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How To Make Money With AdTaily - Great Ads System

Updated on May 6, 2011

About AdTaily

AdTaily is a European based company which allows you to make money online by placing simple 125x125 pixels ads on your website in very simple way. It comes in two editions - first is meant only for Polish market and currently it's probably the best way to make money blogging in my language. Second edition is international

It's probably the simplest way to monetise your website and in this hub I will show you how can you make money with AdTaily. I will explain how to register, how to install ads widget and I will also share some tips regarding making more money with AdTaily.

I assume you already have a website - either a blog or a forum, or a webapp. If not, create one and then you can start making money.

Why should you choose AdTaily

Before we move the the actual how-to, you probably wonder why should you even bother with AdTaily? Here are few reasons...

  • It's cheap – I mean, the fee AdTaily takes from your earnings is one of the lowest among this kind of websites. It means most of the money your website earns is yours and only yours.
  • Multiple Currencies - you can earn money in USD, EUR or GBP - whichever you prefer. It makes things a lot easier for international advertisers.
  • Simplicity - AdTaily is simple simplest way to allow advertisers publish their ads on your website. I know of no better way to monetise a blog than AdTaily right now.
  • Popularity - day by day AdTaily is gaining more publishers, more advertisers and more exposure. It's already famous on Technorati and on other popular international IT blogs. It's a perfect way to gain more advertisers for your blog.
  • Support for self-promo ads - you can easily display your own ads while there's no other paid ads on AdTaily's widget at the moment, for example you could advertise some affiliate programs.
  • Instant Money - within minutes after an ad appears on your website, you receive payment via PayPal.

You just create an account, add your website and start earning - there's no simpler way to offer adspace on your website.

Creating an account on AdTaily

So you want to make money with AdTaily - let's start by creating an account there. You can create an account on AdTaily in few simple steps.

  1. Go to and click "Sign up for free" button.
  2. Type your email once, and password twice and click "Sign Up" button.
  3. You will be signed up right away. Now check your email inbox and within email from AdTaily click the confirmation link and you're done!

With account on AdTaily, you should also confirm your PayPal address. Once logged in, click on the top "Account", navigate to "Services" tab and click "Change" next to the paypay label. You will be redirected to the PayPal, where you will have to log in, next you will return to AdTaily and you will see confirmation that your PayPal account is now confirmed. So you can start making money!

Submitting websites

Now you have an account on AdTaily, you can submit your websites where you will serve adspace using AdTaily widgets. Follow these steps.

  1. Once logged in, navigate to "Sites" area and on the right click "Add new website".
  2. Type your website URL and click "next".
  3. Fill the form with information about the website and again click "next".
  4. You will now see the JavaScript code to be placed on your website. Copy and paste it within your website template, where you want the ad to be displayed. Save the template and click "next" on AdTaily screen. AdTaily will check if the code is installed and if it is, it will redirect you further.
  5. Finally you will be asked if you want to import stats from Google Analytics (if you're using them on your website). I suggest you to do so. When you're done, your website's configuration will be done.

AdTaily will automatically set the price for your website, which you can change of course by editing the site from your personal admin area.

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Tips for making money online with AdTaily

Finally, as promised here are some tips for making money online with AdTaily.

  • Start small - I mean price, do not set it too high at first, set it low and see how many people will be interested in purchasing an ad on your website. If your widget will be full, set the higher price and again, watch how many people are still interested.
  • Launch promotional offers - from time to time don't hesitate to lower the price for single day down to $0.10 - it will attract many advertisers and once they learn they can get nice traffic from your website, they will pay your normal fee for advertising on your blog or other website.
  • Advertise the ads - use social media like Twitter or Facebook, and simple emails and inform people around that you offer cheap and simple way of advertising on your website. Search for advertisers in an active way.
  • Create landing page - and show people your site's stats - how many visitors and impressions per month you get. Also, put an instruction for advertisers and explain how to advertise on your blog with AdTaily.

Start making money now

And that's it - as you can see, AdTaily is very simple. But it's the greatest way known to me to monetise a website. Remember that you need a website that will be interesting for advertisers, with lot of traffic and visitors. But this is a subject for another hub.

Or maybe you could try making money with affiliate programs?


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    • probyte2u profile image

      Eidul Ameen Bin Sahul Hamid 7 years ago from Part Buntar, Malaysia

      Good Hub, thanks for the lead on AdTaily. I will be spending some time there.

    • Ign Andy profile image

      Ign Andy 8 years ago from Green Home Office

      This is a great guide for AdTaily.

      I definitely have to check out their services. Thanks Nathan!

    • MyWebs profile image

      Anthony Goodley 8 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      Great hub. I love your step by step instructions, very well done. I like the fact I can control the ad price and even run a special so advertisers can check out my traffic at a reduced cost to them. I will definitely by signing up with AdTaily. Thank you for introducing them to me.