember to be fair and assist your child in learning money management as well.

What was your first job as a preteen or teen?

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List of Possible Family Home-Based Businesses

These business ideas can be started with very little or no money at all. These businesses can even be started by you alone if you want to. If you're willing to put in the time and effort you might score your ideal side hustle!


When someone moves they usually do not have time or energy to clean their old place or their new place. Both places need to be cleaned and usually a maid service will charge an arm and a leg. You can get the place ready for the people moving in. This job can be marketed with realtors, landlords, and building managers.


Americans love to celebrate. There are major holidays or events almost every month that call for decorations of some kind. Some businesses and individuals do not have the time or the design know-how to keep up with decorating their establishments or homes. Plus, most people hate taking down decorations and storing them for next year. This business can be fun if you're into the holidays.


Here's one for the animal lovers. So many people love their pets and consider them family members. But they have no idea what to do with the pet while they work extended hours or go on vacation. Nobody wants to leave a pet in a scary kennel. Enter the pet sitter.


This could be a really fun business. You can plan the entire party and also provide entertainment in the form of clowns, magic shows, etc. Make connections with local bakeries, caterers, and party stores to negotiate deals in exchange for loyalty.


Plenty of senior citizens need help with chores and things around their house. You can help them do basically anything that they have difficulty with. You can post fliers in adult communities and clubhouses or in senior daycare facilities.


For this job all you'll need is an SUV or pick-up truck. A trailer would even suffice. You'd basically just be hauling away things that people need to get rid. Some people do not have the means to get rid of their junk and would be glad to pay someone to do the labor for them. Just familiarize yourself with locations and regulations of the local dumping areas.


We've all been there. It looks so easy to do on the box but when we get the item home we discover a box of wood and some nails. What is a person supposed to do with that? Well if you're handy and have the patience to read the instructions to complete a project then this might be the perfect business for you. Lots of people wish they had someone to put their new purchases together for them.


Have you seen some of the open garages in your neighborhood? They look like they've been personal dumping grounds for years. Many people would love to have their garage organized but do not know where to start. Start with the garages in your neighborhood and then branch out to the community.


During the winter months this service can double as a snow shoveling service. This is a tedious job that most homeowners and businesses need, but hate to do. You'll make a killing in the fall picking up leaves, doing outdoor spring cleaning, and pulling weeds in the summer. All you'll need is some strength, a few shovels, and some garbage bags.


Charge by the hour to complete a variety of errands for people. This service would be appealing to single mothers, seniors, and businesses.


Host a garage sale every weekend if you want to. All you'll need to do is attend other garage sales to buy stuff and then resell them for a profit. Advertise your garage sales in local papers. Eventually, your garage sales will become very big. At that time, you might want to consider leasing space at a flea market.

These are just a few ideas for home-based family businesses. Although you may not become a millionaire, you may earn some extra income on the side while teaching your children about responsibility. This is also great way to bond with your children!

Comment me if you have any other ideas for a similar business that you can start with your preteens, teens, or young adult children.


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