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How To Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Updated on May 5, 2011

The reality of making money with affiliate programs

Making money online with affiliate programs is definitely one of the best ways to make these money online :). Sure, you can sell ebooks, or make money with selling ads via AdTaily, but affiliate programs are still the best choice. It suits advertisers, because they're not loosing money for risky advertisement, and it suits affiliates, because they can earn a lot. Often, affiliates get from 20% up to 60% of money from each sale.

What can you promote? Many things, from ebooks and online courses, to books or services, from "making money online" guides to learning how to develop psychic powers. But making money with affiliate programs isn't as easy as you might think. In order to really earn this way, you need to learn a bit about promotion of promoting materials :). This hub is meant to guide you in this learning process.

What do you need first

Let's start with the beginning. What do you need to make money with affiliate programs in the first place?

Things to promote

First, you need a product - what beside teaching how to make money sells in the web? Look around for people needs - what do they need? What do your friends need? What are people interested in learning? When you finally know what people are willing to pay for, you need to find products. Finding products via E-Junkie (aff) or Clickbank is easy because of their marketplaces or affiliate programs markets. Go there and use search functions to find affiliate programs for you.


You need a place to promote products. You can launch your own blog, or bigger website. Or you can use HubPages to create original, unique and informational pages that will in addition promote products of your choice.


Or you can invest money in buying domains, creating single-page affiliate sites filled with information about specific product, along with reviews, opinions and testimonials.


You also need some knowledge regarding SEO - Search Engines Optimization. With knowledge about articles marketing, backlinks, and right keywords. It will teach you about the basic and more advanced techniques for getting to top of search engines and driving more traffic to your website.


Finally, you need patience - big money won't happen overnight. But with enough knowledge and work within one month you can increase your income stream up to $100 - it's pure passive income. Continue to work further, and your income will increase further.

How to make money with affiliate programs - how-to guide

Here's is a short guide to make money with affiliate progams, step by step.

  1. First, find a product - either on Clickbank or E-junkie, and grab the affiliate link.
  2. Decide how to promote it - if you have a blog on the subject, you might write a blog post... or just put a link somewhere in visible place with short review of the product in 2 or 3 phrases. Or you can create Hub Page on the subject. Or you can create single affiliate page.
  3. Choose the keyword - it's time to start with SEO - choose a keyword for the product you're promoting. If it's an ebook that teaches how to create a blog, then the best keyword should be "how to create a blog" phrase. Try Google Keywords Tool to find out most popular keywords for the product.
  4. Create backlinks - link to the article/affiliate page from other websites, other hub pages, Squidoo, or article marketing websites. Use different SEO resources to get as high as possible in search engines for specific keyword.
  5. Promote via social networks - link to article or page from Twitter, Facebook or other social networks you're using.
  6. Sit down, and relax - once the page/article is in first top-10 of search results for the keyword of your choice, you can sit down, relax and see how much you earn. Then you just start with another affiliate program once again.

And that's basically it - within two to three weeks you can get to top-10 of search engines, and make money with affiliate program. But this method can be expanded, with the knowledge that you can acquire via Cloud Living guide.

You can find many resources about making money with affiliate programs in the web - some are free, for others you need to pay. To be honest, if you really want to make money this way, you should invest them first - in online guides and ebooks and courses that will teach you more about affiliate marketing than any hub page or blog can. The best of such courses/ebooks is Cloud Living - a course I recommend for each and everyone who wants to really make money with affiliate programs.

Tips for making money with affiliate programs

Making money with affiliate programs won't be easy, even with Cloud Living, if you won't stick to the tips below.

  • Target – First, the target. If you own a website (such as blog) and you want to make money with affiliate programs through it, you need to remember that there is no point in advertising hosting company on science fiction blog - a mistake I once did when I was making my first steps in affiliate marketing. Remember, affiliate programs you use on your site must be adequate to the profile of your website.
  • Promote with content - Do not just place a link on a sidebar of your website, or via twitter stream. Write an article, or even a few of them to promote one specific product. Write a review, opinion, or simple promotional text - clients would like to know why do you promote this specific product, why is it worth purchasing.
  • The power of Social Media – If you already put an articles (or group of articles) online, don't hesitate to use social media and social networks such as Twitter or Facebook to promote - not the product, but the articles you have prepared. Remember, it is the content that sells products, not just the link.
  • AdWords - if you have some budget for investment, use AdWords and other forms of paid advertising to drive targeted traffic to your articles or just the product page if it's descriptive enough.

With the tips above, you can start making money with affiliate programs for real.

Go and start making money with affiliate programs

You have learned nearly everything you need to know about affiliate programs from this hub, the full knowledge can be found within Cloud Living course, and other training guides and ebooks I've linked within this hug. I strongly encourage you to buy these ebooks and courses, because they're the one that taught me, and they can surely teach you!

Yet, the reality for many will be brutal - because it's not few hours of work to make money with affiliate programs - you need to spend hours that turn into weeks, and weeks that turn into months. If you're willing to learn and work, then the prize awaits you - and you will surely receive it with a little bit of hard work.


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